As of now, this fic is currently a deadfic. However, I don't plan to keep it that way for too long. Life has sort of been giving me hell and as such I haven't been able to do ANYTHING for this fic. But now I've got plenty of time on my hands, so whenever I get the inspiration, I will be updating this fic, however, I will be doing a complete rewrite, so for those of you who say you like the story, don't be surprised if, when the new chapter 1 is posted, my OC Tobias is both named differently and/or acts somewhat differently. I still intend to have him act as an asocial person, but I won't be making him "The Ace" or a "Gary Stu", or anything like that. If anything, I intend to have him have a VERY rocky start riddled with a crap-ton of close calls, and a LOT of infighting with Impmon. That's all I have planned for the fic so far, but still, some news is better than no news, as they say.

Anyhow, this is DustinWhitewind signing out. Thanks for reading, everyone, and I hope you'll enjoy reading the upcoming rewrite as much as you enjoyed the original.