"Oh, this one's problem is definitely her bite."

Ziva had to bite the inside of her cheek to stop herself from laughing. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jethro stare in her direction, as if gauging her reaction. He had just crossed a line they had promised never to while on the job.

And in front of a perp no less, she thought. Or victim…prisoner. She hid a small, aggravated sigh. Whatever this woman is.

She had heard McGee's rant about Leona Phelps. And, from the vibe she was getting from the woman after only a short time with her, she most definitely agreed.

Once back in the car, she almost voiced the question that was mingling in her mind. But then Jethro looked at her with a knowing smirk and her mind went blank. They fell into a comfortable silence, both focused on the job at hand. Well, at least he was focused. She was too busy cursing him silently and planning her revenge.

If we weren't on the job, she started, letting her mind drift to after hours.

As the minutes passed she had to hide her scheming smirk.

I'll show him just how bad I am at controlling my bite. She hid a snicker. And he'll probably enjoy every second of it.