Shiki had killed his best friend.

Shiki had beaten him and strangled him.

Shiki had taken so much, even himself in the most painful way he could find possible as well. Akira could hear his cry in his ears, those red eyes boring down into him as he was being fucked by that very man. It was a horrible experience, Akira had never been touched before and with a dry intrusion such as that it made everything all more painful. The things he said, they cut so deep. Akira was to become nothing more than a pet for Shiki, a toy for his own pleasure. He wouldn't be anything of value…

Akira was alone for the moment as he thought of this, his eyes gazing out the cracked window of Shiki's place, he bit his lower lip. This man was ruining so much. He was supposed to go back home with Keisuke, Keisuke should still be alive, Shiki should be dead. The king of Igura should have been killed by himself. Of course it didn't happen, they weren't strong enough.

"Keisuke." The poor brown haired man hadn't stood a chance against the man dressed in black leather, he was just too much. Akira could feel a tear roll down his cheek, why did it have to be him? Couldn't have Akira been the one to die? Then he wouldn't be subjected to this torment, he knew Keisuke wouldn't because Shiki held no interest in the brunette.

Footsteps interrupted Akira's thoughts, fear was dumped into his chest, and he wanted to kill this man that was approaching him. He turned sharply, staring up into those dark eyes and his pale skin. Shiki was smirking, as he usually did when he saw Akira, smirking with some perverted fantasy. Akira felt he'd be better off dead, but…Maybe if he just let Shiki get his way he'd be able to get out of this whole mess. He'd be able to go home.

"What are you thinking about?" The question surprised Akira, he looked up shocked. Shiki usually just called him trash and left, or dragged him to his quarters for a couple hours. But…He actually wanted to talk? Like a conversation?

"What?" Breathed Akira, feeling his eyes narrow as he got suspicious, he slid back, pressing himself to the window, but Shiki just stepped forward, his expression becoming agitated.

"I asked, what are you thinking about?" His gloved hand reached out, squeezing Akira's wrist. Akira felt his teeth grit together, he snarled at Shiki, trying to pull his hand back, but the black haired man had too good a grip. "Why are you crying?" Akira looked to his feet, images of Keisuke passing through his mind, back when they were younger and didn't have problems like this. A few more drops fell from Akira's eyes; this man holding him had killed him.

"Keisuke..." Akira whispered, his arm was released, he saw Shiki's boots move back.

"That trash?" Shiki snorted Akira felt something in him snap; the rage was just too much now. He ran into Shiki, shoving him back, the man of course caught by surprise fell back, but as soon as he steadied himself Akira felt himself being kicked back, his back connected with the flimsy wall, cracking the plaster. Shiki stepped over, glaring down at his disobedient 'pet.' His smirk made Akira even angrier, but he couldn't do anything, he recognized he didn't prove that much a fight, "Remember your place."

Akira stood slowly, Shiki had turned away, and he was leaving. "Where are you going?" Akira suddenly called out, shocked by himself that he even cared where the man went and what he did; usually he'd just go and sulk away in the bedroom.

Shiki looked over his shoulder when at the door, he arched an eyebrow, "What?" He smirked and closed the door after him; Akira could hear his footsteps through the thin walls, when the silence hit Akira flopped back over on his butt, taking in a quick breath. Why didn't he just leave while Shiki was out? His fingers grazed his belly button, cringing at the piercing that was still a bit sore. He wouldn't be able to, not with this…Another thing Shiki did, pierce his body with this.

Akira had sulked back to the room, sitting beside the bed, still grieving over his best friend, his only friend. Rin couldn't count as anything; they'd only known each other for a few days and that boy had gone missing as well, probably something else that man did. There was no one, no one he could call to get help from, "What am I going to do Keisuke? I can't get away." The silence, the fact that Shiki would be back, there was no escape, Akira heard himself cry, he could feel the tears fall on his pant legs, he was honestly petrified.

Akira awoke to movement, he looked around, it was so dark as it usually was, rain could be heard pattering against the roof, he moved a bit, feeling the sheets around his body, he suddenly became aware that Shiki was back. He bolted up, gazing at the man remove his jacket and his gloves. He looked over his shoulder at Akira, "You're awake?"

The bed creaked under Shiki's weight as he kneeled on the bed that smirk on his young features once again. Akira couldn't help, but shy away as Shiki's cold hand touched his chin. The man frowned, a hint of concern in his red eyes, but it was soon gone and Akira doubted that it was really ever in them, it was just his imagination. Shiki climbed entirely on the bed, Akira laid back down, getting what was going to happen next.

"Don't try and deny it." Shiki threw the sheets back, at first his hand slid Akira's shirt up, his cold hand sending shivers over Akira, he cringed, feeling Shiki's fingers drop, they played with Akira's hem, "You're mine Akira. Remember that." His fingers were around Akira's shaft, he groaned in the back of his throat as he felt Shiki pump him. It was so wrong, two men together, but…Akira couldn't deny these feelings he had.

"Shiki." He whispered, he could feel just how hard he was, he whined slightly, in the back of his mind Akira knew this was just horrible, doing this for the very man who had killed his friend, but he couldn't help it, he didn't have a choice. Again Akira felt the tears well up in his eyes, he was turning into such a pussy and he knew it, but he couldn't help it, this was horrible.

Shiki's hand had stopped, Akira wondering what was happening now, Shiki wasn't doing anything. Suddenly strong arms lifted Akira up and he was crushed against the man's chest, he inhaled deeply the scent of blood and smoke, the smell of Toshima, the city Igura was held in.

Akira was confused, what was Shiki doing? But he decided it was best not to question it, so slowly, but surely Akira let his arms around Shiki, gripping to his shirt, burying his face against the nook of his neck.

How he hated this man.