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"So, Dear bruder~ What should we do first, hmm~?" The blond asked, glancing down at the silverette seductively.

The silverette sat up right, leaning in as he purred ,"Whatever you'd like to do".

The other grinned, "I was hoping you were going to say that." Ludwig said, turning and looking for something on the bed.

"Mmm?" the older German turned groggily, looking at what the blond was up to this time.

The blond quickly grabbed his brother's hands, clasping cold metal around one of his wrists with a mechanical series of clacks. He then pulled both his arms behind him and clamped on the second cuff.

"Very kinky, bruder", Gilbert raised an eyebrow, amused with what he has done.

"I knew you'd like them." Ludwig teased, tightening the restraints almost painfully around the bone of the silverette's wrists. The blond reached behind him once more, holding up an overly familiar leather leash, dried blood tinting the edges of the collar darker. "Remember this?"

The older German licked his lips, eyeing the collar in the blond's hand ,"Ja..."

The younger fastened the collar of the studded leather around the older's neck, tightening it so it just barely began to constrict the other's airway. "One more thing I'm going to put on~" Ludwig purred, taking the other's already hardened cock and lightly stroking it before slipping something onto it.

Gilbert moaned quietly, smirking as the object tightened around his erection ,"Ja bruder... Make me yours".

"With great pleasure~." Ludwig replied smirking and tugging harshly on the leash, causing the other to gasp and jerk forward violently.

The silverette leaned in close to the blond, flicking his tongue against the crook of the other's neck, before kissing it lightly.

Ludwig smiled approvingly, gently stroking the albino's hair. "Good boy." He tied his end of the leash to the bedpost. "Now stay while I go fetch a few things~" The blond chuckled, standing up.

The Prussian growled under his breath, his arousal aching. It was bad enough that the blond left him hot and bothered for a while, and now, he had his hands cuffed behind his back and a plastic ring constricting around his erection.

Taking his time, Ludwig gathered all the items he needed. Well, he needed only one or two things specifically. He really just wanted the Prussian to get desperate while he was away. It made things more fun for him.

"If you don't get over here, so help me God, I will rip the fucking bedpost off this god damned thing and go over there myself!" a familiar voice shouted out from the other room, a slight twinge of annoyance and impatience hinting his tone.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Ludwig shouted, smirking to himself. He padded back into the room, kneeling down next to the wall to pick up the vibrator his brother had thrown earlier. "Miss me?" He asked, smirking devilishly at the sight of the other.

The older German pouted, muttering ,"Don't be such an ass..."

The taller man untied the leash, yanking him forwards once more. "Stay still." He ordered, releasing the leash from his grasp.

"So, what do you plan on doing to me?" Gilbert smirked, purring seductively.

"You'll see." Ludwig replied, tying on the same blindfold the silverette had used on him earlier in the evening. He yanked back the leash, retying it to the post.

The Prussian scoffed ,"How ironic".

"Indeed." The German replied nonchalantly, picking up the riding crop he had retrieved and slapping it harshly against the other's thigh.

The older German let out a soft mewl, desiring more of his touch.

The blond smirked hitting him again, this time on his chest. Barely missing a deep purple love bite.

"Agnn... b-bruder", Gilbert moaned out ,"Bitte..."

"Nein, noch nicht." The other replied strictly, striking one of the albino's nipples cruelly.

The silverette moaned again- this time, much loudly- and continued to beg ,"B-Bitte bruder... bitte..."

"Schlafen, bruder. We will fuck when I say so. Just as you will come only when I say you can~" The blond said, whispering the leather loop of the crop around the rigid flesh of the other's aching cock, tracing the plastic ring that was restraining it.

"Agnn... f-fuck..." the older German growled, the pleasure too much for him.

Ludwig chuckled. He grabbed the vibrator, lifting the other up enough to place the head at the older's entrance.

"How much do you want this?" He asked, rubbing the plastic against the other's quivering hole.

"Gott... I don't know..." Gilbert panted out, a dark blush crossing along his face ,"Just... do whatever..."

The younger let his grip on the silverette slip, in turn causing him to sink down onto the toy. A twisted smirk wretched itself onto the blond's features as a pleasured groan reached his ears.

"Verdammt!" the Prussian hissed, trying not to moan.

Ludwig positioned the shaft so that the head rested right by the silverette's prostate. In one fluid motioned he turned the toy to it's highest setting and leaned back to watch the other.

The silverette gasped before adjusting to the speed. He couldn't help but to moan out, as well as release a string of swears directed at his younger brother in between the sounds of pleasure he released.

Said younger brother leaned in and began placing small kisses along the older's jawline, running the loop of the crop along the silverette's thigh.

The older German shuddered from the touch, tilting his head back to allow the blond to continue.

The blond continued to kiss down his neck, smacking his thigh with the crop several times.

The Prussian moaned out with each strike, feeling the handcuffs painfully digging into his back as he thrashed around.

"Halt." Ludwig growled, holding the other in place as he slapped the crop dangerously close to the other's erection. "Bleiben noch."

The silverette whimpered, feeling himself get closer and closer to his climax as the toy sunk deeper into him.

The taller bit the silverette's ear harshly, chuckling. "Not yet, dear bruder. But soon." He whispered, ghosting his fingers along the older's straining shaft.

Gilbert could feel it close, but he knew he couldn't reach it with the ring tightened around his arousal; He can feel the white heat stir inside of him.

Ludwig slid down to lick the leaking head of his brother's erection, pulling away slightly when the silverette bucked his hips forward.

The Prussian moaned in frustration ,"Bitte, bruder... I can't take it anymore!"

"Alright. But, you see, I've done everything here and am too tired to do it myself. Care to assist me?" The blonde asked, removing the vibrator from the Prussian, turning it off, and untying the leash from the post.

The silverette nodded ,"What do you want me to do for you?"

Ludwig grinned. "Suck me, then ride. Got it?" He asked, yanking the leash roughly causing the silverette to lose his balance and fall on him.

"Ja", the older German purred, leaning down to the blond's erection. Still blindfolded, he stuck out his tongue to see if it was the blond's member. He smirked when the other German mewled.

The blond threaded his fingers though the other's silver hair, biting his hand as Gilbert took the head of his erection into his mouth. He hadn't realized until now how needy he had let himself get while teasing the Prussian.

The silverette gripped onto the blond's thighs, leaving faint bruises and shallow red marks on them. He took in the rest of the throbbing member, purring.

Ludwig gasped, bucking his hips into the other's mouth at the sudden vibration. He moaned loudly, tightening his grip in the other's hair.

The older German smirked around the blond's member, purring again. He allowed his canines to run against the shaft of the other's member.

The younger moaned, throwing his head back and bucking again. "G-gott... mehr... bitte..."

"Warten Sie", Gilbert managed to murmur around the younger German, sending another vibration through him, making the blond moan loudly.

"Warum sollte ich?" Ludwig gasped between wanton moans.

The silverette teased the slit with his tongue, sucking harshly ,"Denn".

The blond's back arched harshly as he cried out. "D-denn warum? Ich... Ich n-nehme heir kostenlos..."

The older German did not answer, but continued to suck harshly, coating the arousal with his saliva as he rubbed the blond's inner thighs.

Ludwig continued to release small, breathy moans, bucking his hips occasionally as the silverette sucked him off.

"Verdammt." He cursed as the other tightened his lips around the flushed appendage and bobbed his head along the shaft.

Gilbert pulled away from the blond's member, a strand of saliva connecting from his lips to the other's erection.

Ludwig sat up and hoisted the silverette into his lap, keeping a firm hold on the older's waist.

"I think this would be a better position for the both of us, hmm?" He said, lazily beginning to stroke the other's aching member.

The older German nodded, allowing his hand to travel down to his length to remove the ring

around the base of it.

The blond promptly smacked the back of the Prussian's hand with the crop.

"Nein. I never said you were allowed to take that off, did I? Would you like to be punished further?" He asked.

Gilbert let out a frustrated groan ,"Fuck, West. I just wanna come".

"In time. As they say, good things come to those who wait. Besides, it's not like you could do anything, you're tied up as it is."

"Verdammt..." the silverette growled ,"Fine. You wanted me to ride you?"

"Hmm..well now considering you can't keep your balance in that condition, I think I'll just fuck you like this." He purred, spreading the older's thighs on his lap and reaching behind him so that he teased the other's entrance with the tip of his finger.

The older German moaned softly, shuddering from the sensation of the blond's treatment. He felt his legs shake slightly, feeling himself slowly losing his balance ,"B-Bitte..."

Ludwig held Gilbert steady as he slipped his finger- unlubed- into the silverette's stretched entrance, moving it about slightly.

"Gott!" the silverette managed to moan out at the intrusion, before begging under his breath to regain that feeling.

The blond inserted another finger, followed by a third and even a fourth, stretching the walls even further.

Gilbert buried his face into the crook of the blond's neck, moaning as he bucked his hips ,"Bitte... b-bitte..."

Ludwig removed his fingers, quickly replacing it with his cock. Moaning loudly as his brother's muscles quickly contracted and squeezed around him.

The silverette bit down on the blond's shoulder, stifling a loud moan as tears of pure pleasure began to stream down from his lust-tinted crimson eyes.

Said blond turned his head and licked the tears from his eyes, bucking his hips to get deeper as he mimicked what the silverette had done earlier on.

"Weine nicht, bruder." He purred, smirking.

"Shut the fuck up..." the older German growled, making the blond chuckle.

"Of course. I live to please~." The younger replied gently tracing the ring of muscle with his finger, prodding some, right along side his shaft.

Gilbert moaned again, leaving harsh angry red love bites along the blond's neck, grinding his hips against him.

Ludwig groaned when the tip of his finger unintentionally slipped into the silverette. He used his arm to lift Gilbert up slightly, removing it and allowing him to slide back down on both his shaft and his finger.

The Prussian moaned louder than ever before- almost a pleasure-bearing cry- as he slid down. "Verdammt! Just take me already!"

Finally snapping, the blond pushed Gilbert onto his back and began thrusting into him mercilessly. He also slid in a second finger along side the first, thrusting the digits in an alternative, but equally harsh, pace.

The silverette moaned out, both from the pain of the cuffs digging yet again into his back and from the pleasure of the younger German dominating him.

Ludwig added a third finger scissoring them slightly while at the same time aiming for the Prussian's prostate.

"Bitte... b-bitte... Lust mich..." the silverette begged, whimpering in between his words. He spread out his legs, basking in the blond's treatment.

Ludwig stilled momentarily, grabbing the long forgotten vibrator from the side of the bed and placing it along side his shaft at the outside of Gilbert's already strained entrance. He nudged it, silently asking for permission.

The older German gasped, shivering as the cool tip of the toy made contact with him. He nodded pleadingly.

Briefly lubing the hard plastic shaft the blond shoved it in along side him, moaning as the already tight walls became even tighter. He began thrusting again, turning on the toy as he alternated it's thrusts with his own.

"Agh! Fuck!" the older German threw his head back, groaning. He felt himself being ripped in half, blood seeping from inside him.

Ludwig gasped slightly when he saw blood begin to drip from his brother's abused hole. Although he was concerned slightly, he couldn't help but moan from the sight of the crimson liquid. He thrusted both himself and the synthetic harder into the Prussian's prostate, causing the man below him to cry out in, what he at least hoped to be, pleasure.

"Gott bruder... bitte! M-mehr!" the Prussian moaned out, his face flushed with different tones of reds.

The blond increased the pace, pounding as hard and as fast as he could into the smaller man, relishing every moan, cry, and scream his brother released. At last he yanked off the cock ring, causing Gilbert to arch harshly off the bed, screaming.

"Verdammt- Bruder!" he screamed as came onto both of their chests.

Ludwig moaned loudly, the muscles spasming wonderfully around him and making him come inside his brother. Exhausted, he removed both himself and the toy from the silverette. He gently turned Gilbert onto his side, untying the blindfold and releasing the cuffs and collar before turning him back and flopping down next to him.

The older German rubbed his abused wrists, dark blue marks evident on them as well as some gashes bleeding- along with some on his neck.

Ludwig scooted closer, taking one of the Prussian's wrists and gently kissing the raw, bruised and bleeding flesh. He did the same with the other wrist, as well as his neck.

"Danke... bruder", the older German purred, resting his head on the blond's chest ,"Still... my ass sort of hurts..."

The blond chuckled quietly, wrapping a secure arm around his brother's waist, kissing the top of his head affectionately.

"Now you know why I always insist on using lube." He said quietly.

"Agh.. I don't need lube", the Prussian muttered in a dazed tone.

"Right. Then good luck walking tomorrow." Ludwig chuckled again, turning so he could wrap both arms around the Prussian, leaning down to rest his forehead against the other's.

"Che. I can say the same for you".