Alright, another new fic.

Dx: Crossover, or regular?

RDF1: Would be crossover, but then no one would see it. I'm taking a page out of YugiohFreak54's book and do something new, with something not as new. Hopefully, I'll keep this simple, yet detailed.

LR: Well, if the other work is any indication, you've worked plenty of details out, right?

RDF1: Still a work in progress, but I've definitely got a deck together like YugiohFreak54 did with his Transformers decks. However, JENNY!

Jenny: What?

RDF1: Congratulations! You're going to be my star OC in this one.

Dx: She gets it? Go for it!

Jenny: Aw, thanks DragonX. I'll do my best.

Pyros: About time too. Jenny, show them how it's done. You've waited for your turn, and now it's paid off. Do this the RIGHT way and not let DragonX ruin it again!

Dx: I DIDN'T RUIN ANYTHING! It was the Admin! They just can't accept my coolness in an actual fic!

RDF1: Don't make me banish you and take you away from this commentary!

Dx: (jumps back) I'll be good! (Sweatdrop)

Alright, now that that's taken care off…

Welcome to W.I.T.C.H. in YuGiOh Gx. I hope you enjoy this fic, because I'll be going as far as I can!

Disclaimer: RDF1 doesn't own YuGiOh Gx or W.I.T.C.H. He only owns Jenny, his other OCs, and other ideas he's expressed. Everything else belongs to their true owners!

If you don't know anything about W.I.T.C.H., then go learn about at least the anime before reading this. You'll be lost otherwise.

Note: I'm taking everything from the first two seasons of the Anime, and nothing else. You'll see differences in some personalities, and that's intentional. Also, I'm not going to get EVERY character, but as many as possible over the course of the fic.

(Story Begin)

In Domino City, everything was peaceful, especially since Yugi and his friends stopped Zorc from destroying the Time stream. But, that was years ago. Now, the real excitement was in Kaiba Corp's Duel Academy opening up some time afterwards. This year was no different, considering all the applicants trying out for this new school year.

As it was, it was a quarter until 5, when the last applicants were still being accepted into their duel portion of the entrance exams. Jaden Yuki, one who inspires to become the Next King of Games, after Yugi Moto, hustles in, not wanting to be late.


"Name, applicant?" asked one of the desk clerks.

"Jaden Yuki," panted Jaden, who had woken up an hour earlier and ran halfway across town to get there.

"Go right on in, Mr. Yuki," replied the clerk, "You're duel will begin in 15 minutes."

"Thank you sir," said Jaden, as he walked in.

After Ten minutes, the clerks were starting to close shop, when another person shouted out.

"WAIT!" shouted a girl, "Don't go! I still got time, right?"

A young girl of about 15 nearly stumbled as she got to the entrance.

"What's your name, applicant?" asked one of the clerks.

"Jenny Rose," replied Jenny, 'That's the last time I stay up all night writing a thank you letter to Pegasus.'

Jenny Rose was one who didn't take much for granted, and thanks to a recent contest, she now had a deck she could call her own. All other decks she tried putting together just didn't fit… her. So, when she found out about a contest being held by Industrial Illusions, she jumped at the change to make her own deck from beyond scratch. Now, it was time to test it out and see how it worked with her.

"Very well," replied the clerk, "Your duel will begin shortly, so head on inside."

"Thank you," said Jenny, before walking in.

Meanwhile, at the Duel Review board, headed by Vice Chancellor Velian Crowler, were going over some of the last duels, one being Bastion Misawa's victory over his Duel Proctor.

"It looks like a good crop this year," said one of the proctors.

"I agree," said another, "There are some good duelists here."

"I apologize sir," said a new voice, one who just arrived from the registration desk, "But we have one more applicant that has just arrived. The other Candidate is awaiting his turn as well."

"Tell the last candidate that got here to come back next year. The one who got here before can go ahead and duel," said Crowler.

"Don't be like that, Dr. Crowler," said one of the duel board, "We have time for this last duel. It's just now getting to be 5 o'clock."

"We've given all the applicants since ten this morning," replied Crowler, "That was plenty of time."

His cell phone went off, interrupting him.

"Yes," said Crowler, "Crowler here."

"Crowler," said Chancellor Shepard, the only one with authority, "Just checking in to see how the applicants are doing."

"Everything's just fine," replied Crowler, "We're just about to close up here."

"You better not be cheating any one out of their chance now, would you? You cut a third of the applicants last year for some ridiculous reason, by not calling you 'Dr.'?"

"I understand you point," finished Crowler, being more honest this time, "We only have two more applicants here and we'll be on time as usual."

"You better," replied Chancellor before hanging up.

"So, who shall duel, and what deck?" asked one of the proctors.

"Mr. Yuki, the one who got here, can be challenged by the Guardian Deck," replied Crowler, "As for the other one, Miss Rose is it? I'll be handling this one myself."

Dr. Crowler left to set up his deck to duel Jenny Rose. One of the proctors grabbed the Guardian Deck and went to prepare himself to battle Jaden Yuki.

Jaden Yuki had been talking with Syrus Truesdale and Bastion Misawa when Jenny Rose entered the building.

"Ah, this brings back memories," said Jenny.

"You've been here before?" asked Bastion.

"No," replied Jenny, "I just remembered watching the duels on TV that were played here for so long. It's a shame Seto Kaiba didn't continue. But, thanks to him, we got a cool new school to go to."

"Jaden Yuki, report to arena 1," an announcement went over the intercom, "Jaden Yuki, arena 1. Jennifer Rose, report to arena 2. Jenny Rose, arena 2."

"Time to duel," said Jaden and Jenny at the same time, before looking at each other and laughed.

"Good luck Jaden," said Jenny, shaking his hand.

"Same with you," replied Jaden.

"By the by," said Bastion, "What type of deck do you use?"

"You'll find out," replied Jenny, winking at Bastion before racing down to face her opponent.

"They better be careful," said Bastion, looking to where they were heading.

"Why?" asked Syrus.

"Look who they're facing," replied Bastion, "That was my proctor just minutes ago. And Jenny is facing off against Dr. Crowler."

"Yikes," said Syrus, "I just hope they're ready."

"If you could tell by their comments, they know they are. Let's just hope they really are."

Jaden stood in front of the duel proctor, readying to throw down.

"Let's throw down!" said Jaden, activating his duel disk.

"After you, applicant," replied the Proctor.

Proctor: 4000

Jaden: 4000

"I summon Elemental Avian in defense mode!" said Jaden, "And end my turn by throwing down a facedown."

"My turn," said the Proctor, "And first, I activate Mystical Space Typhoon! I now destroy your facedown.

"Next I'll play, 'Gravity Axe – Grarl', which let's me automatically summon 'Guardian Grarl'. Now my monster has 3000 attack points. Next I'll activate 'Fairy Meteor Crush', which allows me to deal damage even when your monster is in defense mode. Attack!"

Jaden: 2000

"With that, I'll set one facedown, and end my turn."

"My draw," said Jaden, before hearing a noise in his head, "Winged Kuriboh? Alright, I'll play you.

"I summon Winged Kuriboh in defense mode, and throw down another face-down."

"My turn," said the proctor, drawing his card, "I activate my face-down, Sacrificial Greed!"

Trap Card: Sacrificial Greed

By paying 500 life points, draw three cards.

"I attack with 'Guardian Grarl'!"

Grarl destroys Winged Kuriboh.

Proctor: 3500

Jaden: 2000

"That should have finished you off," said the Proctor.

"It should have," replied Jaden, "But Winged Kuriboh has a special ability. When destroyed in battle, I take no battle damage for the rest of the turn."

"Not bad," said Bastion, "I'll have to remember that one."

"He's got one draw to turn it around," added Syrus.

"That was unexpected," said Alexis, from her place with Zane, high above the stands, "This kid is something else."

"Give him some credit, Alexis," replied Zane, a third year student, "He knew what he was doing when he added that card to his deck."

"I activate my face down, Hero Signal," said Jaden, "I now summon Elemental Hero Burstinatrix!"

"Very well," replied the proctor, "I'll set three facedowns to end my turn."

Proctor: 3500

Jaden: 2000

"My draw," said Jaden, "And I'll start off by playing 'Pot of Greed'! Now, with two more cards, it's time I finished this. I play 'Heavy Storm', which destroys all spell and trap cards on the field.

The Proctor's three facedowns are destroyed, surprising him.

"Next, I'll play 'Warrior Returning Alive', which allows me to bring back Avian to my hand. I summon 'Avian' to join 'Burstinatrix'. Now, I'll play Polymerization to fuse them together into 'Elemental Hero Flame Wingman'!"

Flame Wingman

Atk: 2100

"You'll need more than that to get past 'Guardian Grarl'," replied the Proctor.

"Which is why I activate the spell – Heated Heart!" continued Jaden, "Which raises my monster's attack by 500 points. But I'm not done yet! I activate my field spell: Skyscraper!"

A whole city full of skyscrapers from New York, Chicago, and other major cities appeared in a Hologram.

"Now, when my Elemental Hero attacks a monster stronger than him, he gains 1000 attack points!" finished Jaden, "Attack with Sky Dive Scorcher!"

Proctor: 2900

"But that not all," added Jaden, "Flame Wingman's special ability allows me to deliver damage equal to the destroyed monster's attack points."

Proctor: 0

"Good job, applicant," said the Proctor, "Welcome to Duel academy."

Meanwhile, Jenny Rose was looking over her cards one last time, before shuffling them again and setting them in her duel disk.

"Okay," she said, "Time to show them what W.I.T.C.H. is all about."

Her platform rose to the surface, where she faced Dr. Crowler, using his personal deck and duel disk, with a small portion of help from two co-workers.

"May I have your name, Applicant?" asked Crowler.

"Jennifer Rose, but my friends call me Jenny," replied Jenny.

"Very well, Jennifer, are you ready to duel?"

"I'll let you go first," said Jenny, surprising many of the spectators.

"Why would she throw that away?" asked Syrus.

"I'm not quite sure," replied Bastion, "Normally, the Applicant chooses to go first, but on rare occasion, he or she lets the proctor go first. A bold strategy; let's just hope it's a smart one as well."

Crowler: 4000

Jenny: 4000

"If that is what you wish," said Crowler, before drawing his card, "I'll start off simple, and play the spell card: Confiscation."

Crowler: 3000

"This allows me to take a look at your hand, and send one card to the graveyard."

Jenny revealed her hand, getting a look from Dr. Crowler.

"You were the winner of the contest, Jennifer Rose. I didn't expect you to be attending Duel Academy this soon. I send Monster reborn to the graveyard. Now, show me these unique cards of yours. I set two face down cards and activate 'Heavy Storm', allowing me to bring out two 'Wicked Fiend' tokens, which I sacrifice for Ancient Gear Golem!"

"No way," said Alexis, "He summoned it, on the first turn."

"Let's see how our contest winner handles this," added Zane.


"No way," said Jaden, as he joined Bastion and Syrus, "I want to face off against that monster some day."

"I rather doubt that," said Bastion, "Unless you can find some reason for Crowler to duel you himself."

"Jennifer's smirking at that thing," said Syrus, "She doesn't have a care in the world."

"No way," said one of Chazz Princeton's 'buddies', "It's the Legendary Rare Card."

"Oh boy," said Chazz, "I just wish they treated everyone this way."

"But she's not flinching," said his other 'buddy'.

'Something's different about her,' noted Chazz.

"I am impressed," said Dr. Crowler, "Not many see the Ancient Gear Golem and not tremble at his might."

"I just see it as an obstacle to overcome to get to my next destination," replied Jenny, "And no offense, but you just gave me my OTK."

Everyone gasped at that.

"My turn," continued Jenny, drawing her card, "And I'll think I'll start out with this: 'Average Teenager – Will Vandom'.

A young redheaded Teenager girl appeared on the field.

"Oh yeah! Great to be back!" said Will.

Average Teenager – Will Vandom

Level: 4

Atk: 1500

Def: 1300

Effect: Once per turn, special summon one 'Average Teenager' from your hand to the field in attack mode.

"And let's give her some company," continued Jenny, "With Will's special ability, I'm allowed to summon another 'Average Teenager' from my hand. So say hello to 'Taranee'!"

Another girl showed up, this time with dark skin and black hair in a spider-type style.

Average Teenager – Taranee Cook

Level: 4

Atk: 1600

Def: 1000

Effect: Once per turn, can move one 'Average Teenager' from your deck to your hand.

"Hey Will," said Taranee, "Where are the others?"

"On their way, I guess," replied Will.

"And 'Taranee's' special ability allows me to bring for an 'Average Teenager' straight to my hand. So I choose 'Average Teenager – Cornelia'."

Jenny added a card to her hand, and shuffled her deck.

"I'm afraid you're going to need something more to defeat my Ancient Gear Golem," said Dr. Crowler, before remembering what was in her hand, "Unless…"

"Unless I already have it," replied Jenny, still smirking, "I play the field spell 'Heatherfield'!"

Field Spell: 'Heatherfield'

Effect: Pay half your life points; special summon all 'Average Teenagers' from your deck, hand, and graveyard to the field.

Effect2: Increase all 'Average Teenager' monsters' attack by 500 points.

"And so, I'll sacrifice half my life points, and bring out all my 'Average Teenagers'."

Jenny: 2000

Three more girls showed up, each looking as bizarre as the last.

"Oh yeah!" shouted Irma, "Look whose back in business."

Average Teenager – Irma Lair

Level: 4

Atk: 1200 – 1700

Def: 1900

Effect: Once per turn, can survive one battle that would destroy her.

"Can we get this over with," added Cornelia, "I have a facial to do."

Average Teenager – Cornelia Hale

Level: 4

Atk: 1800 – 2300

Def: 1700

Effect: Once per turn, can destroy one monster on your opponent's side of the field.

"It's so good to see you girls again," finished Hay Lin.

Average Teenager – Hay Lin

Level: 4

Atk: 1300 – 1800

Def: 2000

Effect: Once per turn, can send one monster on your opponent's field back to their hand/extra deck.


Atk: 1500 – 2000


Atk: 1600 – 2100

"Okay girls," said Will, "Catch up later, right now we have a towering Machine Golem with 3000 attack points staring at us, and we need to bring him down."

"I can take care of him," said Cornelia, preparing to activate her ability.

"Not so fast, Cornelia," said Jenny, "Will, I'll let you do the honors!

"I play the equip spell: Heart of Kandrakar!"

Jenny slipped the card into the right slot, and Will grabbed hold of the object.

Equip Spell: Heart of Kandrakar

Effect1: Can only be equipped to 'Average Teenager' or 'Guardian of the Veil' monsters. Increase the attack of the equipped monster by 500 points.

Effect2: If equipped to 'Average Teenager – Will Vandom', then you can special summon all 'Guardian of the Veil' monsters by sending 'Average Teenager' by the same name to the graveyard.

"Guardians UNITE!" shouted Will, the Heart glowing brightly.

Five different color spheres engulfed the girls, before dying down to reveal them in new outfits, looking slightly older, and a lot more powerful.

"Say 'HELLO' to the 'Guardians of the Veil'!" announced Jenny.

Guardian of the Veil – Will

Level: 7

Atk: 2500

Def: 2200

Effect: When all 'Guardian of the Veil' monsters are on the field, destroy one monster on opponent's side of the field and opponent takes damage equal to destroyed monster's attack points.

Guardian of the Veil – Irma

Level: 7

Atk: 2200

Def: 2600

Effect: Once per turn, one battle is negated.

Guardian of the Veil – Taranee

Level: 7

Atk: 2600

Def: 2300

Effect: Once per turn, one 'Guardian of the Veil' monster gains 500 attack points until the end phase.

Guardian of the Veil – Cornelia

Level: 7

Atk: 2800

Def: 2000

Effect: Sacrifice 1000 life points to destroy all monsters on your opponent's side of the field.

Guardian of the Veil – Hay Lin

Level: 7

Atk: 2300

Def: 2800

Effect: Sacrifice 500 points to destroy all spell and trap cards on the field.

"Now, to finish this," said Jenny, her smirk disappearing as she focused herself on her final move, "I activate Will's special ability. In this form, when all 'Guardians of the Veil' are out on the field, I can destroy one monster on my opponent's side of the field, and you take damage equal to its attack points!"

"NO! This cannot be! He's my best card," said Crowler, trying to think of a way out of it, but no luck, "I can't believe I lost to a new student."

Jenny: 2000

Crowler: 0

As the Guardians vanished, Jenny let out a cheer and she pumped her fist into the air!

"Oh yeah!" she shouted, "I'm definitely glad I have this deck now."

"Did you see that Chazz?" said one of Chazz's 'buddies'.

"An OTK?" wondered Chazz, "You need incredible luck to pull that off."

"Wow," said Alexis, "We better keep an eye on her, if we don't want to fall pray to that move."

"I wouldn't worry about that, Alexis," replied Zane, "I'd be more worried about what other card combinations she has. Something tells me she has a combo stronger than my Cyber End Dragon combo."

"Well, we'll see at Duel Academy," finished Alexis.

"An OTK," said an amazed Bastion, "That's quite the girl."

"She might be as good as me," said Jaden.

"And yet it took you two turns to finish off your opponent," reminded Syrus.

"He does have a point though, Syrus," replied Bastion, "She must have some kind of bond with that deck if she's able to have three different ways to win that round. She chose the one way that didn't require an actual attack."

'Can't wait to see how this year goes,' thought Jaden, wondering what other cards Jenny had in her deck.

"Oh yeah," said Jenny joining them, ignoring all the stares in her direction, "I'd like to see anyone top that."

"We'll see," said Bastion, getting up to greet her, "Nice duel. I'm Bastion Misawa."

"Jennifer Rose," replied Jenny, "But call me Jenny, nearly everyone does."

"Attention all accepted applicants," said a voice over the intercom, "If you have not registered, this is your last chance. The helicopter will depart by 6 o'clock. Please have all belongings ready before then. And Congratulations on being accepted into Duel Academy."

So, they parted ways, to say goodbye to their families, before reuniting at the pier, where the helicopter was waiting.

After they got to the island, everyone separated to change into their uniforms. Jenny found herself a Ra Yellow outfit, which made sense from her test scores and defeating her proctor in a duel. She also knew that Dr. Crowler would do one of two things with her, make her get demoted to Slifer Red, or promoted to Obelisk Blue depending on how she does in her classes. After sitting/standing through the welcome speech by Chancellor Shepard, everyone was given an hour to find their dorms and wander around before their welcome dinner.

Jenny was walking with Bastion, given that they were heading the same direction, when they spotted Jaden and Syrus just outside the entrance.

"Hey," greeted Jaden, "You guys in red too?"

"Well, let's see here," replied Bastion, in a mocking tone, "Yellow Jacket, Yellow shoes, and even Yellow buttons, so no."

"Wow, they place a lot on colors, don't they?" said Jaden, as if he just figured out something.

"More than they should anyways," added Jenny.

"That's alright," replied Jaden, "See ya around the dorms."

"I highly doubt that," finished Bastion, "Your dorm is over there."

He pointed to a decidedly different direction than the Ra Yellow dorm where he and Jenny were heading.

After parting ways, Jenny found her room, and it was equivalent to that of a 3-4 star hotel, so she had no complaints at the moment, as least no legal complaints.


She pulled out her deck, and flipped through it until she reached Blunk. She didn't know why, but while Blunk was a smelly Passling, he was also a friend to Caleb and the W.I.T.C.H. girls, so she had no problem keeping him in her deck. Suddenly, the card glowed and Blunk popped out and started jumping around the room, trying to find out where he was.

"What happened?" asked Blunk, "Last thing I remembered, I was checking on my stash, and then I wake up here."

"Blunk!" questioned Jenny.

"Will?" asked Blunk, before noticing something different about her, "You're not Will, but the hair is the same color."

"Calm down Blunk," said Jenny, "I'll explain everything."

So, Jenny did what she could to explain to Blunk how he and the others were now in a deck of cards.

'Something tells me this will get more frequent,' thought Jenny, as she put Blunk back and headed out to see the school for at least a few minutes before the dinner started. She found Jaden and Syrus talking with Chazz and his 'friends'.

"Hey Jaden, Syrus," said Jenny, announcing herself to the room.

"Hey Jenny," said Jaden.

"Well, well," said Chazz, as he walked down to greet them, "So you're the contest winner everyone's talking about. I was almost impressed with that OTK against Crowler."

Jenny knew Chazz was trying to insult her, but she just smirked and replied, "I do what I can. Besides, if you were paying close enough attention, I had three ways to end that duel."

"We'll see how far that luck goes this year," said Chazz, as Alexis walked in, "Want to duel to find out?"

"Don't tell me you're picking on girls AGAIN, Chazz?" asked Alexis, as she stopped next to Jenny with a hand on her hip.

"Just a fair challenge, Alexis," replied Chazz, trying not to show Alexis how nervous he was when she got that way.

"It's alright," replied Jenny, "We were just leaving."

"Good, cause the welcome dinner is starting in ten minutes," replied Alexis, "And you guys are late."

After Chazz's group left, she turned to Jaden and Syrus, "You better get back as well."

Just before they got out of earshot, Jaden turned back to Alexis.

"By the way, what's your name?" asked Jaden.

"Alexis Rhodes," replied Alexis, "And yours?"

"Thanks, my name's Jaden Yuki!" finished Jaden, before running off again.

"Jaden Yuki," said Alexis, testing the name out.

"He's kinda cute, huh?" teased Jenny.

"I guess he does have a certain charm around him," replied Alexis, "What about you?"

"Already have a boyfriend," replied Jenny, as they left the Obelisk Arena, "And yes, we're defying the rule of 'Long-distance relationships'."

"Good luck," replied Alexis, before they headed off to their dorms.

When Jenny got back to the Ra Yellow dorm, she found that the others were already gathering at the table. Sitting at the girls' table, she joined in and enjoyed the delicious food the chefs had made for them.


After dinner, she retired to her room for a few minutes, checking her email on her computer, before deciding to sneak out to the Slifer Red dorm. She didn't know why, but something was telling her there was more to Jaden than what she saw.

When she got there, she knocked on Jaden's door, which opened up to reveal Jaden and Syrus enjoying some tea, with a giant koala-looking person in the top bunk, trying to ignore them.

"Hey Jenny," said Jaden, "What brings you here?"

"Want some tea?" asked Syrus, gesturing to the last cup on the tray.

"Maybe later, and I'm not sure, maybe see if one of you wanted to duel outside…" started Jenny, before her PDA went off.

It was a message from Chazz.

Message: I don't know much about that deck of yours, but OTKs are rare enough in the Dueling World. Let's see if you have any REAL skill. Meet me at midnight at the Obelisk Arena, and we'll see what skill you really have. Also, winner gets loser's best card.

"Chazz is asking for it," said Jenny, "Want to watch?"

"You know it," replied Jaden, getting up with Syrus.

"I have a bad feeling about this," added Syrus, as they left the Slifer Red Dorm.

As it was nearing Midnight, they walked into the Obelisk Arena, to see Chazz waiting for her.

"Alright, ready to hand over that card of yours," started Chazz.

"Oh, I never agreed to the Ante Rule," replied Jenny, taking her spot opposite of Chazz, "But I will show you my skill in battle."

Jenny: 4000

Chazz: 4000

"Very well, I'll start," said Chazz, drawing his card, "I summon Chthonian Soldier, in attack mode."

Chthonian Soldier

Atk: 1200

"Next, I'll play Infernal Reckless Summoning, which allows me to bring out two more," continued Chazz, "Then I'll activate Chthonian Alliance, which allows my monster to gain 800 attack points for each card with the same name. But I'm not done yet, I'll activate the 'Joint Call' spell card."

Spell Card: Joint Call

Effect: If you have one spell card on the field, add up to two more from your deck to your hand.


"And I'll add these two Chthonian Alliances, powering up all my monsters to 3600 points," finished Chazz, "I'll set one card face down and end my turn."

"This looks bad," said Alexis, as she joined Jaden and Syrus on the sidelines, "That's Chazz's best combo. Even if someone defeats it, they still take damage as well and sets up Chazz for a finishing blow."

"Well, then, I'll just have to end this quickly!" said Jenny, drawing her card, "I start off by playing the spell card: Cost Down! This now allows me to activate the effect of my monster in my hand. So I summon 'Ex-Guardian – Nerissa!"

Ex-Guardian – Nerissa

Level: 8

Atk: 2800

Def: 2100

Effect1: If your opponent is the only one with monsters on the field, then you can summon this card with one less tribute.

Effect2: sacrifice 1000 life points, special summon all 'Ex-Guardian' monsters from your hand or deck.

"But that's just the beginning," continued Jenny, "I'll activate her second ability."

Jenny: 3000

"I bring out ALL the Ex-Guardians!"

Ex-Guardian – Cassidy

Level: 7

Atk: 2300

Def: 3000

Effect: Lower the attack of all monsters on your opponent's field by 1000 points until the end of the turn.

Ex-Guardian – Halinor

Level: 7

Atk: 2600

Def: 1500

Effect: Can move one 'Ex-Guardian' monster from your deck to your hand.

Ex-Guardian – Kadma

Level: 8

Atk: 3000

Def: 2200

Effect: Send one monster on the opponent's side of the field back to the owner's hand.

Ex-Guardian – Yan Lin

Level: 8

Atk: 2400

Def: 2700

Effect: Remove from play one monster on the field.

"And again," said Jenny, "I have another OTK set up. Why, you ask? Because I can activate my monsters special abilities to devastate you; however, I'm going with a more – non-lethal approach. I activate the Spell Card: Seal of Nerissa!"

Seal of Nerissa

Effect: Can only be equipped to 'Ex-Guardian' or 'Former Guardian of the Infinite Dimensions' monsters. Increase the attack of the equipped monster by 800 points.

Effect2: If equipped to 'Ex-Guardian – Nerissa', special summon 'Former Guardian of the Infinite Dimensions' by sending 'Ex-Guardian' by the same name to the graveyard.

"This allows me to introduce C.H.Y.K.N., the Former Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions!"

Former Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions – Nerissa

Level: 10

Atk: 4000

Def: 3200

Effect: Sacrifice all other Former Guardians to destroy all monsters on opponent's side of the field.

Former Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions – Cassidy

Level: 9

Atk: 3400

Def: 2600

Former Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions – Halinor

Level: 9

Atk: 3600

Def: 3000

Former Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions – Kadma

Level: 9

Atk: 3800

Def: 3300

Former Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions – Yan Lin

Level: 9

Atk: 3100

Def: 4000

Just before Jenny could continue, the group heard noises from the hallway.

"Oh great, just when I was about to win too," said Jenny, saddened that they got there that quick.

"Time to get out of here," said Alexis, "We're not supposed to duel after hours, OR with the Ante Rule."

"Like I said before," said Jenny, as she hopped down, "I never agreed to the Ante Rule. And Chazz, don't ever forget that I chose not to end it at that first move. I can defeat you in any duel, OTK or not."

"As if," replied Chazz, as he started walking away with his 'group', "When we duel for real, I'll take you down and prove to everyone here that your wins were just luck."

After they got out of the Arena, courtesy of Alexis, Jaden turned to Jenny.

"That was sweet," said Jaden, "You almost had him."

"That was still up for debate," said Alexis, "Chazz still had a face down card."

"Not really," said Jenny, showing her hand, revealing a 'Mystical Space Typhoon in her hand."


"I activate my magic card," called out Jenny, "Mystical Space Typhoon. Next, I activate Nerissa's special ability, destroying the rest of your cards on the field. Finally, I attack with Nerissa, and you lose!"

Jenny: 3000

Chazz: 0

(Flash-sideways end)


"Okay then," said Alexis, "I'll see you around."

Everyone parted ways back to their dorms.

When Jenny got back to her room, her deck started flashing again, and out popped Will, Irma, Taranee, and Hay Lin.

"No way," said Will, "Blunk WAS telling the truth after all."

"If it weren't for him being smelly and disgusting," added Irma, "I'd probably hug him."

"It still begs the question, 'Why?'" asked Taranee.

"Well, we do have our new deck holder to ask," followed Cornelia.

"What made you choose our world?" asked Hay Lin.

"Well, I'd always liked your show, which you are now aware IS actually a show here, but I just felt you were being cheated out of the prime of your lives. I mean, you just defeated Cedric, again, and then… Nothing," explained Jenny, "It kinda wasn't even fair. So, by participating in a contest, I was able to get Maximillion Pegasus, the Creator of Duel Monsters, to get you guys' new lives as cards. I'm sorry if did the wrong thing."

"No worries," said Will, "This way we can keep a better eye on Nerissa and everyone."

"Alright," said Jenny, before yawning, "It's after midnight and I need some sleep for class tomorrow. See ya later."

With that, W.I.T.C.H. returned to the deck, and Jenny drifted off to sleep, hoping the next day could get better.

(Chapter End)

Well, any questions?

Dx: Plenty.

RDF1: I MEANT from the readers!

Jenny: I'm actually looking forward to this. Besides the fact that you made slight suggestions that I could pair up with any one of four guys directly, despite the fact that I already HAVE a boyfriend.

RDF1: Well, it's YuGiOh. You're going to have fans of every different pairing imaginable, Yaoi, Straight, and Yuri.

Jenny: (grumbles) Now I know why you stopped your Naruto fic.

Okay, again: any questions?

Standard: Will Jenny replace Jaden in all duels?

Answer: NO! I'm only going to do a few duels with Jenny in Jaden's place. Don't worry; Jaden vs. Alexis is in the next chapter.

I'm going to try to attempt all three seasons, but I know I'm most likely going to stop after two, if I get that far.

Anyways, time to wrap this up…

Author Notes:

AN1: Yep, I'm having Jaden get there a little earlier, so he can have someone else duel him. I need Jenny to duel Dr. Crowler.

AN2: Somehow, everyone hears what's going on in the duel. It's like they both have microphones or something.

AN3: That's my line. At least, it's the line I use whenever anyone asks me how I'm doing.

AN4: Well, it isn't like ALL girls are immediately in Obelisk Blue, right? If it is, something needs to change. That's why I'm having Jenny start out in Ra Yellow. I figure there should be a decent number of girls there that have their own hall or something separate from the boys.

AN5: Something I made up on the spot, allowing Chazz to have an overwhelming advantage, at least for a short time.

AN6: This is something I saw from NintendoCapriSun's Let's Play of "Super Mario RPG". So, credit goes to him, or whoever he gives credit to.

I think that's all. Please, tell me what you think without being too negative. If you hate it that much I'll take it down and just keep it in my head.