Well, I've decided I want to write a fic about the captain's past. In all honesty, I've always thought of Amelia being something like Jim; a troublemaker. So anyway hope you all enjoy!

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Like on most days, the Crescentia Space Port was as busy as ever. Aliens of all kinds filled the streets and market places like a swarm of bees in a field of flowers. Ships sailed across the skies, nimbly avoiding each other with ease. The Smollett children stared in amazement at the sight before them. This wasn't really anything new to them, they had visited the Space Port numerous times, but there were always new and exciting things that happened every time they visited. There were four in the litter of felinids. The eldest, Noah, was a very out-going kitten. He had long shaggy hair that would occasionally wonder into his eyes and he would constantly have to shake his head in order to see. The second eldest, Olivia, was somewhat the brains of the group. Many would mistake her to be the eldest because of the way she always kept her siblings in line. She had long blond hair that reached down to her mid back and bright blue eyes. The middle child, Fredrick, was a shy little boy, although, when he was at home he could be quite the chatter box. He was always trying to keep up with his older siblings, and ended up paying for whatever trouble they got themselves into. But despite all this, he still ended up following them anyway. The runt of the litter was Amelia. She was often quiet and would rarely speak to anyone, not even her brothers and sister. Her mother and father always said that it was just a faze she was going through and would always have to prompt her to speak up. She had beautiful green eyes that differed from her mother and siblings. They mostly resembled her father's dark green eyes, although they were a few shades lighter. She clang to her mothers dress and stayed close, unlike her older siblings that were happily skipping ahead.

"Amelia dear, why don't you join your brothers and sister? They seem to be having fun." Amelia's mother smiled. She looked down at the small felinid that was clinging to her dress shyly. Amelia simply shook her head 'no' and grabbed on tighter. Her mother sighed.

"Hey mom!" Noah called out from up ahead. "Where's Dad's hanger! Isn't it supposed to be around here somewhere!

"Just wait a minute, and I'll be right there!" She responded. She looked down at Amelia. "Amelia dear, we don't have time for this. Come along." She pushed Amelia ahead of her and began to pick up the pace, forcing Amelia to have to catch up.

Fredrick walked up and help his little sister's hand and smiled. "If you don't hurry up, your going to get lost."

"Don't tell me what to do." Amelia huffed under her breath. Fredrick just shrugged. He knew that Amelia hated to be ordered around and she defiantly hated to take orders from her siblings who were only a few minutes older then she was. Their mother led them to a hanger that held a magnificent ship that towered proudly above them. On the side of it read: R.L.S Legacy. They loved to see there fathers boat, although they weren't aloud to go on board. Their father would always say that they were too little to explore the ship and would have to wait until they were of the proper age. They walked around admiring the wonderfully crafted ship, all the while keeping there distance so they wouldn't get in the way of any crew members that were getting off the ship. Amelia stayed behind with her mother, once again clasping onto her dress.

"Don't you want to see the ship with you siblings." She asked. Amelia looked up and shook her head. In reality though, she honestly wanted to, but she preferred to stay close to her mother. Even though she was only 4 years old, many could see that she was absolutely fascinated with ships and sailing. She usually kept her distance, but it was obvious that she would always brighten up around the docks.

"Mom, Mom!" Olivia shouted with excitement, pointing over to the crowd of people that were around the ship. "I see him! I see him!". Just then, a tall officer walked out of the swarm of spacers. He was dressed in a navy blue uniform and had a tri-cornered hat. The Smollett children ran up to him, almost knocking him off his feet. He let out a slight laugh and hugged the three children. He looked up and spotted Amelia and her mother walking up to them.

"I'm glad to see that you made it back in one piece, Alexander." Amelia's mother smirked.

"Well, sort of. Our kids almost killed me." He laughed. "But I'm glad to see that you doing well, Katherine." Then he stooped down and looked at Amelia. "So how's my little girl doing, huh? Staying out of trouble, are we?"

Amelia looked at him shyly and smiled. She walked up and hugged him around the neck. "Yes, father." she said quietly. He laughed, and picked her up.

"She hasn't talked much since you left, you know." Katherine informed.

"Is that so?" Alexander smiled and stared at his daughter.

"All she's been doing is looking through those picture books about, spacing." Noah cut in, folding his arms.

Alexander shrugged. This wasn't really anything new. When he wasn't gone on a voyage, he would usually read stories to the children until they fell asleep. But, being that he was gone for the last three months, they had no one to read to them.

"Come now children. I bet your father is tired from his trip. I think it's about time we head home." Katherine said, motioning for the children to follow. They quickly rushed to their mother's side and began making there way down the rode. Alexander strayed behind, and looked over to Amelia who was still in his arms, her hands around his neck.

"Well, my little spacer. How would you like it if I finished that story I was telling you before I left after we finish dinner?" He asked, smiling.

A grin spread across Amelia's face, and she nodded with excitement. "Yes, father! I would like that very much. The story's no fun without the words to go with the pictures."

"Well then, let it be done." Alexander stated. He kissed her on the forehead and followed after his wife down the street.

Dinner was full of excitement. Alexander told of his many adventures while he was out sailing the Etherium. The Smollett children always enjoyed hearing about all the interesting things their father encountered on his voyages. Even though he was a captain, he always had good relations with his crew members and would sometimes play harmless pranks on them for a good laugh or two. Once dinner ended, the children made there way to their rooms to get ready for bed. Amelia was usually the first one ready and would instantly get in bed and fall asleep without any complaints. However, tonight she had other plans. She rushed over to a bookshelf that was placed in the corner of the room and took out a large book that was as big as she was. She ran back to her bed and sat quietly waiting for her father to come in. Several minutes passed and by this time all of her siblings were already asleep. She sighed. Maybe he forgot. Just then Alexander peered inside the room.

"Ah…so your still awake?" He chuckled. "I was afraid you had fallen asleep already."

"Your late." Amelia pouted.

"Sorry, love." Alexander apologized. He walked over to her bed and sat on the edge. "So where did we leave off?"

The hours went by surprisingly fast and before he knew it, Amelia was already fast asleep. He closed the book slowly, placed it on the night stand, and crept quietly out of the room. Before he got to far though, Amelia called his name. He walked back to see what she wanted.

"Daddy, when are you leaving again?" She asked sitting up in her bed.

"Not for another couple of weeks, love." Alexander answered.

"I don't want you to leave." Amelia sighed sadly, her small ears flatted against her head.

"I know, but it's my job dear." He explained, sympathy in his voice. "I'll always come back though."

"Promise?" She sighed, looking up at him with her bright green eyes.

"I promise." He said. "Now get some sleep."

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