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Ludwig sighed, rapidly signing his name on each document. The scritching of the ballpoint pen filling the relatively quiet office. 'Still so much to do..' He thought, sighing again.

As if on cue, Gilbert burst through the door with a box tucked under his arm. "West~" he slammed the box down on top of the papers ,"I got this awesome game! Come play it with me!"

Ludwig jumped slightly at his brothers sudden intrusion into his peaceful office. The blonde promptly glared at the albino, rearranging the papers that the elder had scattered.

"I'm busy, Bruder. I can't." Ludwig said, placing another document beside the box and continuing to work.

"B-But... West!" he whined, tapping his index finger on the colorful cover ,"I'm bored and I wanna play!"

Ludwig rolled his eyes at the elder's childish behavior. He placed his pen down and turned to his brother, locking eyes with him.

"I simply can't, Bruder, Go find someone else to play with. I have a deadline tomorrow and I can't just stand around idly playing games with you."

He scoffed ,"Well then, if you're just going to be a 'Debby Downer', then I guess I'm going to have to take my awesome game and play alone..." He took the box off the desk and left out of the room.

Ludwig resisted the urge to facepalm, like he so often did with a certain Italian, and continued to sign papers. He expected his obnoxious brother to return within a few minutes of his last interruption. He began to worry slightly as the clock ticked past ten minutes.

"Surprise sneak attack!" the silver-haired German shouted, blindfolding his younger brother and dragging him out of his seat. As the younger German cursed, Gilbert began to chuckle ,"We're almost there, don't get your panties in a bunch now".

The blond growled, barring his teeth as he thrashed about wildly.

"Let me go, Gott verdammt!" he shouted, trying to rip the blindfold from his eyes.

"I'll only let you go if you play one round with me, alright?" he slips off the blindfold, handing his brother a beer as if it were a sign of a truce.

Ludwig glared dagger at the albino as the cloth strip was removed from his face. Feeling the cold weight of the bottle in his hands, he threw it, attempting to run straight out the door as soon as he heard the sound of glass shattering.

"Oh no you don't!" Gilbert tackled him to the ground ,"Y'know... that was your beer that you wasted..."

Ludwig growled again, easily throwing his brother off of him and pinning him to the ground.

"Do you think I care? You kidnap me, drag me here, give me a beer- which really was not a good idea considering I am livid- and just expect me to play a game with you?" The taller man shouted, eyes burning in rage.

"Aww c'mon West, why do you have to act like you have a stick up your ass all the time? I'm just asking that you play with me", Gilbert smirked ,"Just play with me once, and I'll leave you alone".

Ludwig rubbed his temples, thinking of the outcomes of which would occur if he says 'yes'.

"I am responsible, Bruder. I actually take care of my work, when it needs to be taken care of. You are obnoxious and a distraction to me when I need to take care of important matters. I am truly and utterly fed up with your childish antics. So whether you like it or not, I am leaving." Ludwig said, standing up and walking towards the door.

He stopped, turning slightly. "And this time, don't follow me, Bruder," he added, opening the door and storming out.

The silver-haired German sat there, looking over at the pack of beer on the other side of the room ,"Now who's going to drink this with me?"

He crawls over to the bottles grabbing one ,"Oh well, I guess I'll have to drink them". He opens to bottle, slowly drinking it until it was ridden of all the amber-colored liquid, reaching over for another one.

Ludwig, having cooled off some, sat back at his desk and began signing documents once more, skimming over each briefly. He looked over to the pile on the right side. He only had a little more to go, which was really why he had protested in the first place. He was so close to finishing his work, he wanted a chance to truly unwind with his brother without having to worry about paperwork that still needed to be completed.

Gilbert barged in, with both his clothing and hair out of order, holding a beer bottle in his hand ,"Oi, West! Y'almost done?"

Ludwig harshly hit the wooden surface of his desk with his forehead. He looked up to the obviously drunk albino, with a red mark prominent on his exposed forehead.

"Almost, just a little longer... Gilbert, how many beers have you had?" The younger asked, raising an eyebrow as the other sauntered over to his desk. Stumbling several times before catching himself on the edge and supporting himself.

"Ummm... 'bout four", he slurred, the faint scent of alcohol clinging to his breath ,"But I saved one for 'ya..."

"And exactly how many beers were in the package?" He asked, eyeing the green glass bottle in the other's unsteady hand.

"Well, during your bitch-fit, y'wasted one. And I left one fore 'ya, so that's..." he closed his eyes, trying to bring himself to do a simple mathematical problem ."Six. I think...?"

Ludwig let out a long, exasperated sigh. "Bruder..." He shook his head disapprovingly, running a hand through his neatly slicked back hair. "You really are hopeless." The blond turned back to his work, signing the papers at twice the rate he was previously going at, flinching every time his brother swayed too far to one side.

To prevent himself from swaying too much, he ended up leaning against one of the walls. After a while, he slid down onto the floor with an audible thud, chuckling.

Ludwig gave a quick glance to the other, somehow tripling his pace. A small smirk tugged at the younger German's lips as he finished signing the final paper in the stack. Briefly arranging the papers so that they would be ready to be picked up the next day, he set them at the top left corner of his desk.

"I'm done." He said calmly to his brother, standing up.

"Awesome!" Gilbert pulled himself up, taking his brother's hand ,"Now let's go play!" He drags him over to the room that he has previously held him 'captive' in.

"So, what's this 'awesome game' you want me to play so badly?" Ludwig asked placing his hands on his hips, watching the other grin drunkenly in excitement.

"Well, you jus'... uh..." he looks over at the instructions, confused with what it says on the piece of paper ,"Well... you read it!" He hands the instructions over to his younger brother.

Ludwig looked over the instructions, reading over the rules carefully. "It looks like a pretty complicated game. Maybe you shouldn't have gotten drunk 'till after you had read the rules."

"Nonsense!" Gilbert laughed ,"I can totally play! The awesome me is never limited by a few beers! Besides, every game is more fun when you're drunk, like Poker... and stuff".

Ludwig rolled his eyes, sitting down by the box and opening it. Removing it's contents and setting it up. His brows furrowed at the items. A mat with colored dots lined up in a row and a spinner.

"Bruder... What is this game called exactly?" He asked, looking over to Gilbert questioningly.

"Che. 'Twister', obviously", he noted, pointing to the cover of the box ,"Now are we playing or not?"

"Fine, fine. I suppose so." he said, standing up.

A few minutes into the game, it began to become more of a heated competition between the two brothers.

"Ow, stop elbowing me Bruder! Guh, I know you're drunk but you could at least make it seem like you're playing fair!" Ludwig complained, maneuvering himself to put his hand on one of the green dots.

"What do you think I'm trying to do?" Gilbert growled ,"I'm not doing it on purpose damnit!"

"Yes you are! Everytime you move one of your arms, you slam it into my ribcage before you put it where it needs to go!" The blond glared, moving his foot and 'accidentally' knocking his knee into Gilbert's side.

"Gah!" the silver-haired German shouted, falling on top of his brother. He looked into his glowering azure eyes, smirking ,"I kinda like this position~"

Ludwig looked at the silverette as if he had grown a second head. Blushing furiously, he threw his brother off of him and stood up.

"I think we should go ahead and start the second round. I believe I won this time." He said, punctuating his sentence with an awkward cough.

"Okay", his brother smirked, anticipating the outcome of the next round. Ten minutes into the round, he 'fell' on top of his brother in the same position, chuckling ,"See? Playing this game drunk is fun!"

Ludwig threw his brother off of him again. This time glaring at the albino. Gilbert froze. This wasn't the blonde's normal 'One more time and no sex for a week' look. It was his rare, but equally effective, if not more so, 'Try anything like that again and I will cut off your dick with a butcher knife' look.

Time passed as they played the third round, this time without any interruptions. The silver-haired German was careful not to fall on him again, or so, he tried. Still under the influence of his previous beer-binge, he fell under his brother, bringing him down with him on accident.

Ludwig fell on top of his brother with an undignified squeak, blushing furiously. He quickly rolled off, attempting to, as he had done twice before, stand up. He released another small cry when the silverette pulled him back down, smirking mischievously.

"I'm not letting you get away this time", he whispered seductively into the blond's ear, making his face turn crimson. He pulled him into a rough embrace, licking his bottom lip as a plead to allow his tongue to enter.

Ludwig hesitated for a second, before answering his brother's request by pulling him into a passionate kiss. Their tongues clashed and battled for dominance, both only able to take the lead for a few moments before the other fought to try and get into the other's mouth.

Gilbert stopped, allowing him to explore every inch of his mouth. He allowed his hand to tangle into his brother's neatly slicked-back hair, messing it up as he pulled him in closer.

Ludwig groaned, surprised at his brother's sudden submissive behavior. He ran his tongue over every crevice of the albino's mouth, savouring his unique taste accented with the flavour of high quality beer. It was the most amazing thing one could ever experience.

The silverette let a soft moan escape into his brother's mouth, enjoying the treatment. He tried to deepen the kiss, wrapping his arms around the blond's waist.

Ludwig nibbled teasingly at the soft flesh on the inside of the elder's lower lip, giving it a harsh nip before pulling back for air. Both men lay panting for several moments, staring into each other's lust-filled eyes as they were trying to catch their breath before starting the second round of tongue-fucking, which was sure to come.

"B-Bruder..." the crimson-eyed German pulled his brother back on top, grinding his hips against him ,"B-Bitte..."

Ludwig groaned in response, leaning down to lick and bite at the creamy flesh of his brother's neck as he ground into the other as well. "A-alright..." The blonde breathed out as he shakily began unbuttoning the jacket of the albino's dark blue uniform, swallowing thickly. He chewed on the inside of his lip, trying to keep a hold onto his self control as more and more of the flawless alabaster was revealed to him.

Gilbert began to strip off his brother's shirt as well, letting his hand run down the, normally stoic, blond's chest, earning a quivering breath from him as he reached to the waistband of his pants. He slowly unbuttoned the pants, pulling them down swiftly along with his boxers.

Ludwig moaned as his straining erection was released from it's tight confines. Ludwig mirrored the action, relishing in the pleasured groan of the man beneath him. He instantly began nipping and sucking on his brother's chest and torso, leaving angry red and violet marks on the pale skin.

The silverette pushed down on his brother's head, silently pleading for more. He bucked his hips, audibly moaning as his brother's skillful tongue flicked against his left nipple.

Hearing his brother moan, he completely encased the dusky pink nub in his mouth, lathering it in saliva and sucking, using his hand to tweak the right one. He bit the tip of the bud gently before moving onto the other one, giving it the same treatment as the other one received.

"Nmm, bruder... N-No more teasing..." Gilbert whimpered in between his light moans.

"Fine...but there's one more thing I'd like to do before we get to the 'main event'" Ludwig said, his voice deep and velvety from raging lust. The blond moved his head further southward, stopping right at Gilbert's aching erection.

The older German watched, eyes fixed on his brother as he anticipated his next action.

Ludwig lowered his head, tongue extended, licking the flushed appendage from base to tip, repeating the action multiple times.

The silverette allowed himself to immerse into the pleasure given to him, moaning shamelessly as the blond German repeated the action for what seemed like an eternity. His crimson eyes became half-closed, lust filling them with each lick.

Ludwig held down the elder's hips as he took the leaking head into his mouth, sucking slightly. Swallowing more and more of the organ until he was deep-throating his brother, bobbing his head along the shaft, eventually incorporating teeth and tongue.

Gilbert moans out, the sheer rousing pleasure engulfing his whole being. "Gott bruder..." the older German manages to breathe out, biting his bottom lip as he pushes Ludwig's head down, making the blond gag in response.

Ludwig stopped momentarily, trying not to gag once more before continuing. Relishing in the wanton moans the silverette released every time he went down on him. The younger inwardly smiled when he could taste the salty bitterness of his brother's pre-cum.

"A-Almost..." the older German began to pant softly, running his hand through the blond's messy hair. He let out yet another satisfied moan as his brother began to suck harshly on the tip of his member.

The blond looked up, locking eyes with the elder, suckling along the throbbing vein of the other's cock.

"Don't hold back." He mumbled around the other, sticking his tongue in the leaking slit.

"Gott brude-" he was cut off by a moan escaping his throat, coming into his mouth as white heat began to fill him.

Ludwig gladly swallowed the other's cum, removing himself from the other with an audible pop. Licking his mouth of any escaped fluid, he returned to hover over the silverette.

"Enjoy yourself, bruder?" The other smirked at the dazed, but still lust-filled expression of the albino.

"J-Ja", he weakly replied, pulling himself up with his arms. He looked down at the mat, smirking ,"Wanna fuck here~?"

"Might as well. We've already started." The blond winked, reaching over to grab his jacket. He searched through the pockets, finding a small, half-empty tube. "Me, or you?" Ludwig asked, absent-mindedly looking over the label.

Gilbert spread out his legs, smirking ,"I think you know yourself who's topping and who's not". He looked over at the blond, admiring his well-built body with lust-filled eyes.

"Yes, yes, but you have your days." Ludwig sighed, smiling slightly as he popped the cap to the tube and squeezed out enough of the clear substance to thickly cover three of his fingers. Setting his clean hand on the other's knee, the blond reached further southward, circling and pressing against his brother's entrance with one of his fingers before slipping it in.

The older German moaned out from the intrusion, arching his back slightly. He bit his bottom lip as his brother added in another coated digit, and then the third one.

The younger scissored his fingers, stretching the slick walls. As he worked, he poked and prodded places in the walls at random, searching for the elder's sweet-spot.

"C'mon..." the silverette breathed out in between moans, grabbing the younger German's wrist ,"No more teasing bruder... I want it so bad, just fucking take me".

Ludwig removed the digits, slightly disappointed that he was unable to find his brother's prostate before they began. Sighing he quickly slicked his erection with lube, placing it at the other's entrance biting his lip hard enough to draw blood as he slowly pushed in.

The crimson-eyed German let out a moan, both at the sudden thrust and at the sight of the blond German; Blood dripping down his chin and azure eyes filled with amourous thoughts. He spread out his legs a little, acommidating his size.

"Y-you're so tight bruder." Ludwig groaned, his head falling back slightly at the sensation of he other's hot, tight walls contracting around his hard length. He waited for the go ahead from the man under him, his limbs shaking from the anticipation.

"B-Bitte bruder..." Gilbert sits up, pulling his brother closer to his body, whimpering quietly into his ear ,"Move already..."

Gladly obliging, Ludwig slowly pulled out snapping his hips back into the other. It started slow, speeding up with every thrust. Ludwig slinked his arms around his brother, pulling and holding his body close to him as he pounded into the other rapidly.

With each thrust, the silverette moaned, sending pleasurable shivers down the blond's body. He gripped on to the flimsy mat lying below them as if it were a lifeline, bucking his hips as the man on top of him began to increase both his speed and harshness of his thrusts.

Ludwig rested his head in the crook of Gilbert's neck, eyes screwed shut, moaning wantonly with every thrust. He made sure to aim in different directions, attempting to accomplish what he had failed to do earlier while prepping his dear brother.

"J-Ja! Right there!" the older German gripped onto the blond's shoulders, leaving small red marks with his nails. He began rocking his hips a little, to regain that feeling of pleasure that engulfed him for that brisk moment.

Following his brother's cry, he pounded into that single spot harder and faster than he had before, his groans harmonizing with the other's keening moans. He bit the juncture between the albino's neck and shoulder, momentarily muffling his moans as he felt Gilbert claw and scratch at his back in need.

"Bruder... m-more", he felt himself closing in, heat coiling in his stomach. He began to draw intricate design into his brother's back with his nails, begging him silently to keep going.

The blond could tell Gilbert was going to come soon. But, being a bit of a sadist and loving to torture the other just a little, he wrapped his index finger and thumb tightly around the base of the other's cock. Gilbert whined.

"A-Ah..." he bit down on his shoulder, drawing blood from it. He smirked on the inside as he heard his brother let out a small gasp ,"That's what you get for not letting me come, you ass".

Ludwig chuckled, continuing to pound into the other.

"You know me. I can't help myself." The blond said inbetween heavy pants, biting the silverette's jugular.

He soon forgave the blond, wrapping his arms around the other's neck weakly, letting waves of pleasure and lust ripple through his body, making him gasp at some moments. "Bitte! I'm so close..." he pleaded, his moan muffled as his lips were caught into the younger German's.

Finally feeling he had tortured the other enough, he released his hand, furiously stroking the other as he almost tripled his pace, pounding into the Prussian's prostate with every thrust, crying out when he finally came.

"Bruder!" he moaned out loudly, letting himself come on both his and the other's chest as he felt the other man come inside him, sending him over the edge. He fell down onto the smooth- now soaked- plastic mat, panting.

Ludwig pumped a few more times, thoroughly milking himself of his cum. He pulled out, shivering when the suddenly cold air hit his now flaccid cock. He gently lay next to the other, throwing a muscular arm around the other and pulling him close. The blond nestled his face in the shorter man's silver locks, involuntarily smelling the bitter-sweet scent of his brother.

He buried his head into his brother's chest, sighing contently. "We still didn't finish playing our game, y'know..." he smirked ,"But then again, we sorta destroyed the mat..."

Ludwig laughed, "Eh, we could still play another round. With or without the mat." He said, raising one eyebrow suggestively.

Gilbert chuckled under his breath, slowly getting up ,"Only if the awesome me tops you this time".

Ludwig smirked, eyes lighting up. "I wouldn't have it any other way." The blond replied, gathering some of their clothing and standing up as well.

"Well then", the silverette smirked, grabbing his wrist ,"It's off to the couch then".

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