The morning of my wedding day dawns.

I watch the sunrise, it is quite beautiful.

Finally I turn away and prepare for my marriage to Nathaniel Harrow. First I put on my wedding dress and the silver and gold bands that go on my wrists, above my elbows my ankles and below my knees.

I then head down the hall to my parents room so that my Mother can do my hair.

Mom smiles as she braids and twists my hair.

"I never thought I would see this day when I heard that Voyager was lost in the Delta Quadrant." She says softly.

I nod, tears in my eyes.


I stand outside of the room where Nathaniel is waiting for me. My heart pounds in my chest.

After what feels like hours the door opens and the music swells.

I stand tall and walk down the aisle smiling brightly.

I can see Nathaniel smiling brightly at the end next to a Caytan Monk.

Before I know it I am taking his hand and he leads me up to the Monk and we kneel.

The Monk talks about the beauty of true love and how Bindings or Marriage is meant for children that we might have. A smile forms on my face.

Finally the Monk asks us to stand which we do. "Nathaniel Mathew Harrow, do you swear to love, protect and be faithful to Rhianna Fay Anderson for the rest of her life?" The Monk asks. "I swear," Nathaniel says. "Rhianna Fay Anderson, do you swear to love, protect and be faithful to Nathaniel Mathew Harrow for the rest of his life?" "I swear," I say with a smile.

The Monk nods. "You make exchange rings, if you so desire."

Nathaniel reaches for Rick Toyoda and Rick hands him a ring. I reach for my sister Kayla who hands me a ring as well.

We slide them on our left ring fingers.

"It is time to remove the bands now.

I watch as Nathaniel takes off the gold bands on my left wrist and elbow. He hesitates before kneeling and I pull up my skirt so that he can access the gold bands on my right leg.

Once he is done I take off the silver ones.

We then link them together according to color and toss them into the laps of the singles in the wedding.

The silver bands land in Seven's lap and the gold bands land in Chakotay's.

"Gentlebeings, I present you Bond Mates!" The Monk announces and everyone cheers.

Nathaniel leads me to the room where we will celebrate with our family and friends.

Everyone shares stories and we all laugh and have a good time watching Chakotay put the gold bands on Seven.

Finally it's time to leave for the honeymoon.

We bid everyone good bye and leave the building.


That night in a cottage by Loch Lomond we cuddle close and watch all the activity going on in orbit.

"Do you want to return to space?" Nathaniel asks softly. "One day," I whisper.

Nathaniel smiles. "I love you," he says into my ear. I smile, "I know." I reply.