The night was setting as the two men walked side by side. One stood at least a foot or two taller but still walked behind the other. The taller one, whose hair was orange yet called a red head. His clothes were worn and stretch over every inch of muscle on him. The man was handsome, muscular and joyous. His smile made all the women nearby swoon at the thought of knocking heels with him. Some women were more brazen about it but the red head refused lightly, always staying near the shorter man in front of him.

The man in front, a brown hair man with gentle eyes and an even gentler smile, walked down the street with a sense of ease. It wasn't that the women didn't want him. They did, it was just that the man had never even looked at the women making passes at him.

"Hey, Captain, can I ask you something?" the red head asked as the pair walked down the streets of the town.

"Of course, Josak." The brunette replied, briefly turning to his long time friend. "But please, stop calling me captain. We're not captain and subject anymore" The two had fought side by side and seen hell together The least that the man could do is speak to him like a friend.

"Right, right. Sorry." Josak said with a grin. "I was just wondering where we're going. " The roads were getting darker and more difficult to memorize. As a soldier, the red head had trained himself to learn the way to any place he had ever gone to but this path never seemed to end. "This is pretty far from home and there's nothing wrong with this town, so why are we here?"

The brunette stayed silent and kept quiet. After a long silence, Josak made a guess. "You're here to buy another guy for the night, aren't you, Conrad?" The brunette turned swiftly in surprise. "I know because I saw you doing this before in another town when his majesty was sleeping." Conrad cringed at the mention of the young demon king. Josak figured that Conrad didn't want the young boy to know where he was going every night.

"Will you say anything?" Conrad said with his back to the taller man. His spine was rod straight and his hands shook slightly. The only time Josak had seen him this scared was when King Yuuri was in danger of death.

"Nope." Josak said walking ahead of the still figure. He didn't turn around as he spoke. "I've seen the castle you live in. His Majesty already has to deal with Lord von Bielefeld and Lord von Christ. I can imagine his horror if he found out your sexual preference. I don't care either way. You're still my captain so I will respect your choice." Conrad didn't move. He had worried about how the conversation would go. It was good to know that he could trust Josak

"Thanks." He whispered, but Josak, with his excellent hearing, knew he said it. With a confidence he hadn't had moments before, Conrad walked down the alley leading to the more private brothels.