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It's time to return to the dueling world once more and continue with W.I.T.C.H. Gx. This time, it's all about the Shadow Riders! These two duels are the ones that determine if they can get the other keys back and once again have a team of seven to protect the gates! Again, just a reminder: Jenny (my OC) has replaced Banner as a Key Keeper. Now, I know what you're thinking: will Jenny replace Jaden for another Shadow Rider Duel? Well, read and find out.

Also, given the next episodes, it's gonna technically be Alexis Chapters in two parts, the second half of this one and the first half of the next one.

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(Chapter Begin)


"Well, now that the keys are back where they belong, it is time we get some rest. There is still class in the morning," spoke up Banner.

Everyone groaned, but agreed, since it was after midnight. Everyone headed back to his or her room, Jenny pulling out the charm after bidding good night to Alexis.

"So, what's the plan?" asked Will, appearing next to her, "Destroy it like the necklace?"

"Actually, the necklace wasn't destroyed like I thought. It reformed the next day by the lake and I decided to keep it with me for safekeeping. It, plus this eye patch, needs to be given to someone that can properly take care of it. That, or maybe get it repurposed," replied Jenny, "I need to find Yugi again to see if there's that possibility. Him, or maybe find a way back to the Gravekeepers. They would know something about this."

"Well, ignore it for now, we've got more important things to worry about right now."

Jenny sighed, before getting ready for bed. There were still a few more weeks before finals. Hopefully things will be over with soon.

(Recap End)

After a good night's rest, Jenny found herself doing some mindless research in Alchemy Class on her laptop she had brought after Christmas. It really came in handy when she was ahead on work. She was only half hearing Banner's lecture on some of the top duelists today, and millennia ago. Currently, he was on the topic of Abidos the Third, a Pharaoh long after the Nameless Pharaoh that Yugi called Yami, or so he told her. This led to roughhousing from Jaden and Chazz, thus getting them and Syrus detention again that week, and it was only Wednesday.


That night, Jenny was walking towards the Ra Yellow Dorm to talk to Bastion, and maybe update him on the latest Shadow Rider Business when the earth started shaking around her. The ground broke apart and revealed several mummies.

"You have GOT to be kidding me," sweatdropped Jenny, "Alright, time to get these mummies to cry 'Uncle'!"

Jenny whipped out her duel disk and summoned Caleb.

"About time," said Caleb, bringing out his sword, "I was wondering if you forgot about me?"

"Like I'd forget about you," replied Jenny, as Caleb got to work striking down some of the mummies, "Even though the last time I summoned you was about a month ago."

Before Caleb could defeat more than three mummies, a bright golden glow appeared from the sky. Both Jenny and Caleb turned to see an Egyptian yacht, with a rather suggestive golden figure on the bottom of the yacht.


"Okay, this just got a 6.3 on my weirdo meter," said Jenny, before a bright light flashed in front of her, "Never mind, it's a 7 now."

When Jenny opened her eyes, she saw Alexis, Zane, Syrus, Chazz, and Jaden there with her on a boat, which she could only assume was in the air.


Looking around, they noticed a full assortment of Egyptian personnel, including one on a throne.

'Funny enough, my weirdo meter has now reset to a 4.8 for some reason,' thought Jenny as the Leader rose from his throne and began speaking to the group.

"Hello there," said the leader, who was wearing a mask.

Jenny's eye twitched as she recognized whom their next Shadow Rider was before them, Abidos the Third.

"What's the big idea!" demanded Jaden, having jumped up to the arena.

"That's not a way to address an Egyptian Pharaoh," replied Abidos, before noticing the females of the group, "Well, well, you two would make fine additions to my harem."

"The name's Alexis, and NOT interested!" stated Alexis with firm disagreement.

"I dare you to try and MAKE me!" added Jenny, bristling with insult, mainly because she didn't think her boyfriend would be able to help as of right now.


"Well, here's the next Shadow Rider, and not even a day's rest, huh?" spoke up Zane.

"Yes, and since everyone here knows who I am, why don't you save yourself humiliation and just hand over the keys," replied Abidos.

"Apparently you're from the same learning curve as the Dark Scorpions!" smirked Jenny.

"Because all of us know that the keys need to be won in a DUEL, moron!" added Chazz for good measure.

"I should have you both beheaded for those remarks!" growled Abidos.

"Not happening!" called out Jaden, "If you want to punish my friends, you got to beat me first!"

"Very well, let's duel!" declared Abidos, activating his scarab beetle duel disc.

"Time to get my game on," replied Jaden, taking Syrus's Duel Disk from Chazz, who had gotten it out of Syrus's backpack.

Jaden: 4000

Abidos: 4000

"I'll go first," started Abidos, "I summon Pharaonic Protector in defense mode! I'll add one card face down and end my turn."

"Jaden, be careful," said Jenny, "Even if he has no effect, that trap card might be a doozy!"

"Right," replied Jaden, drawing his card, "My go!"

"I activate my trap, "The First Sarcophagus'!"

The First Sarcophagus

Type: Continuous Trap

Effect: During each Opponent's End Phase, activate from your hand or deck 'Second Sarcophagus', and then 'Third Sarcophagus' (In that order, and can't activate both during the same end phase).

Effect2: If one of the three 'Sarcophagus' cards is removed from the field, send all three to the graveyard.

Effect3: During your turn, you can send all three 'Sarcophagus' cards to the Graveyard to summon 'Spirit of the Pharaoh' from your hand or deck.

"That's new," spoke up Jaden.

"It's actually very old, just recently re-released by Pegasus. After the next two Sarcophagi are in play, then you'll be begging for me to spare you!" explained Abidos.

"Jenny, is this true?" asked Alexis.

"The card, yes. I do a weekly search of new cards and the Sarcophagi cards were just released to the public four days ago. I'm surprised he even knows about all this."

"Well, he IS a Shadow Rider," said Chazz, "I mean, the Dark Scorpions' leader was a Shadow Rider, and he was a card for years. Anything's possible."

"Okay, let's take that Protector Down," said Jaden, "I summon Avian in attack mode! Next, I'll give him 'H-Heated Heart'!"

H-Heated Heart

Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Increase the attack of one 'Elemental Hero' on your side of the field.

Effect2: When this monster attacks a defense mode monster, inflict piercing damage.

"Attack, Flaming Quill Cascade!" ordered Jaden, prompting Avian to release blazing feathers which destroyed Pharaonic Protector and some life points as well.


Abidos: 2500

"Well," said Abidos, "Since your turn is done, I get the 'Second Sarcophagus' on my field."

"This isn't good," moaned Syrus, "I don't want to know what happens when the third is out."

"Jenny, do you know what happens when the three Sarcophagi are out?" asked Zane.

"I don't really know," replied Jenny, thinking back to her search, "Just that it mentioned a monster with 'spirit' and 'Pharaoh' in it's name. I don't know anything else."

"That's not helping," whined Syrus.

"I'll play 'Pot of Greed'," said Abidos, adding two cards to his hand, "And next I'll play 'Tribute to the Doomed', allowing me to discard a card to get rid of Avian. Next, I'll play 'Pharaoh's Servant' in attack mode. Attack him directly!"

Jaden: 3100

Abidos: 2500

"And my undefeated record will stand," continued Abidos, "I'll add one facedown and end my turn."

"Let's see if I can still change that," replied Jaden, "I play 'E-Emergency Call'!"

E-Emergency Call

Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Add 1 'Elemental Hero' from your deck to your hand.

'Wait a second…' thought Jenny, 'He couldn't be…'

"This let's me add 'Sparkman' to my hand, and then bring him out to the field," continued Jaden, "Next, I'll add in 'R-Righteous Justice'!"

'No way!' thought Jenny, 'He's actually going to pull off this combo! I didn't think he could, considering his past efforts.'


"Wait a second, what does that do?" asked Syrus.

"Well, Sy," explained Zane, still keeping to his promise, "For every 'Elemental Hero' Jaden has out, he can destroy one spell or trap card on his opponent's field."

"Say goodbye to that Sarcophagus," added Chazz.

"And it wouldn't matter which one either," smirked Jenny, "'The First Sarcophagus' keeps all of them together, if one goes, the others do too."

"Well, they won't be going anywhere, because 'Magic Jammer' will stop that justice cold," countered Abidos, discarding another card from his hand.


"Fine then, Attack Sparkman!" continued Jaden.

Abidos: 1800

"You can't attack me like that!" complained Abidos.

"Really!? You actually think you can't be attacked to lose life points!?" questioned a bewildered Jaden, "Cause that's in the rules; even starting Duelists knows that."

Jenny's eye raised, something was off, but she couldn't really place what.

"But I am Abidos, the greatest Duelist ever," countered Abidos.

"Hate to say it, I'm kinda under-whelmed right now. I mean, you haven't really had me at a disadvantage I couldn't get out of yet," replied Jaden, "I was really expecting some sweet and super-strong monsters, or extremely rare cards."

"You know," realized Syrus, "Jaden's right, it feels like Abidos is playing with a starter deck."

"Looks like Jaden's got this in the bag then," finished Chazz.

"I wouldn't be too sure," spoke up Jenny, crossing her arms and giving a peculiar look at Abidos.

"Why not?" asked Alexis, "He is basically dueling with a Starter Deck, right?"

"Exactly," replied Jenny, "It IS a Starter Deck, one that just released four days ago. It's a Zombie Deck featuring the Three Sarcophagi and their highlight monster, 'Spirit of the Pharaoh', which I just remembered the name of now that I remembered the deck."


"But these cards were the same that I used in my time," gasped Abidos, before realizing something, "I guess I never had a true duel after all."

"Well then, I guess this will have to be your first," said Jaden, "Now get up and take your next turn! Also, lose the mask; it's hiding your true self, and your true potential. I'll throw down a facedown and end my turn."

"Very well," replied Abidos, taking off his mask, "Let's do this, shall we? I bring out "The Third Sarcophagus' during your end phase, and now tribute all three of them for 'Spirit of the Pharaoh' in attack mode!"

Spirit of the Pharaoh

Attribute: Light

Type: Zombie

Level: 6

Atk: 2500

Def: 2000

Effect: Can only be special Summoned via 'The First Sarcophagus'.

Effect2: When this card is Special Summoned successfully, special summon up to four Level two or below Normal Zombie-Type Monsters from your graveyard.

"Okay, Level 6 and 2500 attack points are good and all, but I was expecting more," spoke up Jaden.

"And I'm giving it," said Abidos, "I bring back two 'Pharaonic Protectors' and two 'Pharaoh's Servants' from the Graveyard."

"Well, if that's the case, then I play 'Invincible Hero'!" countered Jaden.

Invincible Hero

Type: Normal Trap

Effect: Select one monster on your field. It cannot be destroyed in battle until the End Phase.

"And now, Sparkman can't be destroyed in battle," added Jaden, "Beat that!"

"I think I will," countered Abidos, "I play thousand energy! This gives my servants a boost, enough to give that Sparkman a REAL beating! ATTACK EVERYONE!

Jaden: 3100-2800-2500-2200-1900-1000

Abidos: 1800

"Jaden, you better work something out next turn," spoke up Jenny, "I'd hate to have to get back your spirit key for you, especially after you encouraged your opponent into victory!"

"And I'm not done yet, I play 'Soul Guide'," continued Abidos, "This lets me sacrifice a Zombie-Type Monster on my field and gain life points equal to its attack points!"

Abidos: 1800-3700

Jaden: 1000

This got Jaden chuckling, confusing Abidos.

"You do realize it shouldn't be funny when you're about to lose your soul," quipped Abidos.

"The reason I'm laughing is because you left yourself open, just like before," replied Jaden, drawing his next card, and getting the one he needed right then and there, "I start out with Clayman in attack mode! Next, I activate 'O-Oversoul' from my hand!"


Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Special summon one non-effect 'Elemental Hero' monster from your graveyard.

"Why did I even doubt Jaden?" questioned Jenny with a shake of her head.

"See, that Three-card combo wasn't bad, but I've got a Four-card combo that makes it look that way," continued Jaden, "I play the spell card: 'HERO Flash!'"
Hero Flash!

Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Remove from play 'Heated Heart', 'Emergency Call', 'Righteous Justice', and 'Oversoul' to activate this card. Special Summon one non-effect 'Elemental Hero' from your deck. All non-effect Elemental Heroes can attack directly during this turn only.

"No way, can he do that, Jenny?" asked Syrus.

"Yep, totally legal as of last month," replied a grinning Jenny, "It's been funny seeing him try and fail at it five other times, considering he won before he got to play that combo."

Abidos: 3700-3100-2100-900-0

"Hey, you okay," spoke up Jaden, after seeing the expression on Abidos's face.

"I'm perfectly fine," replied Abidos, "In fact, better than ever. I have a lot to learn, and I would be honored if you returned with me to teach me more."

'Again with Jaden being a good Dueling teacher?' thought Jenny, 'Maybe for the practical only.'


"Oh no!" cried out Syrus, "Not again!"

'But Jaden will never change,' thought Alexis, with a smile, 'He's too honorable to do otherwise.'

Jaden politely declined, but was up for a rematch at anything, much like any other duelist. After returning everyone to the ground, Abidos bade them farewell, but not before giving Jaden his crown. On the way back to the dorms, Jaden was giving praise to Abidos, and the crown he got.

"My collection is starting to grow," replied Jaden.

"I don't know about that, Jaden," said Jenny, walking up next to him, and swiping the crown, "This is still a shadow charm, which allowed Abidos to utilize the powers of the Shadow Realm. Maybe I should hold onto this, so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands."

"What's that supposed to mean!?" asked Jaden, feeling offended.

"You do realize this crown is why he was able to Master the Tablets of the YuGiOh monsters from long ago, right?" asked Jenny, twirling the crown a bit before catching it in a strong grip.

"Yeah, why?" asked Alexis.

"Well, why the guys were in detention, I did some follow up research on Abidos," explained Jenny, "His Kingdom was attacked a few years after his height of power and dueling streak. He saved his Kingdom, but gave his life in his greatest tablet combination ever. Something he picked up from who he called 'an even greater duelist with a bigger heart for the meaning of the battle'."

"Whoa," said Chazz, surprised, "He really said that!?"

"Yeah," said Jenny, getting a far off look, "He did. They were his dying words after he won his last duel."

"I guess he really lived up to the Legend after all," said Syrus, having new respect for Abidos.

"Yep," said Jenny, turning around and heading down the fork towards the Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm, "Night!"

Two days later, after class, Jenny pulled out the three artifacts from the previous duels. These three along with the Glove she got from Tania and the Amulet that Jaden had makes five Shadow Artifacts, greatly mirroring the Seven Millennium Items. The next two Shadow Riders would most like having the other two Shadow Artifacts. With all Seven, who knows what would happen?

Suddenly, all four artifacts started glowing, and Jenny felt a chilling presence on the Island. This was darker than any of the previous Shadow Riders, who were each dark enough in their own right, but this…

Jenny grabbed her deck and disk before rushing out, barely remembering to lock her door without locking herself out. She raced through the island towards the source of this darkness…

The Abandoned Dorm


"…memory! That's the deal!" she heard Alexis's voice.

"Alexis!" shouted Jenny, jumping down next to her, "What are you doing!?"

"Getting her brother's memory back, what else?" said Titan, "But if I win, I get her Spirit Key AND her soul! Before now, up until the end of Last Year, I was but a charlatan, a fake in the ways of Shadow Dueling. However, now that I've been in the Shadows myself, I am a true and complete Shadow Rider!"

"Alexis!" shouted Jaden, as he and the rest of the crew arrived, except for Bastion.

"Jaden, stay back! It's her turn now!" called back Jenny.

"Don't I know it!" countered Jaden, "Alexis, show this punk what it means to be Obelisk Queen!"

Alexis fought down a blush as she got her duel disk ready, 'I'm not gonna let down my brother, or fiancé.'

Titan: 4000

Alexis: 4000

"And I'll start with Picador Fiend," said Titan, "I'll set down a facedown and end my turn."

"I summon out Cyber Tutu, in attack mode!" declared Alexis.

"I thought this was a duel, not a Doll Show!?" quipped Titan.

"Really, it's more like a dance," spoke up Jenny, "One Tutu's going to do right passed that fiend of yours!"

"But not before I add in 'Allegro Toile'!" continued Alexis.

Allegro Toile

Type: Normal Spell

Effect: When you have normal summoned a monster, select and destroy one spell/trap card on your opponent's field and destroy it.

"I'm not an Obelisk Queen for my good looks," smirked Alexis, "I earned my spot! And no obvious single facedown will ever make me let my guard down!"

"You tell him, girlfriend," smiled Jenny, "Now give that Tutu a chance to show him a new meaning of 'dance off'."

Titan: 3000

"No way, she's in the lead," said Syrus, somewhat amazed, earning a twitching eye in response from Jenny.

"Her resolve to duel for her brother has given her a strong start against Titan's shadow creatures," agreed Zane.

"My go, and I attack!" started Titan, not wasting any time.

"And I activate my trap: Double Passe!" countered Alexis, "Sure I take a hit, but I'm allowed to give one in return! Go Tutu, give him an encore performance!"

Jenny: 2400

Titan: 2000

"She's got this in the bag if she can keep this up," cheered Jaden.

"It's still early, Jaden," replied Zane.

"Yeah, three turns doesn't win a duel, most of the time," added Chazz.

"Alexis, you can do this. Just keep your heart strong," encouraged Jenny.

This caused Titan to laugh.

"Didn't take you for a comedian!" continued Jenny, turning to Titan, her fear long since over.

"I remember the last time we met, and how you two were easy victims who had to have saviors to rescue them," explained Titan.

"Well, yeah, that's not a lie," admitted Jenny, "However, this time around…"

"I'm the one fighting back for myself!" added Alexis, 'and my brother.'

"It's not that! Last time, you were bait to lure my prey, now you ARE the prey! My focus is now on you and you won't escape anytime soon. I'll start with 'Ritual of the Matador'!"

"This isn't good," said Jenny, "The Matador isn't physically strong, but his effect makes him extremely difficult to defeat."

"She's right," agreed Titan, "And sending 'Summoned Skull' to the graveyard allows me to summon out 'Archfiend Matador'."

Archfiend Matador

Attribute: Dark

Type: Fiend/Ritual

Level: 6

Atk: 0

Def: 0

Effect: This card cannot be destroyed in battle.

Effect2: Destroy any monster that battles with this card at the end of the damage step.

Effect3: You take no battle damage involving this card.

"And I'll add in the Field spell," continued Titan, "Dark Arena! And with that I'll end my turn."

"Oh great," said Jenny, squinting through the darkness, "Double trouble, and it's not getting better."

"My go," said Alexis, "And I'll start with Polymerization! This let's me fusion summon Cyber Blader!"

Cyber Blader

Attribute: Earth

Type: Warrior

Level: 7

Atk: 2100

"And her effect goes off," continued Alexis, "With two monsters on your side of the field, my attack doubles, and this duel's done no matter which monster I attack!"

Cyber Blader

Atk: 2100-4200

"Alexis, don't!" warned Jenny.

"Attack Picador!" ordered Alexis.

"Thanks to Dark Arena, I get to choose your attack target, and I choose my Matador!" countered Titan, watching in glee when Cyber Blader was destroyed.

"What just happened!?" cried out Alexis.

"Matador's effect!" said Jenny, "I told you, his effect makes it next to impossible to be destroyed."

"Well, it doesn't matter, I still have Tutu," grumbled Alexis.

"Not really," countered Jenny, "You're forgetting her effect can only be applied if all the opponent's monsters are stronger than her, and that Matador has no physical strength, like I said before!"

"Which means…" realized Alexis.

"Which means she gets to attack Picador, and gets destroyed!"

Alexis: 1800

"I play Cyber Gymnast in Defense mode, and end my turn!" finished Alexis.

"My go, and I'll summon 'Banderillero Fiend' in attack mode, whose effect allows me to destroy Cyber Gymnast; however, it can't attack the turn it's summoned. However, with Picador still out, you still take damage!"

Alexis: 200

Alexis couldn't fight the pain anymore and fell down.

"And with that, this duel is done."

"What, no 'How I Returned for my Revenge' speech!?" quipped Jenny, kneeling next to Alexis and helping her get back up, "Seriously, I'm over being scared of you; however, I'm curious as to how you escaped the Shadow Realm."

"I got some help from the leader of the Shadow Riders, and this Charm let's me be ONE with the Shadows! Alexis has no hope of winning, and you, dear Jennifer, are next!"

Jenny looked to Alexis, who gave her a knowing look, before they both looked back at Titan.


"You really haven't learned the true meaning of Dueling, have you?" asked Jenny.

"What's that supposed to mean!?" questioned Titan.

"All you care about it power, the Powers of the Shadow Realm in this instance," added Alexis, "However, Power means nothing unless you have a good and true reason to use that power. You need a Right Reason to Duel!"

"Where did that come from, your pathetic Brother!?" quipped Titan, "This duel is over and you know it."

"I still have one more turn! And with it, I can still win!" grunted Alexis, fighting back the pain, drawing her card.

"There's no single card that win you this duel now, and even then, you need a combo to even try!" taunted Titan.

Just then, Alexis heard a voice, "ALEXIS! Beat this poser! You CAN do this! You never needed power before, but you can certainly use it now with the right reason!"

"Well, it's a good thing I have my combo!" smirked Alexis, taking her brother's words to heart, "I play 'Pot of Greed'! With two cards, I play the 'Warrior Returning Alive' and 'Fusion Recovery'! This let's me Fusion Summon for a second Cyber Blader!"

"And she's ready for some payback!" added Jenny.

"You two MUST be delirious," replied Titan, "You forget my Matador's effect that quickly!?"

"Nope, but you seem to forget Cyber Blader's multiple effects just as easily," countered Jenny.

"With three monsters out, no other effects can be triggered! Which means, I CAN destroy that Matador AND your life points!" called out Alexis.

Alexis: 200

Titan: 0

"I won't go alone!" shouted Titan, calling upon his charm one last time, dragging Jenny with him into the Shadow Realm.


"JENNY!" shouted her friends.

(Shadow Realm)

"Fine, you want one more round," declared Jenny, now ready to get rid of Titan once and for all, "Then let's wager my Key vs. Your Shadow Artifact!"

"I use my Shadow Artifact to become 'Archfiend Empress'! No monster you have is stronger than this card!"

"Actually, I have two, but I'm not gonna cheat to win with a High Level Monster! I become 'Cornelia'! And her effect allows me to destroy one monster on my Opponent's field! I love winning with non-violence!"


Jenny turned into Cornelia and destroyed Archfiend Empress, earning her fifth Shadow Artifact as a result.

(Abandoned Dorm)

As soon as Jenny disappeared, she suddenly reappeared with a familiar Mask in her hands. She looked at all her friends, and Atticus, and said one thing.

"The Nightmare is over," said Jenny, "Titan is gone for good."

"Then Let's get out of here," spoke up Crowler, "I may approve of this trip to the Abandoned Dorm due to unique circumstances, but we still need to leave. There's no reason for staying here any longer than necessary."

No one argued and everyone headed out, leaving the Abandoned Dorm behind, hopefully for good.

"Atty, I missed you so much," said Alexis.

"And I missed you as well, Lexi," replied Atticus, "Now we can put this nightmare behind us."

"That's nice and all, but there are some questions that need answering," countered Alexis, "What happened last year?"

"I don't really know," said Atticus, "What I do know is that a few of us were asked to come here for a special duel test. Something like an early graduation exam for excelling students or something, but all that was here were those Shadow Fiends. For months I was in the Shadow Realm, slowly losing myself until this creature, Nightshroud, was all that was left. I couldn't fight back, at least not until you tried to take Jaden's place in our duel."

"But that doesn't explain WHY you came here," interjected Jenny, "Who told you to come here in the first place?"

"It was Professor Banner," replied Atticus.

That name now sent a chill down Jenny's spine, one of hurt and betrayal. Banner did this, but to what point and purpose though?

No body could say anything at this latest development, as it was a shock to everyone there, even Crowler who had known Banner much longer than the students.

'Why do I have the feeling that this may be our greatest Obstacle yet?' thought Jenny.

(Chapter End)

Yeah, I know, but I wanted to keep it short. Also, I apparently got the episode wrong, I thought the next two were in reverse order, but instead it's Duel Monster's Spirit Day next, followed by the next Alexis Episode. Oh well, at least she gets some more spotlight. So yeah, let's keep things moving with Digimon next.

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