12 - end.

Putting those little emoji at the end of each text message was so like her; who knew that he would grow to believe that every text henceforth would not be complete without at least one.

27 - metal.

Poking against his cheek, the spoon held by the giggling girl shook with her in unison; he pouted, secretly smiling ear to ear—he knew she had never aimed for his mouth in the first place.

46 - war.

Fighting dirty dishes and tidying up around the house always left few casualties; finding the right words to say to him was the real battleground, in her mind anyway.

6 - dark.

Even the absence of light surrounding them could not manage to hide the visage of embarrassment upon her now burning cheeks-who could blame her; it was her first kiss!

23 - honor.

"Salutations Mr. and Mrs. Kuronuma. It is a pleasure to meet you both. My name is Kazehaya Shouta and I have come asking for your permission to be your daughter's boyfrien-Mr. Kuronuma? Are you alright!"

7 - despair.

When misspoken words mistakenly escaped her lips, she was immediately silenced by his expression and following reaction, a once supportive backside now slumped with disappointment.

33 - rain.

With a spare tucked in her bag, Sawako's hand slowly reached to grab it only to be stopped a gentle grasp on her fingers, "it's okay, let's just share this one together."

11 - earth.

It was one thing to fall on the dirt alone, awkward stares of uncaring passerbys; but it was another to be pulled down knowing she wouldn't face the ground anymore, but a goofy smile.

16 - flying.

Downhill bound, he encouraged her to raise her head high and soar-easier said than done when he was the one pedaling and not standing, hanging on for dear life.

29 - old.

She would never mention that all of his "middle school" photos were piled up, right in her desk-beaming with joy, Sawako would let Pin take any blame for its discovery.