Summary: Alice in Wonderland, but Death Note style. I am also changing a lot of things in both the Alice in Wonderland story, and a few things such as age to the Death Note characters.

Warning: This story contains yaoi, boys love, gay men, whatever you wanna call it. So if you don't like

don't read.

Pairings: LightxL, MattxMello

Disclaimer: I don't own Alice in Wonderland nor do I own Death Note.

A young boy, about 15 years of age, sat lazily under a large beautiful sakura tree. He had spiky, very messy, black hair and huge black eyes. He was very skinny and moderately tall. Overall he was a rather adorable looking boy.

This boy, however, was no ordinary boy, for he was a genius. He was the smartest child in the whole orphan in which he resided, even smarter than a few of the adults. This often made some the bigger and meaner children bully him, and caused most to stay away from the poor boy. He never really had any friends, and often found himself alone.

Anyway, right now the boy was studying in a field of daisies with his mentor, Watari, to learn how to be a detective.

"Watari, what is the point of these books if they don't have any pictures?", asked the young genius, as he began to try to string a few daisies together into a crown.

The old man sighed, "The point, L, is for you to learn."

L sighed back, he hated it when Watari called him 'L', he hated that name. Seriously, who in their right mind would name their child 'L'. He much preferred his last name, Lawliet, he thought it fit him much better than 'L'. "But I feel I get more knowledge from picture books…" Lawliet pleaded.

"Hmmm… Well maybe a nice cup of tea will change your mind, but I will not put extra sugar in it this time. I'll be back…" the old man set his own book down and started back towards the orphanage to make some tea for the bored boy.

"He just doesn't understand…" Lawliet sighed to himself as he laid down on the lush field of daisies to look up at the clouds. He shut his eyes for a moment, the sun was just too bright today, but when he opened them again he screamed. For a small albino looking boy with long droopy bunny ears in all white pajamas was looking down on him.

"You're late." was all the bunny said as he dangled a large pocket watch over the young boy's head, before he took off into a fast hop.

"Wait!" Lawliet called after the white puff of fur hoping away "What am I late for?"

The bunny boy stopped and glanced back at the young genius, gave him and owlish blink, and then replied "For a very important date." and they took off hoping again.

For the first time ever Lawliet was completely puzzled, he never got dates! Still, he followed that bunny until it seemed to vanish behind a tree. He stopped, waiting to see if the bunny would reappear from the other side, but when it didn't Lawliet decided to investigate. He soon realized the reason why the bunny had disappeared, behind the tree was a large rabbit hole, which Lawliet now found himself seemingly floating down.

Along down with him came different pieces of furniture. He soon found himself sitting, or rather falling into, a rocking chair, as a picture book plopped into his lap.

"Curioser and curioser." he proclaimed as he flipped through the pages of the picture book. Then suddenly the rocking chair he was seated in flipped upside down, dropping him, and causing him to fall down the tunnel head first at a much faster pace than before.

He crashed onto the hard ground, which when he looked at the room around him he realized was actually the ceiling, and just as he realized this the room spun over so now he was falling unsafely to the floor.

The spiky haired boy rubbed the back of his head as he picked himself off the floor. As he got a much better view of the room he found he was standing in the center of an equiangular room and on each wall was a door. The room was dimly lit so he couldn't very easily figure out if one door was different, not to mention the fact that each door was identical.

L finally randomly decided on a door and was just about to open it when a large pair of orange eyes appeared right in front of him.