RE: Digimon Tamers 01 – Unleashed

"Hmph! Humans! Who needs 'em!" A lone, black-ish purple Digimon, known as Impmon shouted at no one in particular, hiding out on the rooftop of a school building one bright spring day. "I definitely don't..." He said to himself, not noticing the door up there opening and a young boy with jet-black hair walk up there, grumbling angrily to himself. "Why do I have to put up with this kind of crap!" He shouted, not noticing his unexpected guest. "Seriously... They think they can just kick me around like that? I don't have to take it!" He shouted as he sat on the ledge. "Hey! What's with all the commotion!" Impmon shouted as he sat up and looked at the boy. "Oh great. More humans. I just can't get away from them..." He said in utter disdain of his situation. "Hey... You're that Digimon I saw on the news... Wow! And to think I'm actually seeing you up close!" The boy stated, with a grin on his face. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tobias Andrion. And you are...?" He asked, calmly. "And tell me why I should tell you anything about me!" Impmon responded coldly. "All humans ever cause me is grief..." He then stated solemnly. "Hmph... Tell me about it... I really can't stand people myself..." Tobias responded with a hint of anger in his tone. "I keep trying to make a good impression but they all just treat me like dirt. Who needs friends?" At this, Impmon relaxed, finding what he considered a kindred spirit to himself. "Man... What're the odds?" He said, suddenly. "Huh? What do you mean?" Tobias questioned. "I mean, finding someone, let alone a HUMAN that could understand my problems..." Impmon replied calmly. "It's kinda unusual." He stated before standing up. "You asked my name, right? The name's Impmon. Don't you dare forget that." He stated.

The two conversed for a while, not noticing a light appearing behind them until it moved in front of Tobias, causing him to fall backwards. "Whoa! What the heck!" He shouted as the light moved into his hand and formed a Digivice. "This is... A Digivice!" He questioned as he examined the Black D-Power now resting in his hand. "Heh... How 'bout that? Looks like my choice of a partner's been made for me." Impmon said, not entirely displeased with the sudden selection of his human partner. "What do you mean, Impmon?" Tobias questioned before a blue ring emerged from the screen of the Digivice, with a triangle at the outside moving to point at Impmon. "Wait... This thing's pointing at you... Does that mean... That you and I...?" He stopped suddenly as Impmon grinned, somewhat darkly. "Yup... Guess that means you and I gotta team up. There's a lot of dangerous Digimon trying to emerge into the world. Ironically enough, I was one of a few Digimon sent here, meant to be tamed by some human. First place I wound up at was with a couple of kids who tried ripping me in half... Man, I hate thinking about that..." He stated, somewhat shuddering at the memory. Tobias let out a chuckle at that. "So... A couple of little kids kept arguing amongst themselves to the point that they almost tore you apart? Sorry, but man, that's too funny." He said, before looking up at the sky.

"Well, it's about time for me to head home. My parents are out of town on business, so I've got the place all to myself. But still, it'd be difficult to walk around with you directly in view... Hold on a sec..." Tobias said as he walked over to the door and pulled it open, and grabbed a black bag and unzipped it. "Think you'd be able to manage in here until we get there?" "In a bag like that, you gotta be kidding me!" Impmon shouted, in both shock and slight anger. "Sorry, it's the best I can do." Tobias replied calmly, as he cleared out the books in it. "There. It shouldn't be TOO cramped in there, at any rate. And my house isn't to far from here, so you won't be in there long anyway." "Hmph... Fine... But I hope you don't expect me to sit in that thing on a regular basis." Impmon stated as he set foot in the bag and crouched down, as Tobias zipped it up and carried it down with him, then walked home.

After a few minutes, Tobias walked into his parents' apartment and set down his bag and unzipped it, letting Impmon out. "Sorry about that." He said, noting Impmon was sweating. "But don't worry, we'll work something out to let you move about freely without worry." He said as he walked into his room and grabbed a shoebox from his bed, then carried it out into the main room and sat down on the couch. "So, what've you got in there, Tobias?" Impmon asked curiously. "Eh, just a bunch of cards... Don't know what made me want to grab them, but I'm not complaining..." Tobias replied before Impmon ran over to the window and looked down, noting a Digimon Bioemerging. "Impmon, what's up?" He asked, walking over to his Digimon Partner.

"Something's coming... Something... Powerful..." He said, before leaping onto the fire escape and running down to the enemy Digimon, a DarkTyrannomon. "Man, oh man! A DarkTyrannomon!" Tobias said, arriving behind Impmon, still holding the shoebox of cards, his D-Power in his pocket. "How're we gonna take THAT down!" He questioned before noting an attack flying at the Dark Dinosaur Digimon's back. "DIAMOND STORM!" A yellow fox-like Digimon shouted as the attack flew and embedded itself in the Dark Dinosaur Digimon's back, causing it to scream out in pain. "Wh-what the-!" Tobias exclaimed before noticing a red-haired girl about a year younger than him running past him. "Hey! Wait! You're gonna get yourself killed!" He shouted before she pulled out her own D-Power and card. "A card!" He questioned before she slashed the card through the side of the Digivice. "DigiModify! Power Boost D activate!" The girl shouted, as the fox-like Digimon fired off another attack. "Digi... Modify...? A card?" Tobias wondered as he saw Impmon trying to fight the DarkTyrannomon as well. "Badaboom!" Impmon shouted, firing off a small fireball that had little effect on the Dark Dinosaur Digimon as it swiped it's claw at him, roaring, but Impmon was barely able to dodge it.

"Darn! I have to do something...!" Tobias growled as he realized something. "That girl's Digivice... It's just like mine...! Then that means..." He said as he had a realization. "Alright, Impmon! Help's on the way!" He shouted at his partner as he pulled out a card from the shoebox. "Omnimon... Guess I'm finally gonna get to use this one. Not in the way I expected, but still..." He said as he pulled out his D-Power. "Here goes something!" Tobias shouted as he slashed the card through his D-Power. "DigiModify! Omnimon, activate!" As he finished slashing the card, Omnimon's famous Garuru Cannon appeared in the place of Impmon's left arm. "What the heck!" Impmon exclaimed as he noticed the grin on Tobias' face. "Oh, I get it! Alright then!" He shouted, turning his attention to DarkTyrannomon. "Alright you overgrown salamander! I'm gonna be sure to thrash you! Take this! Garuru Cannon!" He shouted, firing a powerful blue bolt of fire from the cannon, blasting right through the Dark Dinosaur Digimon's chest, as it dissolved into red particles, which Impmon quickly absorbed.

"Whew...! That was close! Nice work, Impmon!" Tobias said as his partner walked over, his arm back to normal. "What the heck did you do, Tobias?" Impmon questioned, not knowing why his arm changed to the Garuru Cannon at the time. "Well... I saw some red-head slash a 'Data Power Boost' card, and I realized that I could do the same thing with my cards, and the Omnimon card was just the card that came to mind, I guess..." Tobias responded as said red-headed girl walked over, her partner Digimon in tow. "What the heck was that! Why did you get in our way like that!" The girl shouted angrily as Tobias glared. "You know, it's proper manners to at least give someone your name before you start pestering them..." He said with a somewhat angered calm. "Whatever. The name's Rika. Now explain yourself! Why did you and your Digimon get in Renamon's way!" She shouted, still angry. "Well, for starters, YOUR Digimon got in OUR way. Although, I suppose I have to thank you... If you hadn't charged in when you did, Impmon might have been Dino food..." Tobias said calmly.

"Impmon!" Rika said, noting the mischievous Digimon in question standing by Tobias. "Why are you helping that weakling!" She shouted. "Heh... Weakling? As if. As I recall, it was IMPMON that dealt the killing blow to DarkTyrannomon. Ergo, if anything, it's YOU TWO who are weak. Now why don't you take a hike?" Tobias responded coldly before turning to walk away with Impmon when Renamon fired off another Diamond Storm attack at Impmon. "DigiModify! Brave Shield activate!" Tobias shouted quickly as WarGreymon's Brave Shield appeared in Impmon's hands, prompting Impmon to turn around in order to block Renamon's Diamond Storm. "Hmph... So that's how you wanna play? Fine then. Impmon, you ready?" Tobias asked as Impmon got into a battle stance. "Renamon. Walk all over him." Rika said coldly as Renamon also went into a battle stance before attempting to kick Impmon. "I don't think so, foxy!" Impmon said as he dodged the kick and responded with an uppercut that knocked Renamon back a bit. "BADABOOM!" Impmon shouted out as he flung a fireball at the fox-like Digimon, with enough force to bring her to one knee. "Impressive... So you've gotten stronger by finding a Tamer..." Renamon said to Impmon, as Tobias looked confused. "A Tamer...? Is that... What I am?" Tobias questioned silently before turning his attention to the brawl between Renamon and Impmon. "Whatever, it doesn't matter! Just immobilize Renamon for now, Impmon!" Tobias was about to say when a red orb of fire hit Impmon, sending him flying against a wall. "Impmon!" Tobias exclaimed and ran over to his Partner Digimon. "Rika, are you and Renamon alright?" A boy wearing a blue short-sleeved hoodie and goggles asked as his Red Dinosaur Digimon Partner ran up, stopping next to Renamon. "Guilmon! Get ready to finish it!" The boy said, before a blast of six blue crystals shot at Renamon and Guilmon, hitting hard.

"What the heck was that!" The boy exclaimed in shock as the smoke cleared, revealing that it was, in fact, Impmon that fired the crystals. "That, just now, was Impmon's Summon attack. And that was while he was injured. And I just happen to have a Restoration card ready, so if you want to keep going, both of your Digimon will be nothing but dust in the wind." Tobias said coldly as he looked at the other boy. "Now you. Goggles. What's your name?" "It's Takato Matsuki! And what the heck are you doing here! And why are you talking like Impmon's your-" Takato stopped mid-sentence as Tobias flashed his D-Power. "Get it now, Goggle-brain? I AM Impmon's Tamer. So like I said. If you wanna keep this brawl going, know that Impmon and I have more than enough cards in stock to take you both down at once." Tobias stated before glaring at Rika. "And anyway, she's the one that attacked us first. I don't know what her problem is, but she needs to back off." He said as he helped Impmon up and turned to leave. "Hey, wait a second!" Takato shouted as he ran towards Tobias. "Look, we're all Tamers here, why don't we just fight the WILD Digimon instead of each other?" He asked, looking at Rika in particular. Tobias turned around and looked at Takato. "Oh, you're one to talk, Matsuki!" Tobias exclaimed in anger. "Up until a few seconds ago, you were just attacking MY partner. So why should I listen to ANYTHING you say? And anyway, that's all I WAS doing before this psycho sics her Digimon on us." He said before turning to walk away again. "And I don't have any intention of joining your little club. If we have to join forces to beat a common foe, that's fine by me. If not, I could care less. But so help me, if she tries anything like that again, we will NOT hesitate to not only delete, but completely reformat Renamon. Keep that in mind, Rika." And with that, Tobias walked off with Impmon in tow.



AN: There are some cards in this fic that were not used in Tamers, so I've made effects for a few of them. In this chapter, we see the Omnimon card, used by Tobias on Impmon, allowing Impmon to use the Garuru Cannon attack to defeat DarkTyrannomon and then drain it's data. Also, I tried to make Tobias seem like a cross between Neku Sakuraba from TWEWY, Ken Ichijouji from Digimon Adventure 02 (Post-Emperor defeat), and Roxas (Organization XIII persona) from Kingdom Hearts. The way I imagine him is having the antisocial personality that Neku has in the beginning of TWEWY, an appearance like that of Ken, only slightly older, and a similar voice and attitude as that of Roxas. Also, when he says "reformat Renamon", he's stating that instead of draining her data, he'll completely wipe her memory, leaving her a shell of her former self.