Fly fly fly fly

Soar and tumble

And fly,

Dear child

Wings open

Head thrown back

l a u g h i n g

Just you and the blue sky

And infinite freedom


He'll be there,

You know,

He'll wait patiently for you

To crash from your high

(the taller they soar

The harder they fall)

And he'll pick you up, d e a r

Because that's what he does

That's what he's always done


Don't prevent the crash, love

Don't hold back and stay low to the ground

Don't you dare be afraid

(Afraid of what?

That he won't be there for you?

But he always has been before, child

That boy's c-c-crazy about you)


So jump

L e a p

Let go of the rope

(more like a noose, it is)

Push away your insecurities

Until they lie shattered on the floor

In shards formed of

The doubts that grow in the shadows

Just l e t go








(good girl,

Now beat your wings


And fly off into your sunset)


Fly, love, fly

Whew, it's been forever since I last wrote anything. Really, it's been... a month? Too long, way too long.

I don't love this, but I needed it. I needed to tap something out on the keys of my netbook.

Um, review?