Chapter 9

Zero's P.O.V

Time seemed to fly by like sand. Yet, for me, it couldn't go slower. I needed her now; I wanted her to be free. She didn't deserve this. What did she do, to be tortured in this way?

Aido fell asleep on my shoulder; I don't know how that happened. His snoring was trying my patience. Kaname calmly read from a small book opposite of us. Soon the moon was rising over the horizon and the sky became darker.

All of the sudden, we heard shouting coming from the academy. People were screaming loudly, some sounding more frantic than others. Footsteps in hundreds ran to the exit of the academy. We headed to where all of the chaos seemed to come from. In the center of the academy floated Akinori, gusts of wind seeming to burst out from his body. Students who lost their balance were scraped against the ground.

"Akinori!" I shouted and tried to get closer.

His orange hair blew all over the place as he laughed maniacally. He whipped his arm out in front of him and pointed at me.

"Do you really think you can defeat me?" He scoffed.

Kaname leapt into the air and flew towards Akinori at intense speed. He prepared his arm for a punch. In front of Akinori, he thrust his hand in a fist and punched at him. Akinori simply swept to the side, and kneed Kaname in the gut. He acted unaffected, and tried to counter with another punch to the back of the head. Akinori simply grabbed his fist, and twisted his arm. It looked like he was playing with his food.

"Kaname-sama!" Aido shouted. He threw his fist through the concrete, and ice grew quickly towards Akinori. When underneath him, Aido directed the ice upwards. Akinori was too distracted with easily dodging Kaname's attacks, and his legs were frozen by Aido. He growled and released Kaname. Kaname jumped off of him and landed on the ground.

"What are you doing, Kiryuu?" He yelled at me. Realizing I needed to get involved, I took out my Bloody Rose and shot at Akinori. I hit his right arm, and it burst into a bloody explosion. He hissed loudly, but his arm still remained.

Then, calmly, Akinori brought his left hand up to his mouth and bit his finger. Then he threw his arm down to his side, and out came the bloody whip.

"Die!" He screamed and attempted to hit Aido with his whip. Aido jumped away safely, and I shot the whip with my Bloody Rose. It successfully broke and withdrew back into his hand. The ice that held him melted, and he fell to the ground. He landed perfectly.

He sneered. "Is that the best you got?" He lifted his right hand to his face and licked the blood from his fingers. "Yuuki, my dear, can you solve these problems for me?"

From the shadows of the academy, Yuuki stepped out. She wore a white t-shirt, a short black skirt, white stockings, black dress shoes, and her hair down. Her eyes glowed a vampire red, but I figured she was probably just under Akinori's control.

"Yuuki…?" Kaname half whispered, half yelled. She had a large, creepy grin.

"Cross-san! Come here!" Aido said, trying to get her onto our side.

She laughed quietly to herself, and ran towards Aido. When a few feet away, she jumped into the air and landed a foot right on Aido's face. He flew backwards and landed hard on his back. Yuuki gently stepped to where Aido once stood.

She whipped her head to the side and spotted Kaname. She hissed and ran towards him. She was faster than she was when going after Aido. When she was close enough to punch him, Kaname jumped backwards, and she missed.

"I'm not going to fight you, Yuuki!" He said, continuously dodging her attempts to hit him with her fist.

"Stop playing, Yuuki," Akinori chuckled. He held his hand out in front of him, and then closed it into a fist. Yuuki immediately slowed down, as if she had been put into slow motion. And then, in a split second, her whole arm turned purple and she caught Kaname in his chest. A burst of purple and pink colors covered them both to a point where I couldn't see them. Then, like an explosion, the purple and pink aura launched out everywhere like a million tornadoes, and I was knocked to my feet.

Then it turned to smoke and blinded me. I could see nothing but the light pink and dark purple surrounding me. I blinked once, and the next thing I knew all of the aura was gone, and Yuuki's face was against mine. She scoffed, pulled away, and grabbed my arm. She pulled me off of my feet, and threw me to the side. I smacked into a wall, near where Aido landed earlier. We're being defeated by the same person we're trying to save.

She walked up to me, and the pain of several broken ribs prevented me from getting out of the way. She threw her arm out to punch me, but I caught her. I flipped her around and trapped her arms under mine. She struggled as Kaname approached us quickly. He shouted something in a language I didn't understand, and Yuuki's struggling ceased and she became limp.

"Put her down, she's asleep for now," he told me. I laid her gently on the ground, and faced Akinori. At this point, he was standing with his arms folded, and was laughing angrily.

"You've got to be kidding me…" He chuckled. He looked up and gazed at the moon which was high in the sky. "It's my time to shine now," he looked down at his feet.

Suddenly the ground shook as if an earthquake erupted without reason. Kaname and I planted our feet to the ground and refused to move. Then, Akinori glowed a bright white. The earthquake continued harder, and loose stones lifted from the ground and levitated a foot or two in the air.

"What's this…?" Kaname said, loud enough for me to hear.

"What?" I asked.

"He's transforming…!" Kaname yelled.

"What!" My eyes widened. Behind me, Aido sat up.

"Shouldn't we stop him?" Aido asked weakly, standing.

"I believe, that in this state, he is impossible to touch," Kaname sighed observantly.

Only a few moments passed before the light around him broke away like shattered glass. He wore a long black trench coat, black skinny pants, black dress shoes, and held giant silver scythe. A moment of pure silence, a normal passage of wind swayed our hair to the side as we stared at the taller and more muscular looking figure before us.

"Isn't that Yuuki's…?" Aido asked.

"Artemis at its full power," Kaname answered, straining his voice.

In a rush of anger, I ran at Akinori, trying to get closer. I pulled out my Bloody Rose and shot at him. It was heading right towards his face, but he smacked it with the scythe and caused it to reverse and almost hit me. I fell to my knees to dodge it, and it just barely missed.

"Time to decapitate!" Akinori shouted and swiped at my head. I threw myself backwards, onto my back, to dodge it. Behind me, Kaname was approaching quickly. So he wouldn't step on me, he jumped into the air, and successfully punched Akinori in the jaw. Akinori flipped backwards and landed a few feet away. I got up as Akinori wiped blood from his mouth and stared at it.

"Isn't blood a beautiful color of red? Reminds me of my father's hair… This will be the color of your entire body!" Akinori laughed maniacally. He ran towards Kaname, and in panic, Kaname ran. Realizing how foolish it was, Kaname jumped into the air and did a back flip so he'd end up behind Akinori. Akinori stopped, confused for a moment, giving Kaname enough time to attack. Kaname slipped his arms under Akinori's armpits, then forced both his fists back to where his head was; pinching Akinori's arms and basically putting him in a position he could do nothing in. Akinori struggled and ended up dropping Yuuki's Artemis, and it returned to normal.

"Kiryuu! Use the Bloody Rose the way you did when we killed Rido!" Kaname shouted, trying to hold Akinori down.

I took a moment to aim, and just as I was about to pull the trigger, I heard the word "no" be screeched, and suddenly I was on the ground. Yuuki was leaning over me, breathing heavy. Her eyes were normal, and she did that with her own will. She got up and looked over at Akinori. Akinori struggled harder and managed to escape Kaname's grasp.

"You shall all pay!" Akinori hissed loudly. He kicked Kaname away, and wind like a tornado surrounded him. We were all thrown backwards, but managed to stand back on our feet.

"What do we do?" I yelled, trying to communicate with Kaname.

"Zero, grab Yuuki!" Kaname yelled, looking this way. Yuuki was slowly but surely walking closer to where Akinori was.

"Yuuki stop!" I yelled at her trying to make it to her. But I could not get so deep into the gusts like she could, and was forced backwards again.

"Cross-san, come back!" Aido yelled, working together with Kaname to get closer. They failed as I did.

Before we knew it, Yuuki was near him, but he was too caught up in glowing purple and generating the wind to notice her. All at once, it stopped, and in front of us sat, on the ground, Akinori with Yuuki embracing him in a hug.

"It's alright, Akinori, you don't have to fight anymore…" Yuuki held him tighter. Akinori began to cry.

We all approached them.

"What…?" I asked.

"Mister Akinori always believed he was alone in the world since the only people who ever cared for him were his parents. He didn't realize they were using him…" Yuuki tried explaining it to me.

"What?" Akinori interrupted her.

"Rido killed Kaname's parents, and Shizuka killed Zero's. Shizuka later returned to take Zero's life too, so Zero had no choice but to defend himself. Rido tried to kill me years later, as well," she explained to him.

"He did?" Akinori gasped and adopted an angry expression. He stood up, and looked to the ground. He bowed low before Kaname, Aido, and I. "Please… forgive me… I was blinded in rage…"

Yuuki smiled. Out from the shadows, Kaien came running. He grabbed Yuuki and squeezed her, drowning her in his love. We watched silently as they laughed and giggled like nothing at all had happened.

Suddenly Akinori turned to me, and put his hand on my chest. I turned purple for a moment, and then returned normal. All of the pain of broken ribs and other things had disappeared. Akinori did the same thing to everyone else.

"I'm going to go and repair other damages I caused," Akinori sighed. He walked over to Yuuki and grabbed her and squeezed her in a hug. "I'll miss you most, my love." I got behind him and pulled him away from her by his shirt. He smiled at me. Then he was gone, the way he disappeared twice before.

"So that's it?" I asked.

Yuuki nodded.

"All that training to make him realize he was wrong?" I asked again.

Yuuki nodded again, and Aido grabbed her and gave her a noogie.

I didn't care that our "epic battle" ended in nothing important. I was just happy Yuuki was safe. Now things would finally turn back to normal.

One week later

Yuuki and I stood in front of the Chairman's desk. He smiled at us, a bit excited as always.

"Guess what?" Kaien grinned.

"What?" Yuuki asked, playing along with his game.

"Akinori submitted an application to join Cross Academy!"

"WHAT? HELL NO!" I shouted.

Yuuki was a bit shocked for a moment, but smiled and said "Let him join."

"What! Are you kidding me? The man who-" I started yelling at her.

"He's changed Zero," she looked at me with a pouted lip. Great…

"Fine," I growled.

"Yay!" She shouted as she jumped into the air. This is just gonna be another one of those stories…


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