Star Trek Voyager belongs to it's rightful owners. In other words not me.

Odds are that this is going to be slightly AU.

This is a companion to my fic What was lost is found.


I exit Captain Janeway's office, purring. I have just landed myself a place on her ship!

I have never been so happy!

Daddy is going to be so pleased and mom-

My purrs die in my throat.

Mom might not be happy with my placement.

She wants me to be on a Space Station, Deep Space Six to be exact.


I argued with mom.

Well I yelled at her.


Today is my last night on Earth.

Dad cooked my favorite: garlicky mashed potatoes with extra rare steak.

I tear into the steak and savor the sensation of the blood and juices dripping down my chin.

"Take smaller bites Rhianna, you are not an animal." Dad says ask he puts a bite sized chunk of steak in his mouth.

"I'm Caytan, we're predators by nature." I tell him.

Kayla laughs until mom gives her the look.


Deep Space Nine is worse and better than I feared.

No one seems to be talking about Commander Sisko or Major Kira or anyone else's personal life and the influx of visitors from the Gamma Quadrant would be a guarantee that there would be little to no boredom.

Even the resident Cardassian seems nice.

The Ferangi on the other hand . . . let's just stay I don't want to be told that I'd look better without any clothes on or be the butt of a joke because of my lack of breasts.

Caytans mature differently than humans. My mom didn't develop breast until she was pregnant for me.

"All officers of the USS Voyager please report to the Docking python." A voice asks over the speakers.

Which one? I wonder as I stand and grab my single bag. Everything else is already on Voyager.

I follow behind a woman in a Science uniform.

"Are you going to Voyager?" I ask her.

"Yes," She says.

"Could I follow you?" I ask.

"Sure." She answers.

"I'm Rhianna Anderson."

She turns slightly.

"Samantha Wildman."

We stay silent for the rest of the trip.

"See you around Rhianna." She says.

"You too Samantha." I say.


I am at my post in Engineering when we change direction and speed.

I wish I had a post that was on the Bridge then I'd know why.

"All Hands brace for impact." A voice says over the comm.

Voyager shudders and I am thrown against my console then across the room.

My arms are broken because I locked my elbows and I can hear mewing.

My motherly Caytan side almost demands that I find the kit and offer comfort. My rational side says that there aren't any kits on Voyager so the only person that could be mewing is me.

"Get her to Sick Bay." Someone, a man, says.

Someone comes over and helps me to my feet and leads me out of Engineering.


Sick Bay is crowded with people, so crowded that someone stepped on my tail.

I shrieked and would have clawed them if my arms weren't broken.

I wait with several others for the EMH and soon my arms are healed and I am dismissed.


Captain Janeway makes the announcement that we are trapped in the Delta Quadrant and that she has invited the Maquis to join our crew since they no longer have a ship to get home in.

Part of me is apprehensive about having Maquis on board. Would they be desperate enough to sabotage our attempts to get home just so that they don't have to serve out a sentence?


B'Elanna Torres frightens me some times. Like today she shoved Joe Carey into the console next to me just because they couldn't agree on a procedure.

They are both are great engineers but some Engineerings only have room for one great engineer. I guess.


Next part will be Basics.