The Cowgirl and the Toy.

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When Woody and Jessie had first met, they had both been in Kindergarten - but it hadn't been on friendly terms.

"Okay Woody. If you want to join our club, then you need to prove yourself," The fellow five year old, leader of the boys club, told him.

"What do I have to do?" Woody asked, eager to prove himself so that he could join the club.

"Um…you have to…uh…steal that girl's hair ribbon," The boy said, pointing to the back of a redheaded girl. Her long hair was tied into a single braid with a yellow hair ribbon.

"Okay," Woody answered. Deep down Woody knew it was wrong to steal, but he really wanted to be in the club.

Jessie hummed to herself as she drew pictures of horses with crayons. Woody snuck up quietly behind her. He was about to pull the hair ribbon free from her hair when the drawing caught his eye.

"What are those supposed to be?" He asked her, forgetting his mission for the time being.

"Don't you know anything? They're horses!"

"They don't look like horses to me. They look like lumpy blobs with hair!"

"Oh yeah?' Jessie questioned dangerously as she stood up, clearly insulted.


"I bet you couldn't draw them any better!" Jessie challenged.

"I bet I could!" Woody challenged back.

"Fine, draw one!"

"I will!"

"That's not a horse; it's just a bunch of lines!"

"It's a stick figure horse!"

"It looks stupid!"

"Not as stupid as the horses you drew!"

"Why don't you just go away?" Jessie questioned furiously.

"Fine! I will!" Woody answered before remembering why he had made his way over to her in the first place. "That's right," He uttered, pulling her hair ribbon from her hair and running away with it.

"Hey! Give that back! You jerk!" Jessie yelled, running after him.

Woody and Jessie both ended up with a black eye at the end of the day, and they had both been sent to the Principal's office for fighting with their mothers being called in to pick them up. In the end though, Jessie did get her ribbon back and Woody did get submitted into the club for taking Jessie's hair ribbon, not telling her why he took it and for not crying when she punched him in the face.

Woody now sat in his room waiting for his father to come home.

'I wonder what my punishment is going to be.' Woody thought as he played with his toys. The door to his room opened and in stepped his mother and father.

"All right Woody," His mother began. "Tell your father what you did today."

Woody looked up towards his father, his brown, five-year-old eyes shining brightly. "I met the girl I'm going to marry!"

"What? That is not what you did today!" Claimed his stunned mother.

"But I am going to marry Jessie when I grow up," Woody stated. "Just look at the black eye she gave me!" At five years of age, Woody didn't really understand the concepts of love and marriage. But he knew he liked Jessie on the count that she punched like a boy, didn't even cry when he punched her back and, whilst they had been waiting for their mothers to pick them up, she had proudly told him that she was going to be a cowgirl when she grew up. Oh yes, his reasons for wanting to marry her were pure, innocent, and childlike; but at five years old what else would they be?

"What made her give you a black eye?" His father asked, picking him up to get a better look at his eye.

"I took her hair ribbon from her. But it's okay, I gave her a black eye too!"

"Woody! You never, ever, under any circumstances, hit girls!" His father told him sternly.

"But she hit me first!"

"That's not the point. Now I want you to promise me something: Promise me that you'll never hit another girl again for as long as you live, even if they hit you first. Do you promise?"

"Yes Daddy, I promise."

As Woody and Jessie grew older, they didn't have what one would call a romantic relationship; but more of a rivalry and were always trying to outdo one another whenever it came to sports, school work, grades and basically anything. And they had always been arguing about something. Most people weren't even sure if they had been friends or not. But the thing was, as Woody grew older he began to like Jessie in the way a boy likes a girl but, being a young boy at the time, he hadn't known how to express himself well. So he often ended up teasing her or challenging her to do something or saying something really stupid and ticking her off.

Jessie for her part felt the same way about Woody. She had started to like Woody in a pure, innocent, and childlike way when she had been in Kindergarten as well. She could remember the day quite clearly actually - the class had been playing 'Farmer in the Dell' at the time. Woody had been the farmer and he had picked her to be the farmer's wife. Jessie had always hated the game because, until that point, she had always been picked as the cheese. And then, as she grew older, she started to like Woody in the way a girl likes a boy, but she'd never admit this or tell him of it. She was afraid of two things: Being rejected and the inevitable pain which would undoubtedly come along with it to complete the package.

Jessie's life hadn't been an easy one. Unlike Woody's family who had been happy and had a lot of money, her family had barely been able to make ends meet and her parents had fought a lot. Eventually though, her mother had left and ran off with another man by the time Jessie was thirteen and this had hurt her daughter a lot. And it all spiralled out of control to an even further extent when her father, who had once been warm, caring and loving, grew cold, distant and borderline verbally abusive. This had made Jessie feel as though her own father had been rejecting her too.

But Jessie had always been a resilient girl and she took several after school jobs to help bring in money and also to make her able to buy some of the things she wanted. Her father had told her that if she wanted something she would have to buy it herself since it had been hard enough for him paying the bills and buying food as it was. Growing up, Jessie had to do without a lot of things most kids had. She barely had a social life; she was always working and trying to save up enough money for one thing or another. However, she could never be hurt by her friends if she worked most of the time as she often tended to keep them at arm's distance.

Nevertheless, Woody always made sure she went to all of the school dances with him. They never went as each other's dates; they just went together. Woody had tricked her into going with him to the first school dance he ever went to and he had tricked into going with him to several other school dances afterwards as well until it became a tradition for them to go to the dances together. And, as Woody always told her when they had reached their teen years:

"You're safe with me." Which was true, Woody wouldn't try anything with her like some other boy might or make up any nasty rumor about her if she said no.

On all accounts, Woody was Jessie's closest friend - though one wouldn't know it by the way they clashed all the time. However, Jessie did have two other friends she was somewhat close too.

There was Bo who had befriended Jessie late in high school. For the longest time Bo hadn't liked Jessie due to her own crush on Woody. But after overhearing a dumb comment Woody had made about Jessie to some other boys, Bo had found herself looking at Woody in a dimmer light and began to see Jessie as not really a rival.

Jessie's other somewhat close friend was Buzz who was Woody's best friend and had a no-so-secret crush on Jessie. Jessie always made sure that she never did anything to give Buzz false hope since she liked Buzz as a friend, but nothing more.

Jessie's father wouldn't pay for collage, but luckily Jessie had been able to get a scholarship and student loans. Jessie had always loved horses and her dream was to open a home for retired horses. The problem, though, was money. When Jessie had been in her second year of collage, her father got a better job in the next state but Jessie didn't go with him and instead moved into the cheapest apartment she could find. It was also the smallest apartment she could find too, having just one room and a bathroom. The living room, the kitchen and the bedroom were all in one. Her father wouldn't help her with any of her bills and her mother was out of her life completely, so Jessie was pretty much on her own.

Her life hadn't changed much since high school. She worked several jobs, paid off the bills and did without. But she always put aside a little bit of money every week to hopefully have enough money some day to buy an old rundown farm owned by Bo's father. Jessie knew she'd be able to fix it up once she bought it.

Now at twenty-five years of age, Jessie was close to having her dream come true. That was until Bo's father decided to raise the price to an amount she knew she'd never be able to afford. It just wasn't fair! Everyone seemed to be achieving their dream but her! Woody was a deputy sheriff, Bo was a lawyer and Buzz was in the space program! But what was she? Nothing! Still living in the same tiny apartment working dead end jobs. Life just wasn't fair.

Woody knew he and his horse Bullseye were in big, big trouble. He had known that Sid Phillips had been involved in something less than legal but he just hadn't realized it had been other-worldly. When he and Bullseye had followed Sid into the woods and caught him in the act of spell casting, Woody hadn't been able to keep quiet. Sid was angry over the fact that Woody had found out about him so he cast the first spell he could think over Woody and Bullseye.

Woody didn't know what Sid was going to do to him and Bullseye after he had cast the spell and he wasn't going to wait to find out.

"Ride like the wind Bullseye!" He yelled.

Sid started to chase after them but soon stopped.

"Run for now you wimpy cowboy," Sid called over to Woody's fleeting image. "I can always find you later. Right now I have more important work to do."

Woody instinctively rode Bullseye to Jessie's apartment building. Poor Bullseye was nearly exhausted by the time they reached Jessie's building.

"I'm sorry about this boy," Woody told him once they were hiding in the bushes.

Bullseye neighed.

"You rest here in the bushes while I try to find a way inside."

Bullseye neighed again in understanding. It took Woody some time, but he was eventually able to find a loose screen that lead into the basement.

"I really hate that Jessie has to live in a building with such lax security," Woody murmured as he and Bullseye climbed through the window. "I mean, anyone could break in! I think, once we get back to normal which I hope will be soon, I'm going to insist that she moves into my parents' guest house with me."

Bullseye neighed in shock.

"Oh no, nothing like that. Though I wouldn't mind it if it was something like that."

Bullseye neighed in shock again.

"Well she'd have to want it be something like that too and why am I even having this kind of conversation with you anyway?"

Bullseye just shook his head, not knowing either.

"And how do you even know about that stuff?"

Bullseye stared at him blankly.

"Forget I asked that."

There was no lock on the basement door and it wasn't closed well either, so they were able get out and make their way towards Jessie's apartment.

"I'm glad Jessie lives on the first floor," He whispered. "I just hope she's home." Using both his hands, he knocked on Jessie's door.

Jessie had been sitting in her apartment, moping and feeling sorry for herself, when she heard a faint knocking sound. Sighing, she got up and opened the door, not even bothering to ask who it was. She looked up and down the hall not seeing anyone. As Woody and Bullseye snuck in, Woody made a mental note to himself to tell Jessie to never open the door without checking first. Didn't she know that was dangerous?

Sighing once again, she closed the door. Woody had never seen her look so sad - not even when he had found out that her mother had left. He temporally forgot the state he was in and asked: "What's wrong Jess?"

Jessie's eyes went wide as she looked around her tiny apartment for the source of Woody's voice.

"W-Woody?" She asked in a fearful whisper.

"Down here," He told her.

"Huh?" Jessie questioned automatically, looking down. What she saw was a rag doll with a plastic head and molded hair, dressed in a cowboy outfit which had a little gold star on its vest. The doll looked eerily like Woody. Next to the doll was a stuffed toy horse.

"Hi," Woody greeted, waving to her.

"AHHHH!" Jessie screamed, jumping in the air and landing on her backside on the floor.

"Jess, it's okay," Woody told her calmly, taking a step towards her.

"Stay away! Stay away! Stay away!" Jessie chanted fearfully as she backed away.

"But Jess…" Before he could finish he found himself having to duck occasionally as Jessie began throwing things at him like her own childhood toys.

"Jessie! Calm down!" Woody instructed angrily. He knew that, when Jessie found out that he had been transformed into a living toy, she would be freaked out; but not psychotically freaked out. Was it really necessary to throw things at him? Not to mention that she was scaring Bullseye! The poor horse had run away to avoid being hit with something. "Jessie, put Bullseye down!"

"Huh?" Jessie questioned, looking at what she was holding. In her terror and haste, she had picked up the nearest thing to her which had happened to be Bullseye.

Bullseye neighed at her.

"AHHH!" Jessie screamed, dropping the newly-turned toy horse. Jessie backed herself against the wall before hugging her knees to her chest and rocking back and forth as she murmured to herself: "This is a dream! This has to be a dream!" She stammered as Woody made his way towards her.

"So you dream about me?" Woody asked her in a clearly suggestive voice, again forgetting that he was a living toy.

SLAM! Jessie hit him with a book - a very thick and heavy book. Woody was knocked flat on his back.

"Okay," Woody murmured painfully "I deserved that."

"I-I d-don't know what you are, but…"

"Jessie, it really is me Woody!"

"Tell me something only Woody would know!" Jessie demanded, holding the book she had hit him with tightly.

"When we were fifteen years old, we were each other's first kiss! Remember? We were at a party and some of the other kids wanted to play Spin the Bottle and you said that it was a lame idea. Then you said that the whole party was lame and so you decided to leave and walk home. And I ran after you because it wasn't safe for you to walk home alone in the dark. So, as I was walking you home, I started teasing you for being afraid to play Spin the Bottle and then you told me that you didn't want your first kiss to be with some boy you hardly knew in front of everybody. And I said I felt the same way and then we laughed because what I had said had come out wrong. Then you said that you were probably going to be teased by the other kids over being afraid to kiss. And then I said that we could be each other's first kiss so you could tell them that you've already kissed someone. Remember that, after you said all right, we had a little fight? You told me not to try anything and I said like what? You told me not to put my tongue in your mouth and I asked you why would I put my tongue in your mouth? You said you didn't know and I then I told you that you were ruining the moment. Then you told me to shut up and kiss you already so I did and we kissed, remember?" Woody asked breathily.

Jessie's eyes were threatening to pop out now. Only Woody would know that. It was him! It really was him!"

"Woody?" Jessie asked slowly, putting the book she was holding down.

"Yes?" He answered, relieved that she finally knew it was him.

"How did you…? Why are you not human anymore?"

"Remember Sid Phillips?"


"He turned me and Bullseye into toys," He told her, wondering what her reaction would be like.

"I need to get you two to Sid's sister Hannah," Jessie told them, standing up.

This had not been what Woody had been expecting to hear.

"You aren't going anywhere," Sid's voice suddenly sounded. Jessie's head shot up to see Sid standing in the doorway.

"How did you find me?" Woody demanded.

"I'd like to say by my Black Magic, but I just did what everyone else does if they want to find you: Find Jessie," He answered darkly.

'What have I done?' Woody asked himself anxiously, worried for Jessie's safety.

"First to deal with Jessie," Sid began, his voice chilling to the core.

Woody desperately wanted to yell at her to run, but it was too late: Sid had cast the spell. Everything suddenly looked bigger to Jessie. She looked at her hands and gasped when she saw that they were now plastic. Sid had turned her into a toy!

"Playtime Scud." Sid announced, stepping aside to reveal a dog - or maybe 'hell-hound' was a better word? "Get 'em."

Jessie stood frozen in her tracks as Scud came charging at her; ready to kill. She was just in too much shock to do anything - but Woody wasn't. Jumping on Bullseye, he galloped over to Jessie and pulled her up before Scud could get her.

"Hold on tight to me Jess!" Woody ordered. Jessie wrapped her arms around Woody's waist tightly. She buried her head in the fabric of his back, closing her eyes tightly as she began to pray; hoping that when she woke up she'd be safe and sound from this nightmare.

Bullseye galloped in between Sid's legs and into the hallway. Scud knocked down Sid as he ran after them.

'Please let someone open the doors,' Woody mentally pleaded as Bullseye raced through the hall. Luck, for once, was on their side as someone did open the doors that led outside.

'Was that a dog chasing a cat?' Onlookers thought when they caught sight of Scud chasing Bullseye.

Sid picked himself up as he heard car horns blearing and car tyres screeching. He cursed silently to himself, wondering if Scud had been destroyed. He couldn't let Woody, Jessie or that horse reach his sister. If Scud had failed him then he would have to send his own army of 'toys' after them. However, when he thought over this, he soon realized that he'd first need something of Jessie's to help his toys find them. He knew he didn't need anything of Woody's; now that Jessie was a toy too, Woody wouldn't leave her side.

"How many yellow hair ribbons does one girl need?" Sid questioned in astonishment, opening a draw that was full of them. "Whatever, this will do fine," He muttered to himself, taking one. "Now to go home."

Once Sid had left, one of Jessie's toys asked: "What just happened?"

Woody finally had Bullseye stop when he was sure that they had lost Scud. Bullseye plopped onto the ground with his four legs sprawled out. Woody got off Bullseye and ended up dragging Jessie with him as she had still been clinging onto him for dear life.

"Jessie, you can let go of me now," Woody told her. She did, but her eyes were still shut tightly. "Jess, open your eyes," Woody instructed with a tone of slight Woody tied firmly to his voice.

Jessie hoped with all her might that, when she'd open her eyes again, she'd be back in her apartment on her sofa bed. And, if the reason Woody was telling her to open her eyes was because he was there for whatever reason, then she'd tell him that she had a nightmare, explaining how he had been a doll as well as the fact that he almost got her killed before throwing him out of her apartment.

Jessie slowly opened her eyes; she was not back in her apartment. She didn't know where she was actually - someplace outside with a lot of bushes. She looked at Woody; he was still a toy. She looked at Bullseye; he was still a toy. And then she looked down at herself, from what she could tell; she was still a toy too. This wasn't a dream; this was real.

"Are you okay?" Woody asked her.

Jessie felt anger boil inside her as Woody asked that question. "What kind of question is that?" She screamed at him. "Of course I'm not okay!"

"I…" Woody began.

"First you make me think you're dead!"

"How'd I do that?"

"Then you nearly scare me half to death!"

"Look I…"

"Then I almost get eaten by a dog!"

"But I…"

"And look at me Woody! I'm like twelve inches tall! I have yarn for hair!"

"At least you have hair!"

"My hands and face are plastic!"

"So are mine!"

"I don't even know about my feet!"

"I don't about my feet either!"

"My clothes are sewn onto me!"

"Again, so are mine!"

"I don't even know what I'm wearing!"

"You're wearing a cowgirl outfit Jess. Look, your pants have chaps on them," He pointed out rather cheerfully.

"My limbs are all floppy!"

"Same here!"

"And what is this, a hook on my back?" Jessie questioned in curiosity, reaching one hand behind her back and dreading the answer she would inevitably receive slightly…

"I think that's a pull-string," Woody answered turning her around before pulling it.

"Don't ever do that again!" Jessie snapped; only her mouth wasn't open when she had said it. "AHHHH!" Jessie screamed. "My voice just came out of my chest!" Jessie said crossing her arm over chest. "My voice should never come out of my chest!" Jessie said facing him.

"I have to agree with you there."

"Woody I am not okay," Jessie told him.

"But you're not hurt right?" he asked her slowly.

Jessie just shook her head - no.

"Well that's good, right?" He asked, hoping that he could lift himself from the pits of her fury in order to cross over to her good books.

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