This is a follow-up to Po'ipu - - - - - -

The sudden silence brought them all outside McGarrett's house to the beach. There they found Steve, out of breath, facing the water. Sirens sounded in the background and were fast approaching. Danny and Chin were checking on the bodies they passed on their way to where Steve stood, collecting the guns and weapons that had been used in the assault against them. All the while, their guns were still in their hands – at the ready in the event that there was still someone left alive and ready to fight.

They reached their boss as the first of the emergency vehicles converged onto the property. Kono caught sight of the blood running down Steve's left arm. His arm hung at his side while he stared at the floating body of his former friend – someone he thought he knew so well. She could see the sadness on his face. He still held the gun in his right hand. Kono touched his right elbow in an attempt to take the gun from his hand. His hand tightened around the gun instinctively – he wasn't letting it go. Kono didn't even think he felt her touch.

"Steve, you alright?" asked Danny as the bustle of police filled in behind them. Steve glanced quickly at each of them, tucking the weapon into his waistband and turning to head back toward the house with a gruff "Yeah," in answer to Danny's question. So much killing had taken place in such a short time. First his father was murdered while he listened on the other end of a phone thousands of miles away – unable to do anything to prevent it; then this blood bath that had almost killed them all. He couldn't believe that he'd been fooled by Bull Frog like that.

Kono followed him back toward the house as Chin and Danny started to brief the Police Chief on what had happened. The contingent of HPD had fanned out around the house accounting for bodies and weapons.

She followed him quietly into the house, to the room under the stairs where they'd stashed the General and his family. Steve opened the door and told them it was safe to come out.

"Take them to the medics. Stay with them, I'll meet you there in a few minutes," he said to Kono as he started to look around the house. They couldn't be sure there wasn't another group trying to get to the General, so their job wasn't done yet.

Kono helped the General's wife exit, shielding her and her son from the sight of those dead on the floor. She looked at the man lying motionless on the floor as she walked them outside – the man that Steve had stopped from killing her from behind. She glanced back at Steve as she walked them outside and saw the almost lost look on his face.

"Where's the boss?" Chin asked as he and Danny met up with Kono, the General and his family at the ambulances.

"Still inside," she answered. "He needs to go to the hospital too."

"I'll go get him," answered Danny, turning to go back inside.

When he reached the front door, he stepped through to see Steve talking on the phone. Once he hung up, he turned to go out the door and saw Danny standing there.

"Danny…," he said and stopped. "I'm sorry – I should've known. I almost got us all killed."

"You had no way of knowing. This guy was somebody you've been through hell and back with. I wouldn't have given it a thought either," Danny answered. It was then that Danny noticed the blood still trickling down Steve's arm and that he wasn't really using it.

"Let's go. The ambulance is waiting for you," Danny told him. It was then that Steve noticed the pain in his left arm and looked down to see the nasty gash he'd sustained.

"Kono will ride with you and the General's wife in the ambulance and Chin and me will take the General and his son and follow behind you," Danny told him.