Unstoppable; the perfect word to describe the behavior of my lover before me. He picked up his pace and drowned me in the bliss and the satisfaction that continuously overflowed. I was not sure if I still had my senses that night. We are a perfect pair. Both carry the name of Death Gods and both seeking for pleasure.

"Haa ..Und… under .. taker" he whimpered.

The name slipped non-stop out of the redhead's mouth, as it grew more intense. He was on the brim of climax, while Undertaker deepened the plunge. It was too good for him to take.

"..haa .. good"

Grell's satisfied tone made the Death God smirk as he bit the redhead's ear in excitement.

"Not too tight, my Juliet" he whispered.

The words rang uncontrollably into Grell's ear. He hid his cherry-shaded look by burying his face in the chest of the bully. He peeked at his lover then turned into a gaze, he felt lucky. Those glistening eyes and that erotic expression, was only for him to see. Grell focused on his lover's lips; those luscious irresistible lips. He was starving, famished for that enticing mouth, Undertaker's mouth.

"Your gaze is so intense…. is it entrancing, my face?"

"Your kiss…I want it" I demanded.

He grazed his lips with mine, teasing me further. I bit his lower lip in reply to the mocking and an overpowering taste of blood ignited out of the sadist's lip. I ignored it and instead forced my tongue into the whitehead's mouth, entangling it with his. It was a beginner's kiss compared to the skilled ones he frequently gives me. Nevertheless, the pathetic play I did was enough for him to climax. I can feel the hot liquid oozing out my entrance; it burned. I finally released my grip on his back.

"Has your stamina shortened?" I taunted, obviously to revenge on the tyrant.

"Gufufufu.. Are you putting me to the test?" he replied suspiciously.

He seized my thighs and inserted his already erect member into my opening, to think that just a while ago he climaxed.

"Ahh! … no more!" I yelled.

"The tables have turned, my love" a smirk began to arise from his nonchalant face.

We had eight rounds that night. I was EXHAUSTED. It was a mistake to test my lover. That taunt was purposively to insult him, but he found it wildly alluring to my discovery. I learned my lesson; I should not enchant and awake the demon sleeping in this shinigami. Still, this Undertaker is intoxicating, he is erotic, he is a sadist but even more this Undertaker is mine.