The battle of the salvation of the Minimoy ended shortly after the beginning of it. Maltazard was dead. Now the Minimoys were free from his terror. A long hallway guided to the room, where Wes was resting in. The princess of the Minimoys and the savior of their kind were walking to the room, where the warrior was surprisingly healing fast. He had a sword struck into his chest. It was a simple hug. The sword stabbed Maltazard though him. Selenia frowned. She wasn't much excited with his idea. But if he said that it was going to be alright, then he could have told her that too. She sighed as her husband opened the door. They were shocked to see Wes wasn't in the bed.

"Where did he go?" Selenia asked preoccupation of her friend.

Arthur shrugged. He hadn't a clue where his friend was. He knew one thing was that Wes couldn't or wouldn't stay a room to die. He reassured his princess and himself of that. She nodded sadly. Outside, the wounded Minimoy sat on the bridge, where he and the princess first met and became friends, thinking about his choice of destroying an evil one of their kind. He made her cry. Selenia never cries in front of the enemy. Wes sighed sadly. He never made her cry like that. She never would have been there if Wes could have spoken up. Darkos didn't know what he knew that his father would be like that. He was using both of them and Melanie too. He knew one thing without having Maltazard explain it to him. He was the escape goat for him. He wasn't ready to give up without a fight. He couldn't bear her sight now.

'I'm a great friend. Nope, I almost tried to kill her.' Wes sighed again as he laid on the bridge's wall with his hands behind his head. 'Great, I've got that on my conscious now. I got to think that Selenia almost got killed because of me.'

"Where is he?" Selenia asked.

"Princess, last time we checked on him, he was there." A guard said. Selenia sighed. She knew the very place her best friend was. She laughed. Arthur ran with the princess until he bumped into Betameche.

"Where's the fire?" Beta chuckled.

"Beta, where is Wes?" Selenia asked.

She didn't let him speak as she raced out of the palace. She saw Darkos and Melanie talking. She dashed towards them out of breath. Darkos asked what was with her running. She told the two that she couldn't find Wes. Darkos and Melanie started looking with her. She was asking where her best friend in world had gone and ran off. He was injured and everyone knew that wasn't the reason. He needed time to be away. Arthur and Betameche caught up with her. She sighed. Selenia was going to kill Wes with her words when she gets to him. Back to Wes, he was just laying there waiting and he laughed as he thought of his best friend was finding him with their friends. He sat up and walked with a limp. He held his arm go around his body as he walked. Wes knew one thing that he wasn't going to die anytime soon. He walked to the gates of the palace. He saw his friends and Selenia was mad from the view he saw. He chuckled slightly. Everyone looked over Selenia's shoulders to see the warrior. He silenced them with a finger to his lips. He laughed slightly as he walked to Selenia and smiled slightly a smirk but who knew.

"Selenia, you're that worried about me." Selenia turned to look at him. "Maybe you should get me a babysitter then."

She sighed, walked up to Wes and hugged him, "Don't you ever go somewhere without one of knows."

"But you knew where I was. Didn't you?"

"Yeah but that didn't mean you had an excuse not to tell anyone." Selenia yelled. "I don't know what I would do if you die."

"Hey, don't worry, I'm fine." He put his arm around her shoulder. "I'm not going anywhere except for that hair-brain husband of yours."

The group went to the transport of their savor and his grandfather. Their wishes were that none of them would change. Selenia and Arthur shared a kiss before Wes pushed Arthur. He laughed. Arthur knew that Wes would be like that. He was one of his best friends. Wes couldn't or wouldn't let them get hurt. Just maybe there was going to be a good reason to not to give up their dreams.

"Go already." Wes said with a smile.

"Later guys."

10 Moons Later (Or 3 Yrs Later)

Wes, the warrior Minimoy, laughed at his best friend. Her face had anxious written on it. He asked her if he had to hold her hand as he snickered. He got a fist to his stomach. He whined of the pain. Betameche was dying in laughter with Darkos and Melanie. Melanie was invited to their strange family and Wes was glad that she didn't say no. Mostly, all of the Minimoys were there at the end of the telescope. Wes pulled out his mini knife and cut the sack. The old Minimoy was irritated by Wes because he disrupted his sleep.

"Wes! You are worst than Betameche when waking me up." The old Minimoy stretched.

"Come on, the savior coming back to stay." Wes said with excitement.

"I know so don't fall down."

"Gotcha." Wes smiled. "You ready?"

"I'm happier than you." Selenia smiled.

"Oh, are you?" Wes grinned.

"Alright, this is the greatest day in my life," Betameche announced.

"And your birthday wasn't?" Selenia teased.

"Fine, they equal out." Betameche joked.

"I've got to share a birthday with the queen of England," Wes laughed.

"You do?" Betameche said interested.

"Oh, here comes Arthur," Selenia jumped off the stone and hugged the savior. He laughed with Wes. Selenia was greatly over the mark of being excited. Her mouth crashed with Arthur's. Wes laughed at his facial expression before he closed his eyes to kiss her deeply. Darkos walked over with Selenia's look alike, Melanie. Melanie hugged Betameche and Wes. Everyone was smiling. This day was joyous day that the savior will be staying for good. Their little group headed over to Max's. Max was excited to see Wes and Arthur.

"Does the prince have itchy feet again?" He asked.

"When doesn't he?" Wes laughed.

"Hey!" Arthur yelled.

The group had the greatest night. Now 10 moons have passed, Maltazard has been dead. Wes, Selenia, Arthur, Betameche, Darkos and Melanie were done with their tasks of the saviors, whom defeated the evil M. No Minimoy or no one will ever hear that horrible name again. All of our heroes lived happy lives with Selenia and Arthur taking the throne. Wes still part of the royal guards. Betameche is still with the prince title. Darkos joined the protection unit of the city and bartends at Max's. Melanie is now advisor to the queen and king. Their lives might have been different if Maltazard wasn't dead. Or maybe somehow that was a good thing. It is simply a good turnaround.