Akira bit down on Shiki's pales fingers, snarling slightly as he felt the man's other hand squeeze his member, too rough to boot, how could a man do this to another man? It was despicable. There had to be something mentally unstable about this man, he was so…disgusting.

"Stop being so resistant, there's no hope." The words struck Akira with horror, would there really be no way out? He felt Shiki plunge deeper into him and cried out suddenly, in shock he instantly brought his arm to his face and bit into his skin, the pain he caused himself nothing compared to the feeling of Shiki inside of him.

"Please, stop." Akira mumbled behind his skin, he could picture Shiki smirking as he gazed at the messed up covers of the bed they were on, he heard a snort and felt another thrust, biting deeper into his skin, the metallic taste pricking his taste buds. It had hurt that bad…

Shiki's boots echoed throughout this place, he was leaving again, Akira was too exhausted to ask where, he could feel the drool dribbling from the side of his mouth, rather unattractive, but he couldn't help it, he had no energy to do anything.

Shiki's waist came into view and Akira looked up, staring into those menacing crimson eyes, he wished he could say he saw an inkling of sincerity in them, but he couldn't, lies that weren't necessary were pointless,

"How do you feel?" The question shocked him, but Akira wouldn't answer, he only closed his gaping mouth and looked back towards Shiki's waist, focusing on his belt, his eyes following the interesting design of it, "Hrm…" He heard Shiki snort and the man turned and left, leaving Akira to get his bearings and quick before he came back again.

What did that man do so often anyway?

Probably strolled around town, just taking in the scenery, but…Shiki didn't seem like that kind of man; Akira groaned as he pushed himself up, biting back another one as he sat on the edge of the bed, he needed a bath…A long one at that, maybe one he could drown himself in.

He dragged himself to the bathroom, not bothering to even lock the door behind him he started the water, rubbing his backside. The thoughts ran through his mind, having another man come inside you was so degrading, never mind the fondling and the fact that he was fucking you. It really did make you feel less of a man; Akira knew he was nothing more than a bitch, a source of pleasure…Why did it hurt so much? You'd think admitting it would make it all easier…

It doesn't.

Akira sunk into the warm waters, letting the bath relax his stiff muscles, for the time he was in the bath, he felt almost perfectly fine, almost. The memories still haunted him.

"Let me die." He whispered.

Akira heard the door open and jumped, splashing some water about, "Shit." He grumbled, Shiki had to return back so early, he leaned over the edge of the bed, the raven haired male coming into view of the open door, he glared at Akira, but soon smirked, placing a bag on the table,

"Eat it."

It was all he said, Akira frowned, he didn't want to get out of his bath just yet, "What?"

Shiki didn't repeat himself, he probably walked into the bedroom, getting out of that obnoxious jacket he liked to wear everywhere, really, didn't he burn in the sunlight? Well…when the sun was there.

Akira soon removed himself from the bath, draining it, he pulled up a pair of pants, yep, without undergarments, but he didn't have time to care right now, despite the fact being near Shiki sort of disgusted Akira, he did take a look into the bag, omelet rice flavored food, Akira grimaced, when did Shiki figure that out? Then again, Akira was used to doing everything in front of the guy, well not everything, but most things, eating was one of them and he guessed that Shiki had seen him favor the stuff. Not like he'd go and admit it that was just retarded.

"Not hungry?" What was with all the chatting today? Really, Akira took a bite out of one, glaring at Shiki from the corner of his eye, why always smirk? Well, better that than his pissed off expression, now that was scary. He looked like an ax-murderer when he was pissed; then again he was a sword murderer. (Drum roll.) Akira rolled his eyes slightly, he needed some fresh air really, how long had he been here?

"Are you going to keep my leash so short?" He growled at the man, Shiki didn't say anything, he approached Akira and rubbed slightly at his neck, the spot where Shiki had bit him last night, he shied away from his hand, but he soon leaned back towards it, letting the man do as he pleased,

"Where is it you want to go?" His breath was warm against Akira's ear,

"To walk around…" Shiki's nipped at Akira's earlobe,

"Hrm…Alright." That was it? Shiki moved away, Akira stared at him, shocked, why would he do that? Shiki slipped back to the room with the bed, he didn't even call for Akira to come to him, but even if he did Akira doubted he would, for the first time in a while he had a chance to go outside, he quickly snatched up his jacket and ran out the door, accidently slamming it behind him, but so what, he could be free for a while, though he found himself thinking of when he should return and that angered him, why return to that bastard?

Akira breathed in deeply the scent of fresh air, well as fresh as air could get in Igura at least; the smell of blood polluted this place. He stared up at the black expense of the night sky, a slight swirl of yellow from the soon rising sun twisted into the dark mass, he wanted to see the sun rise…it would brighten him up a bit, hopefully.

He ran towards the nearest building, up a flight of shaky metal stair way and to the roof, gazing towards the burning star rising over the horizon and a few taller buildings in this city.

Akira smiled, feeling some hope that today was after all a new day for him, but…He'd have to go back to that man and face him, much to his dislike…But…He got used to seeing Shiki's face every day, when Shiki was gone for longer than a night or day, Akira got a little…angst was it? He didn't like being too far away from the vile man.

Akira sat down, gazing at the rising sun, it was just so nice…Peaceful.

He shut his tired eyes, tonight, he had to sleep…

Spending a day out on the town, or city rather, it was a real treat, Akira couldn't express how much he enjoyed getting out, not that he would wish to. Who would he tell it to anyway? Keisuke's ghost? That stung him slightly, how could he get over something like that?

Returning to his lodgings, Akira slowly crept into the dark house, he'd been gone for a long time, longer than Shiki probably felt necessary, but Akira needed to breath, a sun rise and sun set gave the suitable amount of time for a breather, the male dropped his jacket on a back of a chair, slipping towards the bed he wished to be empty so he could sleep alone and not with a disgusting creature. An incredibly attractive, disgusting creature, Akira couldn't deny Shiki's handsome features.

"Where have you been?" He turned sharply; he hadn't noticed the light in the bathroom? Odd, he peered in Shiki was in the bath, the water tinted red, he was leaning on the edge, glaring up at Akira, Akira swallowed, loudly at that, staring at the red colors, seems Shiki had gone out for a while.

"Out…" He answered, feeling like some teenage boy trying to avoid his parent's questioning.

Shiki gritted his teeth, Akira stepped back, and that pissed off expression was just too scary for his liking, really, what a creepy man. "I went to watch the sun." He felt being honest would save him now from any abuse the man could give, Shiki grimaced now, his eyes still boring holes into Akira's face, "I'm tired, uhm…"

"Who said you could sleep?"

Akira frowned, biting his lower lip, "But-"

"Who. Said?" Shiki growled he had looked away from Akira; the gray haired male was so over-exhausted he could feel tears well up in his eyes, he couldn't take this, he was too tired, and his emotions were really getting the better of him.

"I'm just so tired; I haven't slept in two days." He felt like a five year old throwing a temper tantrum, how humiliating.

Shiki snorted, "Yeah? Alright then. Sleep."

Secretly grateful, Akira muttered an incoherent thanks, falling over into the bed and closing his eyes, praying for sleep to come quickly.

How he hated these days.