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Warnings: Smut that is a bit dub-con (It isn't rape, just...foreceful?) and RELEVATIONS!

Note: After much debate, and arguing with my beloved cousin, it was decided that the way I had planned on handling the Finn situation sucked. So, it was changed, and will not be in this chapter.

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I am going to kill Noah Puckerman. Seriously, I think I might.

Not only is the guy an asshole, but he touched my boy. Innopropriately.

You see, Mr. Schuester, the brilliant man that he is, decided that his damn hat was an acceptable way to partner up students. Then, to make matters even more fun, you had to sing a song to your partner that describes how you feel about them. Puck got Kurt.

I got Finn.

Obviously, I was a bit more concerned with finding a song that would convey hatred politely then the fact that Kurt got stuck with that crude, over-muscled boy. After all, Puck was straight. At least, he was supposed to be.

But after walking in to glee club a few minutes ago, I'm not sure if that's completely true.

Because his hand on my boyfriend's perfectly shaped ass sort of went against that theory.

Now, you must understand, it's the day before the full moon. I'm not exactly calm around this time. So really, what would you expect? Was I not supposed to tackle the other guy and start punching him repeatedly?

Of course, as I'm a werewolf, Finn had no luck pulling me off of his friend, and, much to my amusement, he was the only one who even tried. I distinctly overheard Santana say something about 'homosexual porn', but I was a bit busy.

Mr. Shcue eventually came in and yelled one of his intimidating 'enough, guys!' and despite my every instinct telling me to beat Puckerman until he could no longer breath, I removed myself from him. I'd just hate for Mr. Schue to realize how little power he has over his students.

Finn pulled Puck up easily. Puck rounded on me.

"What the hell, dude?"

I grit my teeth in attempt not to growl. That might be a bit of a give-away to my...true nature.

"Do not touch my boyfriend. Like, ever."

Well, I didn't growl, but it was pretty close.

Mr. Schue held up his hands.

"Woah, everybody just calm down. He turned to Finn (of course). "What happened?"

"Blaine just up and attacked Puck for no reason!"

I clenched my teeth. My God, I can feel my teeth start to grow. Mr. Schue looked at me with disapproval, but Sam stepped up before he could say anything.

"Now, wait a minute. Blaine was defending Kurt. Puck was totally making a pass at his boy. I mean, that's not cool."

Thank God for Sam, because it would not have sounded nearly as level-headed if I had tried to say that. Tina stepped forward.

"Yeah Mr. Schue. Puck was saying really awful things."

Mr. Schue raised an eyebrow at Kurt.

"Like what?"

Kurt looked warily at me.

"I don't think I should say..."

Smart boy. I attacked the second I saw a hand on Kurt that didn't belong to me. There's no telling what I'd do if I heard even one suggestive comment directed at my love. I clenched my fists once that actually sunk in. He was propositioning my boyfriend. My sweet, innocent boyfriend who's still uncomfortable talking about sex outside of the bedroom and has confidence in his idea that Finn is just trying to play overprotective brother. Puck could totally have been sending him signals that he didn't even pick up on. Puck was notorious for being the other man, what if he was being more then just crude, and actually thought he was going to get some from Kurt? Oh shit, I can feel my nails growing, pressing sharply in to my palm. I have to get out of here...

"Mr. Schue, I'm sorry, but I'm leaving. Right now."

I hurried out as casually as possible (which wasn't very, but I tried). I broke in to a run as soon as I was out of the room, and closed myself in a stall in the nearest bathroom. I reached up, and felt that my ears were pointed. Fuck.

I have to calm down.

Here's the thing about werewolves. We can change some of our physical features to our wolf ones whenever, but we can't actually turn in to full out wolves. When I get really pissed, especially when it's close to the full moon, I sort of lose the line between me and the wolf, and well, pointed ears happen. Pointed ears, dagger-like canines and claws. My eyes are probably gold and wolfish as well, but I didn't stop to check in a mirror, so I don't really know.

"Blaine? Honey?"

Shit. His smell, his voice, everything about him is calling out to me. I want him, as always, but the wolf does too. It always has, but I've refused it so far.

There's no way I can deny my instincts if he gets much closer.

"Kurt," I growl out. (Did I mention how low and dangerous my voice sounds at times like this?) "You need to get out of here."

He didn't listen. He knocked on the door to the stall I was in tentivly, before opening the door slowly. I was facing away from him, my head against the wall and my breathing heavy as I tried to will away the wolf.

"Blaine, whatever it is, you can tell me. I promise, I just want to help."

"Kurt, please baby-"

It was over the moment his hand touched my shoulder.

I whipped around, grabbed him by the hips, slammed him in to the wall and had our mouths smashed together before he was able to get a good look at me. He gasped, and tried to recipricate, but there really wasn't much he could do besides open his mouth and give in.

"Blaine!' he gasped. "What's..."

At that moment I pulled away, and he saw. His eyes widened, and I was immediately surrounded by the scent of fear. That didn't help to calm me. Not. One. Bit.

"Your, Blaine, your eyes,"

"Turn around."

"B-Blaine we're in school!"


I didn't even give him a chance to respond; I turned him around myself. I then proceeded to literally tear off his shirt with my claws. Oh God, I can't stop. I ran my nails lightly down his back, watching him shiver.

"He touched you."

Kurt gasped at the growl that followed my statement. I stepped closer, pressing him firmly against the wall.

"Why did he touch you?"

Kurt gulped.

"I, I don't know."

I raised an eyebrow.

"You don't know?"

He shook his head frantically.

I growled again, and yanked his pants down, leaving him completely uncovered. I ran my hands down his sides, stopping their journey at his hips and squeezing roughly.

"That's highly dissapointing, because I don't know either." I allowed my nails to dig into his hips lightly, pressing just enough to draw blood. "I thought I'd made it very clear to everyone who you belong to. I'm always there for you, protecting you and keeping you safe. I've been very careful about stating our status as well. I sing to you in public, Kurt, what more do I need to do to keep boys like him away?"

He gasped at the sensation of my nails bearing in to him, but didn't try to discourage me. I moved my hands back to his ass, squeezing, and pressed my mouth against his ear.

"Tell me, Kurt. What do you think I should do?"

He shuddered.

"I don't know," he admitted quietly. I smirked.

"That's alright, baby. I know exactly what to do, okay? I'll make sure he never comes near you again." I unzipped my pants, and pulled my cock out. "Turn back around."

He did as he was told, much to the wolf's approval. I stroked his hair, and pulled his hand towards my mouth. I licked at his fingers, coating them with saliva as much as I could without actually taking them in to my mouth. I led his hand back behind him, and pressed one of his fingers to his entrance.

"Prepare yourself, Kurt."

I watched in fascination as he opened himself up for me. The faces he made and the little gasps and mewling was too much. I grabbed his shoulders and shoved him to his knees roughly, smirking slightly at his expression when that caused the fingers he had in himself to press against his prostate roughly.

"Open your mouth."

He did immediately, and I shoved my cock past his lips, not even bothering to warn before pulling out and plunging back in. I twisted my hands in his hair, holding him still. This only continued for a minute or two before I pulled out completely, yanked him back up and shoved him back against the wall.


"Hush, angel. I'm going to make sure Puckerman never even thinks about coming near you again." I growled, turning him around so that his face was pressed against the wall. "I'm going to mark you up, Kurt. So many nice marks that you won't ever be able to hide them all. I'll fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk. Everyone will look at you limping and know it was because of me. I'm the only one who ever gets to touch you like this, the only one who gets to have you. Do you understand?"

He whimpered, pushing back against me.

"Yes, I, please, Blaine."

I smirked.

"That's my boy."

I entered him on that note, and barely gave him time to adjust before pulling out and slamming back in again. I kept a fast, rough pace, and allowed my nails to go back to digging in to Kurt's soft flesh. I mouthed at his neck, kissing and licking and muttering dirty words against his jaw. I think my teeth nicked him once or twice, but I was too far gone to be concerned. Kurt had his fist against his mouth, trying valiantly to muffel the noises he was making. He didn't really do the best job, but why would I step in and keep him quiet? We were pretty close to the chior room, so maybe Puck can hear him screaming my name as quietly as he could. (Which again, not very quiet. It was cute of him to try though.)

His muffled screams became more frantic, and I sped up my pace even further, causing the stall to visibly shake. He came, gasping. I slammed in a few more times before coming as well, biting down harshly on to his shoulder.

I clutched him tightly, realizing he had passed out. I felt oddly calm now, and as my breathing evened I could feel my ears and nails shift back to my normal, human features. My teeth shifted back slowly, drawing out of Kurt's skin as they returned to normal. I sighed, and pulled out of my boyfriend, wiping off and replacing my dick to my pants with one hand as I held him steady with the other. I'd have to take him back to my house. There's no way I'd be able to explain the large and obviously dog-like bite on his shoulder, not to mention the fact that he was unconcious. That worried me, actually. I know it's not unheard of for someone to pass out from sex, but I didn't think it was supposed to last very long. Still, it was nothing I couldn't handle.

I cleaned him up the best I could, before looking at my watch. There would be a class change in about fifteen minutes.

I gently pulled Kurt's pants back up, before glaring at the remains of his shirt. He was going to kill me. I grabbed my long winter coat from on top of my messenger bag and put it on him, being sure to button enough buttons so that you couldn't tell he wasn't wearing anything but jeans underneath. I slung our bags over my shoulder, before placing an arm under his knees and another around his back and picking him up gently. I kicked the stall door open and calmly left. The halls were empty, and ten minutes was plenty of time to get to my car. After all, the parking lot was right down the hall.

"Yo! Blaine!"

I turned to see Artie, who looked us over with confusion.

"Umm, what's up with Kurt?"

I glanced down at him, and saw him shift slightly to bury his face in to my neck.

"Oh, um, he's just a bit tired, is all," I answered quietly, avoiding the wheelchaired boy's eyes.

"Ohhh, okay. You get some, man."

My eyes snapped to his face, which displayed a large smirk.

"Yes," I stated cautiously. "Thank you. I' that."

I slowly turned and walked away.

You know, I think Artie can join Sam and Mike on my favorites list.

Kurt remained unconcious for the ride home. I was really starting to get worried. What if he lost too much blood? I mean, should I take him to a hospital? I could say we were attacked by a dog or something, but it would be a bit awkward, seeing as I'd have to say the dog tried to rape him to explaine the position of some of the marks.

I decided against it, since Kurt was breathing regularly and his pulse was normal. (Yes, I am capable of being responsible when the need be.)

I carried up to my room and laid him down on my bed, before carefully removing his shoes and pants. I crawled next to him and began un-buttoning the coat when I heard him softly call my name. My eyes flew to his, and we just stared at each other for a moment, before he slowly closed his eyes and went back in to his sleep.

I let out the breath I'd been holding, and ran a hand through my hair frantically. Oh, fuck.

His eyes had been golden.

AN: Yeah, I made Kurt a werewolf. I didn't know if I was going to, because I think it would be a bit of a trust-breaker if Blaine purposely changed him, and I didn't want Kurt to go all Twilight on me and beg to be changed. So, I decided to piss Blaine off so some of his features would change and he'd lose a lot of his control and do it without thinking/accidentally.

But I actually really like this chapter. We're finally about to get shit done. I'm going to try and finish this up, since it's the closest of my stories to being finished, and I planned a sequal, but I don't want to start on that until I know I'll be able to write. (That basically means I'm going to focus on this story more then the others for now.)

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