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My name is Dick Grayson but everyone knows me better as Robin the leader of the Teen Titans. Some people know about my past but what they don't know is that it goes way deeper then that, much deeper then anyone could ever guess. I also have an older brother named Roy but we were separated and adopted by different families at young ages. I don't remember much of my mother except she was insane and eventually killed herself leaving us with our father, I was 2 and Roy was 3 when this happened.

When I first met Roy we both felt instant connection with each other and with the resemblance and the same family background we just knew we had to find if we were related, I was 14 and he was 15 when I met my biological brother for the first time. We kept it secret from the other Titans as they didn't even know what our last names were we technically had none we were "Robin" and "Speedy" but we remained close.

Here is the part I hate to admit, I hate my father and I never wanted to meet him and I was pretty sure I never would so when he came to find me I was shocked. You would think I would be happy to meet my father right? Wrong.

I've met my father before and had no clue it was even him, Once he told me it became so clear to me and everything made sense to me.

My Father wants me back in his life, He wants me to be his apprentice

My birth name is Dick Alexander Wilson

Slade is my Father.