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Four years later…

Late afternoon fell across the bustling streets of Crescentia. Captain Alexander sat in a small café in the heart of the crescent shaped spaceport staring out at the Etherium, his mind flooding with thoughts. He hadn't seen nor heard from his daughter since the war four years ago, and although he never seemed to care, deep down it was bothering him. Did she survive? If so, why hadn't she contacted him of her family? These were the questions he asked himself on a daily basis. He had spotted her friend Jonathan around the command center every once in a while, but her never bothered asking anything about his daughter. He didn't know why, after all, if anyone knew where she was it would be him. The Captain shook his head and ran his hands through his auburn hair. He decided not to dwindle with these thoughts.

As the waitress came around to refill his coffee cup, a woman walked into the café. Alexander didn't pay much attention to the person and kept his gaze directed to the streets outside. It wasn't until he heard footsteps heading his heading in his general direction did he look up. A stack of papers was slammed onto his table making him flinch slightly. There, standing in front of him, eyes glaring at him as though he had done something wrong, was a young felinid woman. She wore a dark blue naval uniform trimmed with gold edges, thigh-high boots, and a Captain's tri-cornered hat. For a moment all Alexander could do was sit there, utterly flabbergasted. But the sharp green eyes of the woman did not betray him.

"I think I'll be taking that Legacy of yours, Captain." She stated, still glaring at him.

Alexander glanced down at the paper work, which had the official seal of the Empire, then back up to the felinid. "Amelia?"

"Aye it is sir." She said, straitening her posture and clasping her hands behind her back." And may I add that my title is officially Captain Amelia Smollett. "This paper work is proof of my ranking."

Alexander stood up facing his daughter completely shocked. She did it. She was no longer the unruly teenager he had once known so long ago. In her place stood a dignified Captain, and boy did it suit her. "I-I thought you were- I-I- mean how in the world-?"

"The stunt I pulled back in the war is what got me here," Amelia explained. "I have the scars to prove it."

Alexander sat back in his chair flustered. It took him years to get ranked as a Captain, but his own daughter managed to do it faster than he could ever imagine.

"Sorry to break you out of your thoughts, Sir. But may I remind you, that you owe me a solar galleon." Amelia said a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"It's yours," Alexander said quickly.

Amelia sat down in the seat across from him, her expression looking somewhat concerned. "You looked surprised I expected you to be a little more happy for me."

Alexander sighed. "Of course I'm glad; proud actually. It's just that, I never expected you to achieve something like this so quickly."

Amelia said nothing, in fact, both felinids sat there in silence for quite some time. Evening was finally dawning and shades of orange began to illuminate the white walls of the café.

"Did you tell Arrow yet?" Alexander finally spoke. "I would think that he would want to start working for his new Captain as soon as possible.

Amelia shook her head. "No, believe it or not I haven't come across Arrow in all these years. It's quite sad actually."

"He may be wondering around somewhere." Alexander pointed out. "He usually takes walks around here."

"Hmm…then I suppose l let him know when I see him." Amelia sighed, standing up and straitening her hat.

Alexander stood up as well. "Amelia…" He called out. The Captain halted and turned to look at her father. As she did, she was pulled into a hug, which took her slightly aback. She hadn't hugged by her father for years her. He did care, just like Arrow said he did. "Make me proud, my little spacer. He whispered to her. Amelia pulled away and nodded, her eyes filled with joy.

As she walked out of the café and into the cool evening air and hand in her shoulder stopped her. She spun around the see her old friend, smiling and beaming with pride.

"I guess I didn't have to go and find you, eh my friend?" Amelia smirked.

"Not at all Ma'am; a First Officer will always be there for his Captain." Arrow smiled, tipping his hat to her.

"That's good to hear," Amelia nodded. "So, does that mean you're prepared to accompany me on the adventures that lay ahead, Mr. Arrow?"

"Most definitely, Captain," Arrow said, saluting respectfully.

Amelia smiled at him, happy to know that she would be sailing amongst the stars with her closest friend by her side. And although she knew for certain that the road ahead wouldn't be an easy one, she wasn't going to let anything get in her way.


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