41) Assure people that you're rooting for them. It makes them feel loved. This is particularly important if you can't stand the person.

42) When you have an opportunity to be a good person, wave at that opportunity as it passes by.

43) Don't feed the mermaids.

44) Bribes which are not honored are most disheartening. Bribe only trustworthy government officials.

45) The advantage to being surrounded is that, no matter which way you swing your sword, you're bound to hit and enemy. There are also obvious disadvantages.

46) When digging for buried treasure, let someone else dig.

47) Do not confuse brothels with convents. Although they may look similar from the outside, their internal operations are quite different.

48) If you're wondering whether that lovely strumpet you are kissing will someday betray you, the answer is yes . . . unless you betray her first.

49) When marooned on a desert island with naught by a pistol and a single shot, save the shot for someone more deserving.

50) Bring me that horizon.