I was watching 'Lost: the ending'. I was constantly thinking about, what would happen if it were not just the characters of 'Lost' crashing on the island. What if some of our beloved Harry Potter characters would be there to? Specially Lily and Harry. I also added my own character Leyla McGonagall, the daughter of Minerva McGonagall? Why were they crashing? And could any of them be a candidate? If yes, would it be Lily, Harry or Leyla? And what will be the difference in the search party if also the wizarding world is looking for them. What's the secret mission that they are on? And would there be any romance?

This is a little thing I've been trying. I don't know if it's any good, but review if you like it.


TempeGeller (Ellen)

DISCLAIMER: None of the Harry Potter or the lost charecters blong to me. Neither does the story of Lost. If it was, I would have let Claire flash trough time with them. Putting Lily, Harry and Leyla on 815 was my idea tough. Leyla is the only one that is made up by me.

That faithful day

Everything around her was loud, the sound of the plane crashing kept replaying in Lily's mind. Her green eyes were teary. Her read hair was pulled against her stared around her, her brain was in overdrive. What just happened? How did she get hurt? Then her memories came back to her. The thing that got her to this place right here, right there. She stared around her. Then her mind send her an alarm. Where was Harry? Where was her sun Harry?

"Anybody.." Lily started to scream. "Leyla! I need help here!"

"Just stay calm there, lady." A dark haired man started to walk towards her. "What's going on?"

"I can't find my sun.." Lily replied "He's 13 months, he was sitting next to me. With my friend.."

"And how does this friend of yours look?" He stared at her.

"She's blond, she's about this big." Lily slowly held her hands next to her face. "And she's pregnant. Please, I need you to find her."

"Lady, just go somewhere safe." the man pointed to the beach. "We'll find this friend of yours."

"Help me!" a voice sounded in Lily's ears. Lily's feed moved towards her. A blond woman was standing there. She was pregnant, Lily's mind turned crazy.

"Leyla." At that she turned around. It wasn't Leyla, this woman's hair was shorter. Her eyes were less blue, and she was not carrying her sun.

"What did you just call me?" the blond woman walked to her. Her hands were clenched to her stomach. She cried it out from pain.

"I thought you were someone else." Lily replied "My friend, I can't find her. She was pregnant to. Are you okay.."

"My name's Claire.." Claire placed her hand to her stomach. "I think I'm having contractions."

"How far along are you?" Lily stared at her.

"8 months." Claire stared at her. Another scream escaped from her lips.

"Claire, just breath." Lily stared at her. "Nice breaths."

"Au!" Claire once again left out a scream. "It hurts so much."

"Okay, Claire.." Lily stared at her. "This is what we're going to do, we're going to sit there. And we're going to keep easy. Is that okay?"

"I think the baby's coming.."

"Is there a doctor anywhere?" Lily yelled "Anyone with any knowledge on anything with.."

"I'm a doctor.." a man walked towards them.

"Miss, do you want anything to drink?" the stewardess stared at her.

"No, nothing." Lily stared up at her. "I'm okay."

"You're really sure about this whole this joining me on a quest thingy." Leyla replied

"What's not to love?" Lily smiled "LA, sun, beach and a 'bright and shiny' quest."

"How are you and James?" Leyla stared at her. "

"We're.." Lily stared "Do you know what he wants to do with it?"

"I have no idea." Leyla turned to her. "Just that he needed it, and that I should bring it."

"Don't you ask questions then.."

Leyla turned away, her eyes closed up for a while. She never been on a plane before. She slowly clenched her hands together, why Lily preferred this to appeareting she didn't get. Herself she preferred the shot moment of nausea over the agony of flying. The fear that anything could happen. And not the fear that you could be in several pieces. What did she have to say? She was a witch, she was no muggle. She loved using magic to work herself around everything. But this time, she took the plane. Why? She just had to, something in her mind told her that she needed to have this plane. She squeezed her own hand.

"It's going to be okay." A man next to her say. He had dark hair and the same black eyes. Leyla turned to him. He was in the seat next to the isle.

"It's my first time on a plane." Leyla replied "I'm a little bouncy."

"My name is Sayid." He smiled at her.


"It's nice to meet you."

"Just stop crying Harry." Leyla clenched the baby to her chest. Her teary eyes stared around her, there was fire, panic and people walking around screaming out something. At least 50 people that were fighting their life in one way or another. What was happening to her? What was going on? The last thing she remember was falling asleep on the plane? She was next to her friend, now she was not in the plane, she was on a beach. A deserted beach, people around her were screaming. Screaming for their loved once. Something that mind find them.

"Help me!" Leyla screamed. "Please help me."

"Are you okay?" A woman with dark curly hair came to her rescue. "Is your sun okay?"

"He's fine.." Leyla slowly held him closer. "Have you seen my friend? She's has really red hair, green eyes, kind of little.. Well.."

"Just calm down." she stared at her. "We're going to keep calm,.."

"Leyla.." her blue eyes stared up at her. "My name is Leyla."

"Leyla, my name is Kate." Kate turned to her. "But it's very important you keep calm, you're not having any contractions right?"

"No, I'm only 7 months pregnant." Leyla stared at her. "I'm fine."

"Here's what we're going to do." Kate stared at her. "We're going to take you two over there, and we'll calm ourselves down. I'll ask anyone if they've seen your friend? Is that okay?"

At that sound, she saw Leyla's feet get unsteady. Kate reached for the baby that she was holding in her hands. She grabbed it, and saw how Leyla's body fell to the floor.

"Somebody help!" Kate yelled

"What happened?" a man walked next to her. He was bald, and was wearing dirty old clothes.

"She just fell." Kate heard the baby cry, yelling out to someone. But Kate couldn't seem to make him stop. She couldn't get him to stop crying.

"She's still breathing." The man stared at her. "What's her name?"

"What's who's name.." Kate turned to him. "My name's Kate.."

"I'm John Locke." the man stared up at her. "What's her name?"

"Her name's Leyla..." Kate replied "And this is her sun.. I don't even know his name."

"Kate, she's going to be fine, I think." Locke replied "Get her away from the plane. Get her some water, and she'll wake up in no time."

"Okay." Kate nodded her head. "Good."

"Severus.." Kate stared at the baby. "I get why you're crying. I would cry to if my name was Severus. Talking about a woman with bad taste."

"What happened?" Leyla opened her eyes.

"You fainted that's what happened." Kate replied "I caught the baby here.."

"his name's Harry." Leyla replied "Not Severus.."

"You called out his name before you passed out." Kate replied "that it was your sun's name."

"That's Lily's sun." Leyla added "I have two daughters. They weren't on the plane. They're at my mothers house. Have you seen Lily?"

"I haven't seen ayone with red hair." Kate saw that she stared at the ground. "But does not mean that she's not around here somewhere. I mean she coul be around the cornor. Somewhere.."

"Or she could be dead.." Leyla turned to her. "Please be realistic."

"Is it better Claire?" Lily stared at her.

"Much and much better." Claire stared at her. "Thank you so much.."

"hey, I've given birth myself." Lily replied "And I've talked people trough multiple things. My friend Leyla has two daughters at home, problems with her marriage. And stuff.."

"What were you going to do in Los Angeles?" Lily stared at her. "I mean you sound like you're from Brittain or something."

"Something.." Lily stared at her. "Very important.."

"sounds cool.." Claire replied

"So how are things here?" Jack stared at Claire "With the contractions?"

"They're gone.." Claire gave him a brief smile

"How are things out there?" Lily pointed at everything around them. "With the people.."

"We had a pregnant woman fainting, a screaming baby.." Jack replied "But we've got it all under control now."

"What did she look like.." Lily stared at him. "The pregnant woman."

"Golden blond, blue eyes." Jack stared at her. He slowly held his hand next to his head "About this tall, she had a little boy with her. About a year I guess.."

"Is his name Harry?" Lily stood up "The baby, was his name Harry?"

"So, why were you heading to LA?" Locke asked. His eyes went to Leyla. "I mean in your..."

"A friend of mine asked to pick up something there." Leyla replied "That was what I was doing, I left my daughters at my mothers house. They'll be safe there.."

"Why don't you just leave them with their father?" Locked stared at her. "Wouldn't that make more sense?"

"Actually my ex is dangerous." Leyla replied "He hangs around dangerous people, not something I want them to be around. We met during high school, yada, yada. Got married, and then he changed.. everything changed I guess.."

"Changed?" Kate turned to her. "What do you mean?"

"I don't.." Leyla turned away. "It's very complected. Very.."

"Life gets that sometimes.." Kate replied

"Don't tell me that.." Leyla turned to her. "We've crashed on an island, and it doesn't look like any rescue is going to come fast."

"I think they're going to be here soon. Very soon." Kate turne to her. "That's what I hope, they're going to start a fire, search parties will know where to find us. Trust me, this is one of the first islands they'll look."

"That's the girl I was talking about." Jack walked up to them, pointing to Leyla.

"Lily." she walked over to her pulling her sun out of her arms. She stared around.

"What happened?" Leyla turned to Jack. "How did the plane come down? On this place..."

"We must have been at about 40,000 feet when it happened. Hit an air pocket. Dropped, maybe, 200 feet. The turbulence was: I blacked out." Jack turned around. "I woke up, and.."

"I didn't. I saw the whole thing. I knew that the tail was gone, but I couldn't bring myself to look back. And then the, the front of the plane broke off." Kate replied

"Then where is it?" Lily turned around.

"Why do we need to find the cockpit?"

"Because there's a chance we could find the cockpit. If it's intact, we might be able to find a transceiver. We might be able to send out a signal, help the rescue party find us.'"

"How do you know all that?" Kate stared at him.
"Took a couple flying lessons: wasn't for me.

"I saw some smoke, just through the valley. If you're thinking about going for the cockpit, I'm going with you." Kate put her hands on her hips staring at her.

"Me too." Lily turned to him. "I want to know what's going on."

"So you must be Hurley.." Leyla sat down next to him.

"Yeah, I know what you must say.." Hurley rolled his eyes. "That's the fat guy who won the lotto.. What must he want, but to your defense, I'm the most unlucky guy at this whole planet.."

"Wow, one I had no idea you went the lotto, two I'm not mean.." Leyla sat down. "And three, I think I'm not in a position to call anyone fat."

"You're Leyla, the other pregnant chick.." Hurley rolled his eyes. "How much of a coincidence that there are two blond pregnant girls on the plane. I'm really sorry.."

"Sorry about what?" Leyla's blue eyes turned to him.

"it's my fault the plane crashed.."

The next moment she slapped his left cheek. "Snap out of it, you didn't make the plane come down. I mean it.."

"You can say anything.." Hurley replied "It's still my fault."

"I've seen many things in my life.." Leyla replied "My marriage broke apart, it's just I know when someone is responsible for something.. You are not responsible. You couldn't bring that plane down. Not even if you tried.."

"So what brought the plane down?" he stared at her.

"I don't know Gravity? I mean that's what sir Isaac Newton would say." Leyla turned away. "I'm sure I have no idea. I know that you didn't cause this plane to fall down."

"So you mentioned you were married?" Hurley stared at her. "Is that his?"

"Yes, I stormed out 5 months ago." Leyla replied "I didn't see another reason, let's just say I asked him to chose, and he didn't pick me. He chose something else.."

"Will he be worried?" Hurley stared at her. "You're husband.."

"He's not been worried about me in a while.." Leyla turned away. "Besides, he won't care.."

"Why wouldn't her care?" Hurley stared at her "You're like very pretty.."

"One, it's complected." Leyla replied "Two, if he cared, I wouldn't have been here."

"I'm just saying, the dude must be worried out of his mind.." Hurley replied "I mean I would be if my girlfriend/wife was gone."

"But you're a nice guy." Leyla slowly teared up a bit. "He, he's not like that. A long time I was told about his nature, about what made him. I didn't believe, because I didn't see it. And then one day, everything fell in place. That's when I left, I guess."

"It's getting dark.." Leyla whispered.

"Don't worry.." Hurley stared at her. "Everything will be okay, tomorrow there will be rescuers to take us to Los Angeles, and whatever you need to do. You do."

Everything around them was dark, the forest was keeping dark secrets. None of them would be crazy to hurry in them. In Leyla's mind they wouldn't find safety. The trees were sounding crazy.

A high noise sounded from the forest. Her eyes turned darker.

"What's that?" Hurley turned to her.

"It's maybe one of those big alien things from war of the worlds." Leyla turned to him.

"You saw that too." Claire slowly turned to them.

"Yes, dude." Hurley nodded his head. "Yes."

In the distance she could hear someone calling out a name, but in he r mind she was racing down somewhere. Her mind spoke to her, and maybe to loud. She was scared, that whatever was hiding in the forest would find it's way out.

"I'm telling you, dude." Hurley leaned closer "The pregnant chick was right, aliens have landed on this planet. And Scully and Mulder ain't here to rescue us."

"That sounds crazy." Michael rolled his eyes. "All I'm saying that it ain't natural."

"Oh, so, I was just looking inside the fuselage, it's pretty grim in there. Do you think we should do something about the.." Hurley paused, his eyes rolled to the young boy next to Michael." b-o-d-y-s?"

"Are you spelling Bodies?" Michael turned to him.

"B-o – d- i- e- s" Walt smiled

"What do you subject we do with them?"Leyla turned to them. "About everything.."

"No, they'll deal with it.. When they get here." Shannon rolled her eys.

"We're going to go out and look for the cockpit, see if we can find a transceiver to send a distress signal to help the rescue team." Jack slowly stared around. Slowly he turned to Boone. " You're going to need to keep an eye on the wounded. If the guy in the suit wakes up, try to keep him calm, but don't let him remove that piece of shrapnel, you understand?"

"That's good." With that the group of Jack, Lily and Kate took off going to find the cockpit, Lily had left Harry under the care of her best friend, Leyla.

"I'll go to, if that's okay." Charlie walked behind them.

"That's okay." Jack nodded his head.

Slowly they walked on, Jack was walking first, like he was the one that was the leader of the group. He was followed by a line of three people that were walking next to each other.

"So you kind of look familiar?" Kate stared at Charlie. "I don't know what it is."

"I don't think we've met before.." Charlie turned around. "You can't place it, Right?"

"No, I can't.."

"I think I know.." He slowly lowered his head. He started to sing.. "You all everybody, you all everybody. You know the song.."

"I've heard it. But what the.." Kate stared at him.

"It's us.." Charlie smiled "Driveshaft.. Do you know us, Lily?"

"I can't say I have.." Lily smiled "But then again, I'm more a weird sisters fen."

"My friend Beth would go crazy, she loves you guys."

"So tell me Lily.." Charlie stared at her. "Are you some crazy chick that collects wood?"

"Why are you asking?" Lily turned to him.

"There's a long piece of wood sticking from your pocket.." Charlie stared at her. "That makes me thing that.."

"That's a.."

"We're here.." Jack stared at the cockpit sticking from the woods.

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