Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne?

"Excuse me, may I get you a drink?" Frasier smiled at the pert blonde.

"Sure that would be nice."

"What are you having?"

"Champagne… It's almost midnight," she laughed. Frasier laughed as well and then got two glasses.

"Aren't you going to offer to get me a drink?"

Frasier nearly dropped his glass when he heard that voice. There was no mistaking that icy tone; he would know the owner of that voice anywhere.


"Frasier. Delightful to see you as always. And who is your companion?"

"I'm not his companion. He just got me my drink." The woman smiled as she excused herself.

"See what you did Lilith? I had a chance with her and you ruined it. Thanks a lot!"

"Please, the woman was as flaky as a bowl of cereal," Lilith snickered.

Frasier rolled his eyes. "What are you doing here anyways?"

"Dr. Lowenstein is a friend of mine as well. I worked with him on a paper recently and he invited me here. Frederick is with his friend for the weekend and is in very good hands."

"So you couldn't have brought him to visit me for the weekend?" Frasier asked, hurt.

"I assumed, correctly so, that you had plans. And I had asked Frederick and he had wanted to spend the weekend with his friend. I'm sorry Frasier," Lilith said, seeing the hurt on her ex-husband's face. She knew that the divorce had been painful for him years ago but any type of rejection by Frederick was devestating, especially now that he was at that age that his priorities were his friends.

"I understand. Kids and their friends," Frasier laughed to mask the hurt. The last thing in the world he wanted was anyone's pity, least of all Lilith's. He could handle it from anyone if need be but not from Lilith. He wanted-needed-her to see her to see how far he'd come from the day he'd stood out on the ledge, ready to jump to catch her attention. Of course, he'd had no intention to jump, and both he and Lilith knew that, but still that was not his finest hour. He'd worn his heart out on his sleeve for that woman, and he didn't want to serve it up for her again. Dr. Frasier Crane was successful, comfortable, and happy, and it was important for him that Lilith know that.

"Well the countdown is on," Lilith said as she lifted her glass.

"Ten…" Maybe it was the alcohol but suddenly Lilith was looking very attractive.

"Nine…"Why hadn't she noticed how well Frasier had aged?

"Eight." She always looked quite appealing with her hair down.

"Seven." He'd lost a bit of weight, and looked quite good, sexy even.

"Six." She could look so alluring when she wanted to.

"Five." He always wore his expensive suits well.

"Four." Was it just his imagination or was she looking at him with those eyes?

"Three." She never gave him enough credit but he was a wonderful lover. Why was she thinking about that now?

"Two." What would happen if he took her in his arms and kissed her the way he used to?

"One. Happy New Year," They both exclaimed right before Lilith fell into Frasier's arms as he swept her into a passionate embrace and kissed her, with memories of all the times they had kissed flooding back to them. This should have felt wrong but it didn't. Frasier knew that Lilith was the love of his life and no matter what road he took it always led back to her. He pulled back and she gave a knowing smile, and they both knew that they had started something that they had no idea where it would to. But for all of their reservations, like the new year, it was time to start fresh, and to throw caution to the wind. This time they were ready. They would see to it.

The end