The next morning was bright and quiet. Conrad woke up slowly and stared up at the ceiling. It was normal ceiling but seemed to have such profound truths hidden in those cracks. Even without turning around, he knew the boy whom he knew was his king, Yuuri, slept beside him. Soft snores drifted from his sleeping form. Conrad sighed. How should he handle this? Though he'd denied it all night, this so called prostitute was his king. Whatever had possessed him to do this must have been important, he thought.

Next to him, Yuuri pretended to sleep. The truth was that he was trying to contain the multitude of feeling erupting in his chest. It took lot of effort to hold it all in and fake snores. He hoped Conrad didn't realize he was awake. In his heart, fear, joy and pain were warring within. Fear of his plan, which was still in play and was far from over, would fail in the end. Joy over the union he and Conrad had shared. And pain from said union. Yuuri suppressed a moan. Who knew Conrad was such a beast? Over the time he had spent with the older man, Yuuri would have never pegged him as such a perverted tease.

And he was a tease.

Even after making Yuuri cum so many times, he'd lost consciousness, the man still wouldn't stop. He'd hold Yuuri off from his own climax, demanding that he tell him what he was trying at, making Yuuri want to admit everything but somehow he'd held back. This seemed to make Conrad happy. He took great pleasure in commanding him. Yuuri took some perverse pleasure in it as well. He knew there would be a lot of questions when Conrad realized he was awake. Yuuri was stuck between jumping up and admitting to his plan or sticking with it. His decision was made when he heard Conrad speak.

"Yuuri." He said in that sexy deep voice of his. His voice alone had to be a seduction with how it had haunted Yuuri's memories since the day he caught Conrad at that brothel. Yuuri let out a sigh of pleasure and turned over. His decision was made.

"That is not my name, my lord." He answered, looking as submissive as he could. This was easy to do since the man's voice alone seemed to turn him into a pliant mass of goo.

Conrad sat up and growled. "Don't play with me, Yuuri!" he sat up and stared down at him. Yuuri nearly squirmed. "I want to know why you did this."

Yuuri didn't say anything for a time. His plan was to have sex with Conrad, which he had done, and disappear into the night before dawn. So far, only half the plan had actually succeeded. He would have left but Conrad had held him tightly when he finally decided that he'd had enough. Yuuri was too tired to move so he stayed. In other words, Yuuri had already changed tactics at this point so there was no point in giving up now.

Yuuri sat up and brushed his long hair out of his face. He was kind of shocked that Anissina's hair growth potion worked so well. It'd be hell to get rid of since she said there were kinks in the design but that's what he got for rushing her.

"My lord Conrad." He started, ignoring the scowl on Conrad's face. The older man seemed to be very annoyed by Yuuri's insistence that they were strangers but it worked better this way. "Your king Yuuri is a monarch, is he not?" he asked.

"Yes. A great one." He replied, waiting to see where this was going.

"He is, I suppose." Yuuri accepted, nodding his head. "He is the symbol of his kingdom and he must present himself accordingly, correct?"

"Yes." Conrad's voice was getting suspicious. "Where are you going with this?"

"Well, I'm sure that anyone found out he had spent the night with one of his body guards, such as we have, it would stain not only his honor but hurt others."

"Hurt? Who?" Conrad asked. Yuuri turned to him.

"King Yuuri does have a fiancée, does he not?" He asked. Conrad flinched and looked away. Now he was getting it. "I can't imagine the pain that young man would go through if he learned that his fiancée actually had cheated on him and with his own brother too. I'm sure his heart would break, don't you think, Lord Conrad?"

Conrad stayed quiet for some time. He couldn't lie or deny what Yuuri said. Wolfram would be heartbroken. He loved Yuuri as much as Conrad did. Moreover, Yuuri knew such deceit would hurt him. And know him, Yuuri must have felt horrible as well. But he still…

"I… I agree. But what of the act we've done?" he asked. Yuuri smiled sadly at him.

"What we have don't has nothing to do with the king." He said, standing up. He was naked and sore but he didn't show his pain. "This was for you. You desire your king and we, at this brothel, will provide you with what you need." He pulled his kimono on.

"What are you talking about? Explain." He demanded, about to follow but found his limps too tired. His body was getting heavier. He looked around and saw mist swimming into the room, surrounding him. "Yuuri!"

"Sleep, my lord. Until you have need of me again, I will be waiting." Yuuri said, standing at the door. "And when you do have need of me, you will always find this brothel doors open to you." Conrad was out seconds later.


"Wow, your majesty that was some great acting." Josak said, appearing from the shadows of the hall way. Yuuri let out a breath. That was scary. He'd been scared he'd screw that up.

"Will he ask you about it, Josak?" He asked, looking up at the tall man. He shook his head.

"The captain understands the why of your actions." He replied. "He also knows I'm good and keeping my mouth shut."

"I noticed that." Yuuri laughed, leaning against the wall. "By the way, where is Gunter?" This made Josak laugh out loud. "What? What did he do?"

"Let's just say, he enjoyed the show too much, okay, your majesty?" The older man explained between breaths. Yuuri tilted his head in confusion. Gunter always did act weird when it came to him. The fact that he was out just meant he was tired. Yuuri shrugged.

"As long as he's fine, I guess I won't really get an explanation, will I?" He asked, sighing when saw Josak nodded. "By the way, how did the thing with Wolfram go?"

Josak sighed. "Well he was pissed but he cooled off some later, saying something about a promise you'd made him." Josak stared down at him. "What did you say that calmed him down so fast?"

"I promised him that I'd be his slave for the rest of my life." He replied, massaging his sore muscles.

"But you've always been Lord Bielefeld slave." Josak informed. "What else is new?"

Yuuri laughed. "It turns out he really wants to be 'closer' to me so I'm now willing to let him do so, anytime he wants." He explained. Josak let out a low whistle.

"Whoa, his majesty's becoming quite the stud." He teased. "If you're giving this out, I'm willing to pay too." Whether he was being serious or not was hard to tell but Yuuri let it go with a laugh.

"Actually, it was Murata's idea for me to say that. It worked out surprisingly well. I thought I'd die before everything got done"

Josak patted him on the back. "Don't worry; everything went according to plan, except for the escape thing." He reassured. "Oh. But I would be careful of Lord Bielefeld, if I were you, your majesty."

"Why?" He asked.

"He was watching you with the captain and he seemed to like all those toys thrown around." Josak explained. "I know you didn't use the toys till later but the act fascinated him. He even asked for some to take home."

Yuuri sighed, shaking his head. Oh great, it was a family of perverted teases. He really hoped Gwendal was nothing like those two.

The end

Authors note:

I'm very sorry about the long wait but i lost track of the story and had to rethink it over. I hope you like this and understand