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During 2.05 Simon Said, each of Sam's visions told from both points of view.

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Aftermath of a Vision

Sam's POV

I was just about to exit the restroom when it hit me. Like a brick. No pain, no nothing then, bam! An awful headache and a churning stomach.

The man walked up to the counter. After a brief conversation, the man behind the counter handed over the gun. Then showed the ammo to him. When the man loaded the gun, the cashier man started panicking. The other man assured him it was okay then killed him. He turned to the panicking people of the store and assured them it would be okay. He put the muzzle up to his chin and pulled the trigger.

Blood. That was the thing I remember most vividly. Tons of blood splattered on the ceiling. It made me want to be sick. I'd seen a lot of blood in my time, but this was just different.

I leaned heavily on the sink, unable to support my weight on my shaking legs. I nudged the tap on and ran wet hands over my face. It provided little relief.

Suddenly the door burst open and Dean's voice announced his presence.

"Sam, come on, zip it up. Let's hit the…road. What?" He took a few steps closer to me. "Sam, what's wrong?" My throbbing head refused to allow me to answer. But apparently I didn't need to. Dean knew the symptoms. "A vision?" I gave a small nod, any more would probably knock me off my feet. "Sit down, you look like you're gonna pass out. Or be sick. One or the other." Not that I didn't appreciate his concern, but I wished he would stop talking for just one minute. It was making my headache worse. I barely had time to even register what exactly he suggested I do before he was lowering me to the ground. The cool tile felt good, but the criss-crossing pattern wasn't helping.

Dean crouched down, a hand on my shoulder, and asked me gently, "Are you okay?" I gave another small nod and closed my eyes. A few deep breaths later I had managed to get my stomach to at least settle down a bit.

"Do you think you can make it to the car? There's Tylenol and stuff in the trunk…" Tylenol…yeah that sounded good. Getting up and going to the car…not so good. Dean seemed to sense my feelings because he helped me to my feet. He started to put a protective hand around my shoulders to help me walk on my unsteady feet, but I shrugged it off. I wasn't that bad. Dean didn't put his hand back but he stayed close enough to catch me should I stumble. Secretly, I appreciated it. It's nice to know there was someone there to catch you if you fall. Not that I knew what it was like to not have someone there. Dean was always there.

Eventually we made it to the car. I slid into the passenger seat and waited until Dean passed me a water bottle and two small white pills. I took them and slumped back against the seat with my eyes closed. I heard Dean slide into the car, but I fell asleep shortly after that.

Dean's POV

What the hell is taking Sam so long? I demanded when I noticed he had been in the bathroom for almost ten minutes. I mean seriously, how long does it take to take a piss? I managed to force myself to wait another five minutes but then I'd had enough. Fifteen minutes? Come on.

I got out of my baby and headed towards the restroom.

"Sam, come on, zip it up. Let's hit the…road. What?" He was leaning on the edge of the sink with water dripping off the edge of his nose and off his shaggy brown hair.

"Sam what's wrong?" He was pale and shaky and I recognized it all. "A vision?" Damn, why can't he ever catch a break?

He gave a small nod seeming incapable of anything more than that. "Sit down, you look like you're gonna pass out. Or be sick. One or the other." He showed no sign of moving so I crossed the small disgusting bathroom and lowered him to the ground. He took a few deep breaths and even though it was silly I couldn't stop myself from asking, "Are you okay?" He made another small nod and then shut his eyes. There was a greenish tint creeping up and his cheeks and I waited to see if it was going to be more than that. After a few more deep breaths, the green went away and he opened his eyes.

Figuring the car would not only be comfortable, but more hygienic, I offered, "Do you think you can make it to the car? There's Tylenol and stuff in the trunk…"

He seemed to like the idea of Tylenol but I could practically feel the dread rolling off him at the thought of getting of the car. Still I knew he needed Tylenol so I offered him a hand and slowly pulled him up. I snaked a hand around his shoulders but he batted it off. I got the message, I can do it…but don't go very far because I might not actually be able to… I had to stop myself from snickering yet I expected no different from Sam.

We made it to the car and Sam slid into the passenger seat with a look of relief. I grabbed some water and Tylenol from the truck which I passed to him. He took it gratefully and I slid back behind the wheel. I put it into drive even though I had no idea where we were going. Sam was already asleep, no point in waking him to ask since I doubt he'd be able to tell me yet anyway. It's not like I didn't enjoy cruising along with ACDC blaring, though I turned it down mindful of Sam, with no destination, just me and the open road.

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