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My life changed at two-thirty Saturday morning. I had been sleeping, which is what normal people do at two-thirty in the morning, when my phone had gone off. At first, and don't judge me for jumping to conclusions because it's possible, I thought it was Steve.

McGarrett had the habit of calling at the most inane times, for cases that would most likely result in a shootout by the end of the week, on the days that were originally supposed to be our days off. Not a care that I had Grace this weekend and had to take her home if I had a case. Rachel, as usual, would have a field day with that. She's convinced I don't spend enough time with our daughter, even though I am with her as much as I can be without Five-0 getting in the way.

So, I wasn't exactly thinking when I grabbed my cell off the end table, answered, and snapped, "If nobody is dead, McGarrett I am going to kill…"

"Detective Williams?" an uncertain voice interrupted me. It was female, definitely not McGarrett.

"Yeah, sorry about that," I replied sitting up. I ran a hand through my hair and said, "What can I do for you?"

"Uh, this is Nurse Hatcher from the hospital," she said slowly. My heart stilled in my chest as I tried to figure out whose emergency contact I was. There was Steve. Or I think I was his contact. I wasn't sure. I was pretty sure Kono had Chin or her mother as her contact, and Chin probably had Kono. That just left Rachel, and I was pretty sure she had Stan down. And I doubted she'd be out this late anyway, she wasn't exactly a late night owl. So, it had to be McGarrett. Probably tried to take on four guys at once, ended up with a few cracked ribs and a concussion, and needed a ride home.

"Is this about Steve McGarrett?" I asked curiously. I was all for telling him to screw off and wait until morning. I wasn't waking Grace up just to go get the jackass.

"No, it's about Rachel and Stan Edwards…" she continued to speak, but I barely took anything in. I did hear 'drunk driver' and 'tried everything they could' but it was mostly just Charlie Brown babble to me because Rachel was dead. She was gone. And there was nothing I could do about it…

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I spent the rest of the night sitting in my recliner, watching Grace sleep. I wasn't sure how I was going to explain this to her, that he mother was no longer with us. Stan, too. I may not have liked him, but she did. This was going to be the hardest thing I have ever had to do. And that was up there with letting Matthew go.

My phone buzzed making me jump. I glanced down at it, for a second not sure I wanted to pick it up, but eventually sighed and answered, "Williams?"

"Hey, how pissed do you think Kono would be if I ducked out of her beach party thing?" Of course McGarrett would be up at a quarter to five. He was a freak in more ways than one. But today I really didn't want to deal with him. "Because I think I figured out what's up with my dad's car, but the part I ordered is a few miles away. I'm going to be gone all day." Of course, he also knew what it was like to lose a parent, two actually. Grace could relate to him. But it would be cruel to make him dredge up all that crap he had been pushing down most of his life. "Hey, Danny, are you listening…?"

"Rachel and Stan died," I blurted out before my brain could talk my mouth out of it. Steve got really quiet, he was never a chatty guy to begin with but he had never been this quiet. Then he took a breath and said, "I'll be right there."

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In the Navy I had gotten used to death. People ended up shot, maybe stabbed, and half didn't make it. It was one reason why I didn't make many friends when I was a SEAL, and the few I did I haven't exactly heard from since. Unless I counted Nick, and, well, that reunion wasn't what I expected. And Cat, but she was something else entirely.

But since losing my dad, after listening to Hesse shoot him over the phone, my views have changed. It's hard to become emotionless when it's somebody I've known my whole life. And when my father died, thoughts of my mother crept up on me. Thoughts I haven't had since I was sixteen. And memories that continued to plague me until I found her killer.

Grace didn't deserve to feel the loss of a parent, she was only eight. And yeah, she had Danny, but I knew firsthand what it was like to have a father who was a cop. Granted, Danny seemed to always be a father first, a cop second. But sometimes certain things pushed certain people to the edge. And work's one thing that keeps them going. I should know, in the first few months Five-0 consumed me, kept me from thinking about my father. Sometimes it still does.

Danny was sitting against the door when I pulled up, knees drawn to his chest, just watching the stars. I wasn't sure what was going through his head, but if the look on his face said anything I could make a pretty good guess.

I parked my truck next to his Camaro and turned the ignition off. I got out, silently closed the door, and headed toward him. He didn't acknowledge me when I approached him, so I took a seat next to him and looked up, too. He would talk when he was ready.

We sat in silence for another couple minutes, the sun slowly starting to rise and taking the stars with it, when Danny finally said, "She used to like watching the stars. The, uh, the apartment building we lived in, in Jersey, had a sitting area on the roof. I'd always find her up there, watching them. She used to say they reminded her of billions of angels looking down on us." He shook his head, running both his hands down his face. He met my eyes-gut clenching pain etched in his-and whispered, "How am I going to tell Grace?"

I didn't know. My dad wasn't exactly the one to tell me my mother died. It was the cop who showed up at our doorstep. I can remember it like it was yesterday…

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Mary had been listening to her music, the hip-hop song nearly shaking the wall between our rooms. I hammered on it again, screaming at her to turn it down. I had a test the next day, it was algebra, and if I failed the test I failed the class.

"What," she snapped opening my door.

"Turn the music down," I snapped back getting up from my desk to face her.

"It's not that loud," she retorted crossing her arms.

"People in China can hear it!" The doorbell rang, our dad yelling up the steps, "Kids, can it!"

"But Dad she…" I stopped at the top of the stairs, noticing the uniform standing in the doorway. He had a grim look on his face, and I just knew it was about Mom. She was supposed to be out doing errands, she had used Dad's car because he had a rare day off, and she was a few minutes late.

"Detective McGarrett, it's your wife…"

5-0 5-0 5-0

Present Day…

Five life changing words and my dad was never the same again. And as I watched Danny, who was still silently pleading me to help him, I knew he was going to change. Probably not as drastically as my father, but he was still going to change. And so would Grace, because that's what happened with me.

"Danno? Uncle Steve?" a voice said above us. We turned to see Grace standing in the doorway, her eyebrows scrunched up. She knew something was wrong, her eyes weren't hard to read, and she was Danny Williams' kid. It was hard to keep anything from him. "What's the matter?"

"Uh, Monkey," Danny started pushing himself to his feet. I copied him, taking a few steps back to give them room. He knelt down to her height and said, "We need to talk…" I watched as everything she knew was ripped away from her, leaving her looking lost. It was the same look Mary had on her face when Mom died, the same look I probably had, and the same look our dad had. It was like reliving my own childhood and it hurt. It physically and mentally hurt, and I had to turn away.

I had seen a lot of things in the Navy, some of which I wished I could scrub clean from my brain, but the sight of Grace Williams listening to her father explain that her mother was no longer with them was too much. My eyes were stinging, my vision blurring, as I ran a hand through my hair. I crossed my arms, clenching my eyes shut when I heard her first sob. I wondered how this was affecting Danny, but didn't turn around. Not yet. I knew I couldn't face Grace; I could barely face Chi's grandson after his father died. But Gracie was different than that little boy, I knew her, and hated to see her hurt almost as much as Danny did.

And like Danny, I would have given anything to not have her go through this, but I couldn't control what had happened. With life came tragedy and tragedy got messy, destroying everything in its path. Sometimes it ripped the carpet out from underneath people, leaving them in a heap. And it happened to Grace Williams, and her father. And neither one deserved that. Nobody deserved that...

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