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Gibbs kept trying on his hands free to call McGee each time with the same machine voice cutting in apologising for being out and please leave a message.

The journey to McGee's apartment was only forty minutes away but Gibbs was in a hurry so of course .. he was stuck behind every slow moving vehicle he could find !.

There weren't any safe opportunities to overtake and he really didn't want to spend any valuable time passing around insurance details.. he just had to wait!. He slapped the steering wheel then gripped it tightly. He hadn't called anyone else yet he wanted to be sure and he had told them all to rest, he didn't want anyone to think he was overreacting.

What seemed like a lifetime only turned out to be and extra fifteen minutes, Gibbs pulled up into the parking lot of McGee's building his heart sank, there in amongst other residents cars was McGee's.

Entrance into the building wasn't hard as someone was leaving and even held the door for him

So much for security!

He made his way upstairs to McGee's apartment and stopped dead outside the door..it hadn't been closed properly. He pulled out his gun and prepared himself for what might be inside.

Pushing the door open with the nose of his gun keeping it low and close, he cautiously slid inside eyes darting left and right taking in every detail of the room silently creeping using the wall as his back up protecting him.

So far so good nothing seemed to be unusually out of place just the usual spotless McGee, he moved around the apartment checking the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom not noticing anything different.. no signs of a struggle he let his guard down just a little as the place was devoid of people. All his years of investigating crime scenes made him observe the area almost as if he had x-ray vision THERE! He focused around McGee's writing desk which was tucked away in the corner of the living area surrounded by shelves crammed full with classics, crime, science fiction, fantasy and reference books McGee was obviously a big reader as well as an author. Gibbs stared intensely at the floor near the corner of the desk, he crouched down wanting to make certain hoping it wasn't what he thought it was...BLOOD! Dammit McGee where are you? what's happened That was it siesta was over he was calling the team in...

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