"It's useless… simply, simply useless! Why resist, my flower?" A dark voice loomed… but it was pitch black, and the owner of the voice was unseen.

"What? Who's there?" A familiar soft voice questioned, the owner was none other than Yuuki Cross.

"Shh, shh, shh, relax, child. Take a deep breath, calm your soul, close your eyes…" Yuuki could suddenly feel a cold hand on her shoulder.

"Where am I? Who are you?" She continued. Another hand was placed upon her other shoulder.

"Surrender yourself, Kuran Yuuki." The voice became softer, and the hands gently massaged Yuuki's shoulders. She figured she must have been sitting in a big comfy chair… but her thoughts of where she was stopped suddenly when she realized what the person had said.

"Kuran? But I-" She almost finished when she fell unconscious…

And so it begins…

Cross Academy

Zero's P.O.V.

It was just about time for those wretched vampires to come out, which means it was time for my pointless Guardian duties to begin.

Now that I think about it… where's Yuuki? I haven't seen her all day, and she never misses classes. She's always there even if she's sick, or hurt. I wonder if she's okay… Maybe I should ask the chairman…

No. Maybe… what if Kuran did something to her? I swear I'll tear him limb from limb if he changed her into a vampire… but even that wouldn't even be enough. I'll go to the chairman, for Yuuki's sake.

Later, in Headmaster Cross's office

"Oh! Zero!" the chairman chimed when I stepped in. Oh boy, here we go…

"Have you come to eat cakes and drink tea with me?" He smiled pleasantly at me. Bleh… "Oh? You look troubled, Zero, sit down and tell your dear old dad all about it…"

I gave him a death look, which wasn't nearly as much as what I wanted to do to him. "You're not my father, quit acting like it. All you did was raise me," I stated grabbing a chair and pulling it further from the chairman. I sat down when it was a reasonable distance.

"Don't be so cruel, Zero," he looked at me with puppy eyes. Ugh. "What is it that you wanted?"

"Where's Yuuki?" I wanted to get to the point.

"…" He remained silent for a good three minutes, and slowly a big worried expression overcame his usually cheerful face. Uh oh. "Yuuki, you ask?" He looked me deep into my eyes.

"Yes. Where is she? I haven't seen her all day."

"Err, well, Zero…" He took off his glasses and tossed them onto the desk. This was worse than I thought. "I have been meaning to ask youthat. You haven't been with her at all?"

Oh, this is bad. "No, I haven't seen her at all. Not this morning, not at class, not during lunch…"

"Oh! Where could have my poor Yuuki gone?" He turned his chair away from me and stared out the window, with his finger to his lips. He looked deep in serious thought. Suddenly he lifted his head and turned back. "You have Guardian duties, and in Yuuki's absence you must take her place and do as well as her. Please Zero, I'm counting on you. Now go! You'll be late." His voice was stern. I obeyed.

Later, in front of the Gate

I was just now walking up to the gate… women everywhere… err, and the rep. from my class.

"Ohh! I wanna see Shiki!" One of the girls yelped. "Kyaa! Akatsuki, come out please!" Another chimed. I hate this; it's no fun without Yuuki here. Kaname always made it ten times worse, smiling at her like he does. Stupid vampire…

"Alright! Move! Make a path, so they can get through!" I yelled. I heard many hateful moans, and a couple "Oh, great, Kiryuu Zero's here…" I'm popular, aren't I? The gates opened. They appeared. They walked by and lucky for me the girls were obedient. I turned to Kuran.

"Where's Yuuki, Kaname?" I asked straight out. He turned and looked at me with his hateful glare, but there was also slight worry in his eyes.

"What do you mean, Kiryuu Zero?" He said, staring into my soul.

Ugh. Guess we have to do this the hard way… "Can we speak in private, Kuran?" He nodded and we walked past the girls. I glared at them so they wouldn't say or do anything. We found a silent place in front of the boy's dorm. Kuran decided to start.

"What do you mean, 'where's Yuuki,' Zero?" He looked at me with deep concern. Bleh.

"I mean, what have you done with her? Both the chairman and I haven't seen her all day." I answered with anger, trying to keep calm and not get too frustrated.

Kuran looked down. He and I both knew the risk Yuuki was constantly in, but the fact that she's gone missing for no reason at all worried us extremely. He eventually looked back up to me. He opened his mouth to say something, but just then we heard leaves move and crack. Someone was walking towards us, but slowly. We both stood alert and saw a small girl with brown hair, her head down and her bangs covering her eyes. It was Yuuki.

"Yuuki?" Kaname and I both said at the same time.