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The young woman couldn't see the Earl's face, but the man's broad shoulders were squared and his back straight. The Millennium Earl's hands hung motionless at his sides and his feet set apart.

The man's poster doing a poor job of concealing that hunger to kill and that horribly malicious thrumming of power that was building all around them. "First you take my brother-" That oh so familiar voice continued in an even and unnervingly calm tone, "Then you try to take my daughter from me, again? That's unforgivable."

That malicious hate was rising and making the young woman shake at its magnitude. Tyki Mikk was suddenly at her side, the Noah's bloodied hands taking hold of Ellen's shoulders and pulling her close to his chest, a feeling of safety filling her exhausted body at Mikk's touch. The Noah tucking her head underneath his chin a second later.

"Are you alright menina?" The man asked her under his breath, Tyki's hands checking her for any injuries besides the obvious. The Exorcist nodded her head and allowed herself to take a grounding breath, the tension in her body finely leaving her…

"Tyki-pon," The Earl started, his voice still that disturbingly even and composed tone, the man's fingers curling and his hands becoming fists, before they relaxed again. "Take Ellen and go, Apocryphos and I have some unfinished business to see to."

Mikk frowned but nodded, the man forcing his beaten body up, but the Exorcist could see that he was unsteady on his feet. The wound in his stomach was still bleeding, the wounds from having his hands nailed to the wall also still dripping that thick red liquid.

Ellen frowned and also made to push herself to her feet, though her abused stomach muscle cramped and brought the young woman back to her knees with a whimper of pain. Mikk's sharp golden eyes snapping from the Earl and turning back to her then, the Noah of Pleasure hissing through his teeth and was once again kneeling down next to her.

The Exorcist curled into herself, her shaking hands wrapping around her middle as the pain continued to throb and ach for an unbearably long moment.

The blow that she had received earlier most have done more damage then she had first thought, now that the adrenaline in her blood was fading the young Exorcist could fully feel the pain. Ellen Walker feeling moister start to gather at the corners of her eyes. "Menina, what's wrong?" he breathed out and Ellen couldn't fight back her flinch at the question.

"I'm pretty sure that I've already taken care of our little problem, but it never hurts to be thorough..." the Cardinal said in a smooth uncaring tone. "Noah are such a pain to kill after all…"

How could she possibly explain what was wrong to Mikk…?

How could she possibly explain to the person that had been trying to get her...

That... that maybe...

Ellen hadn't even told him about the side effect of Kamui's horrible potion yet!

Ellen didn't have to look up from the dirty stone floor of the old abandoned church to know that the Earl was also now looking at her, but the young Exorcist forced her eyes to rise anyway. Ellen's silver eyes meeting the Maker of Akuma's (because for some reason it was easier then meeting Tyki Mikk's at the moment) concerned golden eyes.

The Millennium Earl looked just like any other Noah that the Exorcist had ever met. His skin the same grey, his eyes that burning gold and the seven stigmata crosses upon his brow.

But then, the look in the man's eyes made the Earl look so much like her Mana, so much so that…

The Millennium Earl turned his eyes away from her then, fixing a coldly angered look upon the now madly giggling Innocence, his hands once again tightening into fists, the Earl barely able to contain his rage.

Ellen's silver eyes turning from the Earl's back to look at the Cardinal hesitantly, the thing looking like it had truly gone mad. "What's wrong Adam… Are you angry? Good, get mad, let your rage choke you, blind you!" Apocryphos taunted wickedly, his glowing green eyes narrowing and the thing giggling even more. "Your beloved daughter was just as easy to get to as your dear precious little brother."

"Apocryphos-" Maker growled through his clenched teeth, the man hissing beneath his breath in fury.

"Do you remember Adam? How I twisted young Neah into my bloody obedient puppet? And now, now I turned your little girl into my sweet broken pet!" The Earl's broad shoulders were shaking at the Cardanil's words, that deep burning darkness rising from the man's tense body.

The power was building and pushing forward, the man taking a step closer to the pinned Innocence. The stain glass windows, the ones that were sill in tacked, shattering from the pressure of the expanding power that was rolling of the Millennium Earl in waves.

The Cardinal was howling with laughter, though his amusement died when the Earl took a deep breath and calmed his fury just a faction. When he spoke his tone was still filled with his anger, though it was now controlled. "I will not play your 'game' any longer Apocryphos. It ends now."

The Cardinal's green eyes narrowed, then they were turning from the Earl to meet Tyki Mikk's hateful gold. Mikk's features twisting into a snarl, when Apocryphos mouth twisted from a displeased frown into a gleeful and predatorily dark smile.

"Yes," The Innocence must've realized that it couldn't get the reaction that it wanted from the Earl, so now the thing was going to change targets. "I so enjoyed playing with my lovely little pet…" It continued, when the Cardinal spoke again his voice was a smug purr. "You would have enjoyed the show parasite, my pretty little pet was moaning so beautifully-"

The Noah of Pleasure had cleared the distance in a blink of an eye, his transformed clawed right hand taking a crushing hold of Apocryphos's throat, his voice seething in his rage when he spoke. "O que você disse? {What did you say?}"

Apocryphos's wickedly horrid smile only stretching wider across his face, the sick perverted bastard giggling in glee to have finally gotten the reaction that it wanted. "So sad, you missed it Noah… you where unconscious for such a long time, I was board waiting for you to wake up." The Innocence continued, his voice just as wicked as his smile. "My pretty little pet was just so utterly tempting…She was practically begging for it."

Mikk's whole body was shaking with rage and hate, the Noah snarling and fighting to restrain himself, the Cardinal only finding the display even more amusing. Those burning and glowing green eyes not looking away from Tyki Mikk's enraged gold, the Innocence leaning forward as much as allowed with having a large broad sword embedded within his chest, the weapon preventing much movement, "She was such a sweet little fuck, Noah. Yes, it's really to bad that-"

Tyki Mikk's other hand shot out, his shaking dark grey fingers gripping the handle of the black and silver sword, the man forcing the sword forward, further into the wall. The Cardinal being cut of and was now howling in agony.

But that horrid grin never once left the pervert's face, even as his white features twisted into a look of pure anguish when Mikk jerked the sword to the left viciously. The Innocence's head was thrown back as he screamed more.

The Earl stood before Ellen unmoving, his poster once again agitated before forcefully relaxing, the man was sighing in regret a moment later. "That's enough Tyki-pon, his lying, he's only trying to goat you into killing him."

The Innocence's head was thrown back as he screamed, but dropped back down as Mikk paused in his torture reluctantly. The thing's head dropping back down to once again meet the Noah's blazing gold eyes.

That grin, that horrible and terrible grin was twisting even wider, Apocryphos snickering dementedly, his right hand shooting out and taking a hard hold of Tyki Mikk's throat. Those wickedly amused glowing green eyes narrowing in triumph. "Are you done parasite? Because I beleive our 'play time' it up."

The Millennium Earl swore, the man that looked just like her Mana, taking a step forward, but pausing and turning as a new voice spoke up within the church.

"That's very true, I believe it's time to move on brother." A maliciously amused voice hissed out from behind the frozen young woman, Ellen's pink lips parting, her silver eyes widening. The young woman turning slowly, her heart becoming trapped within her throat with an overwhelming fear at what she would see.

Glowing green eyes met her disbelieving stare, white features pulling into an almost manic grin at the confusion and terror on the Exorcist's pale and bruised face. Another independent Innocence (this one having more mass and just being plain bigger then Apocryphos) towered over her, its wicked smile pulling wider as he bent, one hand taking a hard grip of Ellen's pale throat, the quick movement much to fast for the Exorcist to block or dodge.

The Independent Innocence's grip hard and unrelenting, his grip so tight that Ellen couldn't breathe, her hands rising to try and pry this thing's fingers lose enough for her to take a lungful of air.

Crown Clown, her left arm was cold in terror and shaking in fear, but that didn't stop Ellen from trying to choke out a plead for her Innocence to activate. Ellen's heart heavy a second later when once again her Innocence didn't activate, the young Exorcist's body being filled with despair and a crushing wave of abandonment.

She was helpless.

Ellen Walker was powerless and it was absolutely infuriating!

She was jerked up from the dirty floor, the white haired Exorcist's head spinning, her wide silver eyes meeting those horrible glowing green eyes, those eyes that were looking at her in disgust and hate.

The Noah of Pleasure's mouth twisting into a vicious snarl, Tyki Mikk's transformed right hand rose and then came down. Mikk tearing through the limb holding him; the man then jerking back a few quick steps, Mikk partly turning to face her and the enemy holding her, but still keeping an eye on Apocryphos.

The Earl however turned fully, concern and rage twisting his face, his golden eyes flashing in a cold warning for the Innocence to release her. The Millennium Earl's power boiling over, before it calmed once more. "Let Ellen go, if you do I'll make your end reasonably quick."

The second Independent Innocence merely chuckled, his mouth pulling into an even wider grin. "You wouldn't dare attack me, not when I have this pathetic woman as a hostage."

The young white haired woman's vision was blurring and was quickly blackening at the edges. Ellen grit her teeth and struggled as much as her beaten body would allow, her lungs aching for air. Ellen's frustration and fury at being virtually powerless against such a stronger opponent giving her strength, but still the Exorcist couldn't break free. The Exorcist kicking out, Ellen's bare feet doing no damage and not finding any perches to push herself free from the suddenly tightening hold around her throat.

The new Innocence simply ignored her pointless struggling, the bastard continuing in a board tone. "I am much older and more powerful then Apocryphos. His abilities are simply feeble compared to my power."

The young white haired woman's vision blurring and darkening more along the edges, Ellen could feel her consciousness slipping away, the Exorcist unable to hear anything more over the roar of blood in her ears...

The Millennium Earl's mouth twisted into a deeper and colder frown. The man's right hand rose and the sword that had been pinning the Cardinal to the wall came flying out of the ruble, the blade that looked just like Crown Clown except for it's reversed colors, returning to his waiting out stretched hand.

Apocrypho's grimacing in agony from having the broad sword ripped free.

Weapon now in hand, the Millennium Earl charged.

Ellen gasped as she found herself flying through the air before she could realize that the bastard had even thrown her. Ellen Walker's body tensing and the young woman braced herself for the incoming impact. Ellen preparing herself for the pain -

Strong arms wrapped around her, Tyki Mikk catching her just seconds before she hit the ground. However the force that Ellen had been thrown sent them tumbling and rolling across the stone floor of the old run down church.

The Noah of Pleasure managed to right himself back onto his feet, just in time for his back to smash into the far wall. The grey stone fracturing and indenting as they hit, even with Tyki Mikk taking the brunt of the impact Ellen still could feel the force of the collision. If the Exorcist had had air in her lungs, she would have had the wind knocked out of her.

Her face was berried into the Noah's chest as she fought to get air back into her aching lungs, her hands gripping tightly to the fabric of Mikk's tattered clothing, the young woman held firmly to the Noah's chest.

Silence filling the old abandoned church and Ellen couldn't think for a few long seconds, the young woman concentrating solely on catching her breath. It wasn't until an insane howl from behind her awoke Ellen from her daze, the sound causing Tyki Mikk to pull her tighter to his chest.

The young Exorcist could feel her own body tensing; Ellen Walker could practically taste the apprehension and the fury rolling of the Noah of Pleasure. Her silver eyes snapping open and turning to see the mangled form of the Cardinal bearing down on them.

A hiss escaping through Tyki Mikk's teeth, Ellen could feel the Noah's muscles tense and could feel Mikk shifting his weight in preparation for the oncoming attack. The young white haired Exorcist felt her heart clench within her chest, but then the Earl seemed to appear out of nowhere, the Maker of Akume taking a crushing hold of the Cardinal's foot and yanking him back. The Earl proceeding on tossing him like he was nothing but small stone, into and through the wall opposite them.

The Millennium Earl didn't turn to face them; the man standing unnervingly calm as Apocryphos came stumbling out of the hole he had made, the bastard coming to stand beside the other Innocence, who seemed to be in the process of reattaching an arm. "Go." The man said underneath his breath coldly.

"I can't just leave you here Earl, that's not how it works." Tyki Mikk said in his deep baritone the man's distaste of leaving the other Noah to fight alone evident in his tone, his narrowed and flashing golden eyes never once leaving the two slowly approaching Innocence.

"These things know where we can find the Heart." The next words were said in a wickedly amused tone, the Earl's voice laced with promise of true pain and agony. "One of them is going to be a good little dog and share what it knows with me."

The Millennium Earl turned his head just slightly, the smile on the man's face betrayed by the hard pointed look within his eyes that was being directed at the Noah of Pleasure. "Now, I will not tell you again Tyki-pon. Go, before you get into even more trouble then you already are."

"Droga. {Damn.}"Mikk growled and lifted her up and into his arms, the Noah unsteady on his feet and almost losing his footing. "Tudo bem, eu vou, euvou. {Fine, I'm going, I'm going.}" Ellen's arms rose and automatically wrapping around the Noah of Pleasure's neck, her silver eyes flickering to Mikk's face and easily noting the grimace of pain. Tyki Mikk no doubt had a few broken ribs to go with all his other injuries.

Without another word Mikk was bolting for the open wooden doors at an inhuman speed, Ellen tightening her hold and taking fleeting look over the Noah of Pleasure's shoulder. The Cardinal and the other Innocence charging as soon as Tyki had started moving, Apocryphos following after Mikk and her, and the other Innocence charging straight for the Earl, it's hands twisting into long jagged spears.

"Mikk-!" the young woman hissed out anxiously as Apocryphos was very quickly catching up to them, but before she could finish the Noah of Pleasure had reached the doorway and was airborne, Ellen choking back the rest of her words with a startled gasp. Tyki Mikk held her closer as they flew almost straight up, the speed that they were traveling making Ellen clench her watering eyes closed.

The young white haired Exorcist cursed herself; Ellen couldn't believe that she had forgotten that Mikk could fly-!

An explosion broke Ellen out of her train of thought, her silver eyes snapping open. The young woman opening her eyes just in time to see the old church erupt in blasts of energy, Apocryphos getting clipped by a bream of black energy, but not before he had unleashed his own. The attack lancing out and engulfing them within a beam of blinding white hot pain-

Ellen Walker's silver eyes fluttered open, the first thing the Exorcist took note of was the sky, the sky was dark water color red and blue. Within the sky was the white painted moon, the moon only a large half crescent, the moon oddly ominous and oppressive.

The young woman's pink lips twisted into a soft frown, Ellen slowly pushing her petite frame up from the long green grass, slowly standing. Everything around her, just like the sky, was faded water color greens and yellowish-browns. A soft breeze blowing, making all the surrounding vegetation sway, the Exorcist's almost shoulder length white hair dancing in the wind along with the...

The wheat. The young woman was in a wheat field.

The young Exorcist felt her pink lips twist into a deeper frown. Ellen had never seen this landscape before; this place she had woken to wasn't familiar to her in the slightest…

It was then a kind and deeply joyful voice spoke up from behind her, smooth and amused. "Ellen..." Ellen gasped and found her body turning to face the speaker. "What are you doing just sanding there?"

Mana Walker was standing about ten long paces away from her, the man that had taken care of her for six short years dressed just like the last time she saw him, old and faded green and yellow stripped pants, a well worn white shirt and dark smoke colored vest. A black top hat that had seen better days atop the man's head, his dark black hair spilling out from beneath his gentlemen's hat. The man's state of dress and less then clean shaven appearance projecting the image of a harmless and penniless vagabond.

Caring and amused grey eyes were watching her, the traveling Clown smiling a smooth and welcoming smile, the familiar grin almost laughing at the confused young woman standing not to far from him. A white gloved hand rose from the man's side, palm up and long fingers extending out, calling Ellen to come forward. "We have to get moving, come on!"

The young white haired woman blinked, the image of the man before her fooling her for one long moment, her feet taking the first few steps forward before doubt brought her movement to a jerking stop. This man couldn't be Mana...

Her beloved Mana was dead.

This was a dream, a dream…

"If that is what you want it to be my Apostle, regardless you need to awaken from this dream before it's too late." A new voiced sang out from behind her, the young Exorcist not having to look to know that the person behind her was the Fourteenth. The song like quality of his voice and smooth flow, all that Ellen needed to know that it was the Noah of Destruction.

The Exorcist's pink lips pulled into a soft frown, her silver eyes spotting something off in the distance, just over the still patiently smiling Mana's shoulder. "What is this place?" Ellen asked softly, her eyes finally able to make out the large twisted and dead looking form of a tree. Behind the tree was…

Behind the tree was an older looking two-story home, with white walls and brown roofing...

Even though Ellen couldn't see the Fourteenth's face, she just knew that the Noah was smiling, when he spoke his voice held a familiar song like quality to it, his tone filled with delight. "A step in the right direction. ~"

Her silver eyes snapped open, the wind whipping around her and Ellen sucked in a breath as she realized that her and Mikk where falling- the Noah of Pleasure unconscious. It took the Exorcist a half second more to realize that Crown Clown was activated, had shielded them from the blast as much as it could, and was now keeping her and Tyki together as they plummeted to the earth bellow.

The Exorcist quickly took note that her left arm felt numb and was barely responding to any of her mental commands. Her Innocence was barely functioning, her connection to it extremely weak.

There was no way Crown Clown would be able to take the incoming impact-

The ground was coming up on them, and Ellen's fight or flight instincts kicked in, the Exorcist's arms wrapping around the Noah of Pleasure's shoulders and held him closer, her cracked blood stained lips parting. The words came with no real thought to them, her tone both beseeching and commanding. "Ark Gate OPEN!"

A flash of warm white light, and then…


~~~ Portuguese translations ~~~

O que você disse? = What did you say?

Droga. = Damn

Tudo bem, eu vou, euvou. = Fine, I'm going, I'm going.

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