"Uh, what the heck?" I heard Percy say.

The big house was laid out like a dance floor. There was a live band. Uprising Midway, who's that? I was staring at someone who was dressed like he was supposed to be one of those christian rock stars. He looked over and I looked down. Percy took me over to him.

"Hello, peoples. Who are you?" He said, looking at Percy.

"Percy Jackson. Who are you?"

"Joseph Holland. And who's the pretty one with the grey eyes?"

I giggled (Where did that come from?) and said,"Annabeth Chase. Nice to meet you."

"Ditto." He said, kissing my hand. Percy looked as though he where talking to Ares instead of Joseph. Joseph then walked on stage.

"Okay, listen up!" He yelled. "I'm Joseph Holland, the guitarist, and this is Alex Blazer, our drummer."

"Sup." A guy with short blonde hair said. He was wearing a blue hoodie, a shirt that had the cookie monster on the front and said "I still feel like a monster.", kakhi shorts, and black sandals. He had the darkest shade of blue eyes you would ever see...

"Robbie Franklin is our bassist. I will be singing. We will be playing in the last hour of the dance. Enjoy until then. Now we will turn this over to the DJ Grover Underwood." I turned quickly. Sure enough Grover was DJing. He put on some fast song. I saw Travis and Connor break dancing in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone was cheering them on. I walked and stood beside Percy. Something tells me there's hostility between Joseph and him. He turned to talk to me.

"So, the Stolls can dance."

"What do you think about Joseph?" He turned this god-like shade of red, I guess from anger. Unless he's gay...

"Hello Percy, Annabeth." Joseph walked up and said.

"Hey, did you freak out about Grover's lower half?" I asked him.

"Hmm? Oh, no. The whole band is a group of demigods. I'm a son of Hepheastus. Alex is a son of Hermes. Robbie is a son of Apollo. That's how we got into camp."

"Oh. Your dad embarrassed us on live T.V.!" Percy blurted out.

"That was you? That was hilarious! But, that's ancient history. Oh, band's discussing song ideas. Bye!" He then walked away. Grover switched to a slow song and the Stolls flipped him off. Percy grabbed my hand. I guess he learned how to dance after that little episode at Westover Hall. We danced for a while, but then Joseph came over a took me from him. We danced for a bit. Then, Joseph got on stage.

"Alright, our first song of the night will be The Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace." I heard Percy mumble something about my favorite song, which happens to be Bring Me to Life by Evanescance. Once the song was over, Percy jumped up on stage and did something unexpected. He challenged Joseph to a guitar duel.

"Really, Percy. You really want to make yourself a public embarressment again?"

"No, I want to duel you. Throw me a guitar!" Nico sent up his Fender Stratocaster skull shaped guitar and returned to continue his make-out session with Samantha.

"Hmm. Fine, whatever." Joseph grabbed his guitar and started playing the solo from Break by Three Days Grace. Percy replied with the solo from Inside the Fire by Disturbed. Joseph played the solo of Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold. Just when I thought Percy was beaten, out came the solo of Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce. Joseph stood, mouth open as he watched Percy shred. He knew he was beaten. Finally, Alex annouced the winner.

"I think we all know who the winner is." He said, pointing to Percy. He pulled me on stage, took my hand, and raised them both in the air. Then, he shook hands with Joseph. Joseph whispered something to him that I think was a hostile congradulations.

He went to dance with me and I noticed Joseph was singing a slow song. I placed my forehead on Percy's chest and he rested his chin on my head. We danced to a slow song for fifteen minutes, then we got into faster songs...