4 months later…


Paint was splattered across my shirt, my hands, and my shoes as I stepped away from the last wall. I admired my work until Danny said, "I think that color goes great with your eyes."

"I'm laughing on the inside, Danno," I responded turning to see him equally as messy, putting down a paint brush.

He shook his head, rolling his eyes. "I still don't see why we painted. This is only…"

"If you finish that sentence I will punch you," I half-growled putting my roller down. He had been telling me on and off since he had returned to work, that living with me was 'only temporary.' That he and Grace were going to move out just as soon as he found a place. "I told you, there is no rush. Besides, you are barely allowed to do field work, I doubt Wesley would be okay with you moving heavy objects." Danny had had gotten permission, from Wesley, to start working light cases about two weeks ago. It was around that time that Grace started hinting about repainting her room. I had no problem with it, but did make a quick call to Mary before proceeding. It had been her room after all.

Of course, when I told Danny about repainting Grace's room, his 'it's just temporary' reminders became more and more frequent. And I, in turn, kept reminding him about what Wesley said about his limitations. But, if I were being honest, I didn't think I was ready to let Danny and Grace move. I had gotten used to having them around, actually enjoyed having them around. It made this house a little less quiet.

"But it is," he insisted following me out of the room. Tomorrow Chin, Danny, and I were going to move all of Grace's stuff back into the room. She was staying at Kono's tonight so the paint could dry.

"Then why did you unpack?" I threw at him, turning to look him in the eyes. I knew he had a thing about unpacking, remembering seeing a couple boxes still piled in the corner of his old apartment.

"I…I didn't want to…" he trailed off, obviously not having a good enough excuse. He sighed deeply and said, "So, you noticed that?"

"Yeah," I responded limping down the stairs. My ankle had long since healed, but sometimes it would twinge a bit, or I'd start limping if I was on it for too long; little things that I could easily push away. It wasn't as bad as Danny's injuries. He had to be careful how much strain he put on his arm, and sometimes he'd break out into coughing fits (but mostly if he laughed too hard or ran too much). Wesley was certain the coughing would die down over time, and his arm just needed a little more time to heal.

But Danny could still handle a gun, could still handcuff a perp, and was still his annoyingly, sarcastically, cocky self. And he still hated being called 'Danno' by me. So, I called him it all the time. Just to piss him off.

I walked into the kitchen, Danny at my heels, and pulled two beers from the fridge. I handed one to him, popped the top off mine, and leaned against the counter. "You know, we could easily move your TV and couch to the basement."

"So you can have a batcave like Batman?" Danny asked grinning widely when I threw a glare his way. He took a breath and said, "Seriously, Steve. I don't want to burden you anymore than I have to. I mean, one month turned into four. I'm sure you and your Ramboette would really appreciate the privacy when she comes to town." I hadn't exactly told Danny about mine and Cat's many 'dates,' but he wasn't exactly stupid. Not seeing each other for months at a time, what would Cat and I be doing?

"Hey, Cat and I could easily hit a motel…"

"No details, please," Danny snapped waving his hands at me to shut up. He winced when he moved his left arm a little too much.

"I thought that's what guys do. Brag about their sex lives," I commented smiling when he glared at me.

"Steve, I really don't want to talk about your sex life. Not now nor ever, okay?"

"There was this one time…" he pushed me into the counter. "OW!"

"Dick," he muttered stalking into the living room. I watched him go. He had done more than physically healed. Emotionally and mentally he had healed some, too. He still missed Rachel, no doubt about that, but I could tell he was trying to rebuild his life; if not for himself, but for Grace.

And speaking of Grace, she had talked Danny into letting her take Karate lessons (and no, that had nothing to do with me no matter what Danny may or may not say). I was waiting until they started kicking; she was bound to kick everything around the house. Better start preparing now…

5-0 5-0 5-0


I flipped on the television, flicking through the channels as Steve lowered himself into the recliner. I stopped on Sports' Center, setting my beer on the coffee table. I glanced over at McGarrett, wondering why he didn't want me or Grace to leave. The only explanation I could think of was he was lonely.

I remembered when his sister was living with him. As much as he tried to act like it bothered him, he was actually glad Mary had come back to town. He liked people living with him, liked his 'man cave' being occupied by more than just him, but I was actually serious. I didn't want to burden him.

I wasn't used to someone helping me as much as Steve had. Since leaving my parents house, I had fought tooth and nail to get what I had and keep it. Even when Rachel tried to talk me into accepting money from her mother for our house in Jersey I told her 'no.' Even my dad tried to help. But I like to do things myself. But, since meeting Steve, I had had gotten more help than I would have liked.

I knew I could easily keep living here, Grace would love it, but I didn't want to be under McGarrett's thumb. Call it pride, call it whatever it is, but that's how I felt. So, I took a breath and said, "Under two conditions."

"What?" Steve gave me a curious look.

"Under two conditions. One: you let me help you out with bills, housework, groceries, and anything remotely householdy…"

"Householdy isn't word," Steve pointed out after a few seconds, smiling.

"And two," I continued pretending like he hadn't talked. "When I do actually find a place, you are going to have to let me and Grace go."

McGarrett considered my conditions and then nodded and said, "Done." He was quiet for a second then said, "The lawn mower's in the garage. The grass needs mowed before the end of the weekend."

"I didn't mean…" I trailed off. "It's your…" I took a deep breath. "I'm not push mowing," I snapped pointing at him. The door opened seconds later, bringing the smell of takeout.

"We brought Denny's Daddy," Gracie's voice said as she, Kono, and Chin filed into the house. Chin closed the door with his hip.

"I thought you were staying with Kono tonight," I said as Gracie plopped down next to me.

"I am, but we thought you and Uncle Steve would be hungry."

"You mean Chin thought me and Uncle Steve would be hungry," I corrected her throwing Chin Ho a sharp look.

"Hey, I offered to teach you to cook," he said placing the bags onto the coffee table while Kono placed a six pack of Orange Crush next to it. Both sat on the floor as Steve, Grace, and I slid from our seats to settle down next to them.

"We don't need lessons when we've got you to come over and cook for us," Steve pointed out grinning when Chin glared at him.

"I better start getting paid for all these meals," Chin said shoving a bag at Steve.

"Don't worry, Uncle Chin. I'll help you," Grace said smiling his way.

"Thank you, Grace."

"Yeah, you'll need a taste tester. I am perfect at that," she responded her smile widening. Kono snorted into the Crush she had just opened.

"Your father, Kono, and Steve are bad influences on you," Chin said glaring our way.

"Blame Steve, she hangs out with him way too much," I said holding my hands up.

We started eating not long after. I let my eyes scan the faces of everyone around me. Kono and Gracie were talking about starting up her surfing lessons again (oh joy). While Steve and Chin argued back and forth about something to do with fishing (never really been into fishing). Yeah, these were my family, my friends, and I really couldn't picture life without them.

And, as much as I still missed Rachel, really wished she were here, I know she wouldn't hate me for the decisions I made for Grace and me. She'd want us happy and right here, right now we were. Or, I was, I couldn't really speak for Grace. But the look on her face, the big smile she flashed me, told me she was, too.

I hated to admit it, but Hawaii had finally grown on me. And I can't believe I just said that. I'm blaming Steve…

5-0 5-0 5-0


My first big case since coming to this damn, pineapple infested, too blue, too sunny hellhole and someone had already broken into the crime scene. A big, black Silverado truck was parked in the driveway. At first I thought it was the victim's-Jack McGarrett, but according to his records he drove a red, Lincoln. That truck wasn't a Lincoln.

I stepped into the house, checking all the rooms, wondering who in their right mind would break into a frigging crime scene. I guess junkies mostly, people willing to rob the dead, and the occasional psychopath. I made sure my gun was in my hand.

Once the house was checked, I headed toward the garage. I slowly pushed the door open, spotting a tall, dark haired guy standing next to-what looked like-a tool box. When I called out for him to face me, he turned, and there was a gun in his hand.

We, for lack of a better term, screamed at each other for a few seconds about putting our guns down. Once the air was cleared, and he had told me he was the victim's kid and his name, I tried to get him to give the tool box to me and leave the scene. This was my crime scene buddy, get the hell out.

Then he pulled some 'I'll call the governor and get put on this case' crap, and then proceeded to steal my case and make me his partner. I didn't want to be his partner. I didn't even want to be around this conceited, overly confident, self-absorbed jackass. I hated Steve McGarrett the moment I saw him and I wasn't about to start liking him anytime soon. He was almost as bad as Hawaii.

Of course, as I followed him out of the house several minutes later I couldn't help thinking: This is just a one-time deal. Because there was no damn way we were going to become full time partners or friends. I would make damn sure of that…


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