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Gringott's Lobby

"Shopping?" said Vector, "How are you going to pay for it? We didn't go get any gold."

"The benefits of being rich." I said, pulling my wallet out and waving it at her. "Attuned to my magical signature and everything."

"Even if you are rich, you shouldn't spend your money frivolously." chided Vector.

"You wound me. I payed a measly seven galleons for this, and had all additional fees waived." I said, continuing out the great doors of Gringotts. "So, this might actually save me money in the long run. First stop, luggage." I said, walking to the luggage store I had spied on the way through the alley that morning.

"Wait up!" shouted Vector as she ran after me.

Arriving at the trunk store, Steamers & Beyond, I begin my perusal of their goods, evaluating with the fine eye of a master.

"Ahg, who am I kidding, they all look the same. Just different woods and fastenings and styles. Where is the information on each trunk? Or is it you choose the trunk and when you bring it to the counter they charm it how you want?" I ask the air.

"Yes," the air replied. Or maybe it was that guy leaning over my shoulder, "after you pick out the trunk you want, you bring it to me and I customize it as you like." said Creepy Old Man.

"Right, will do." I say, "Now, what is what?"

"Well, what do you want?" asked C.O.M.(Creepy Old Man)

"I want something durable, something that will last me til the day I die. Never want to have to buy another trunk for the rest of my life."

"Right. I have an Ironwood Steamer with Mythril fastenings that is covered and bound in the hide of a Ukrainian Ironbelly. Its outer dimensions are 50cm tall by 60cm wide by 100cm long. Guaranteed to last one-hundred years. So, young man, what features do you wish?" asked COM.

"First, what can we do with the inside?" I ask.

"Well, I can increase the internal volume by one-hundred fold, I can give you multiple compartments, each customizable to suit your needs. One compartment can be a library, one a potions lab, another a bedroom, a swimming pool, a prison cell, whatever you can think of." said COM, grinning creepily.

"Well, how about seven compartments. The first a 'public' storage, only expanded to triple the volume, charmed to keep it's contents from being damaged. Second, a library compartment, charmed to be a never ending bookshelf and to keep the books in peak condition. Third, a workstation, fit for potions, woodwork, leather-working, tinkering, and even metalworking. Fourth, a fully expanded room with mirrors on all four walls and a firm, yet padded, floor. Fifth, an office setup. The last two should be fully expanded with strong stasis spells, for storage. Everything charmed to reduce the weight." I outlined, "Good enough to start with. Let's get to the details. The first is self explanatory, if someone were to get in without permission, this will be all they see, no matter what they do to try to get into another compartment. The second should just appear to be a place to store books normally, but I should be able to scroll through what I have available. The third should be properly ventilated so that there is not a buildup of fumes, it should be durable. Two opposing walls should have workbenches, one unoccupied wall should contain a forge and necessary equipment for metalworking, the other wall should contain a storage cabinet for potions and their ingredients, charmed to protect them from everything. The fourth room should have a reinforced floor and should be made shock resistant, its four walls should have mirrors charmed against breaking. The fifth should be an office setup for a businessman, no wasted resources, efficient. The last two are basic, and to be made for mass storage, again, made to be kept in stasis. For the third, through seventh compartments there should be a ladder attached to a wall so that I can enter and exit them easily. Capiche?"

"Um, yeah? I think I got it. Just to check." said COM, holding out a small notebook that he had been scribbling in as I rattled off what I wanted.

"Yeah, that's about it." I affirm, handing him his notes back, "Oh, what about a featherlight charm? Or does that go on the outside?" I ask.

"Outside." COM answered, "Now, on to the exterior. So, what do you want?" he said, preparing to write down my requirements.

"Well, featherlight, of course. Weather resistant. Um, security, let's see." I say, rubbing at my non-existent goatee, "a dial set into the locking mechanism for me to select which compartment, warded to unlock only to my magical signature and a password, notice-me-not ward, shrinkable on command, hum." I pause, "what can you do about appearance? Like adding details, engravings or inscriptions?" I ask.

"Practically anything." was the reply.

"So, I want the Potter crest on the front, and the initials H J P on the front of the lid in black."

"P-p-p-potter?" said COM, "YOU are Harry Potter?" COM all but shouted.

"Yeah, what of it?" I ask, disinterested.

"I can't believe it, Harry Potter, in MY shop. Oh happy day." COM looked to begin dancing any moment.

"Yes, I am Harry Potter." I interrupt, "Now that you have what I want, how long until you are done and I can pick it up?"

"Oh, I'll make it my top priority, I'll have it done in two hours." said COM.

"While I thank you for that, please don't rush and make any mistakes please."

"oh, don't worry about that Mr Potter, I'll make sure to stay focused." said COM, "See you in two hours."

"Right, see you." I said as I left the shop.

"Not what I expected to happen." Said Vector, who had done a good job at remaining unnoticed at the shop.

"Well, we have two hours till we have to be back there. How about we go for my wand and then have lunch before heading back." I suggest.

"Ah, yes good idea." said Vector as she began to lead me to Ollivander's.

I wonder what wand I will get? Will it matter that my psyche is different than that of the original Harry? Or is the match determined by the 'taste' or 'flavor' of my magic? For that matter, how has my being in this body affected it? I pondered as we entered the shop,

"Ah, Mr Potter, I've been waiting for you." said a voice from behind me. Thankfully, some quirk of my personality makes it nearly impossible to startle me from behind.

"Hello, sir. Did I keep you waiting long?" I asked as I watched him come to stand before me. The thought that Ollivander might be a Legillimens struck me just then, so I started thinking of the last movie I had seen before my trip diagonally through time and space.

"Not at all, child. Thank you though." said Ollivander, "Now, which is your wand arm?"

"My right, sir." I reply, raising said arm, palm up.

"Ah, yes." said the old man as he began to measure my arm, and other things. "I remember when your father came in here. . ." he began. Not really interested, I let my mind wander over the contents of the store. It was rather dusty, which was strange as one sweep of the wand could probably clean it all up. There was nothing on the long counter that separated the back of the store from where they were currently. Looking to check the walls to the side, I saw that they were mostly bare. The only decoration was a license to do business that looked to be several centuries old.

At this point I heard that Vectors wand was made from vine-wood, twelve and a quarter inches, containing hairs from the forelock of a unicorn mare, a particularly old one at that. It seems her wand is given to more intellectual pursuits. And finally came the time to begin testing wands. It went along like the books, nothing matched. Finally, a good forty-five minutes after we began, he pulled out the canon wand. Holly with phoenix feather, eleven inches, brother wand to Voldie's. Taking it in my hand, I waited.

Nothing. So it seems that me being here has affected my magic. I thought.

Ollivander practically glared at the wand in my hand before snatching it up, muttering about how he was sure he had it that time. And so the process began again.

After a hour and twenty minutes, or four-hundred-seventy-three wands, we finally hit the jackpot.

"Hawthorn, Hippogriff pinion core, thirteen inches, firm." said Ollivander.

"What specialties?" I asked.

"It has none." said Ollivander before correcting himself, "That is to say that it is equally strong in all fields of magic, even opposing fields. It is also quite powerful, that combination of wood and core seem to react strongly together." summarized Ollivander.

"Hm, makes sense." I said quietly.

"How so, Mr Potter?" asked Ollivander, genuinely confused and curious.

"Well, the hawthorn tree symbolizes, among other things, contradiction and relationships, while the hippogriff symbolizes impossibility and romance. . ." I trailed off, letting him draw his own conclusions.

"Well, that will be six galleons Mr Potter." said Ollivander as he retrieved the wand from my hand to box it up.

"Do you have Wand Polish?" I ask.

"Ah yes, good idea. That will be twelve sickles." said Ollivander as he retrieved a jar from behind the counter.

"Got any holsters back there?"

"No, sorry, you'll find those at The Poor Shoemaker, down by the Cauldron." he said as I was paying.

"Right, thanks fir the info." I say as I turn to leave. Opening the door we head out.

"So, quick lunch at the Cauldron then a wand holster before picking up the trunk." I suggest. Vector just seems to nod and follow along.

"Hey, Prof. Vector, why have you been so quiet?" I ask.

"Well, you really seem to know what you're doing, and I'm trying to figure out why you are so mature." admitted Vector.

"Well, I know what I need on the trip, besides just what is on the list, and I am decent at planning ahead when I need to, so I guess that is why I seem to know what I'm doing." I offer, "As to why I am so mature, well, I've heard this analogy before and I think it fits. I've been 'tested in the fires of life' or something like that. Just like a smith will heat and temper a his steel, so I have been tempered." I state.

"That was a little above what you should know." said Vector.

"Eh, I read it somewhere. In the bible I think." I said, "It was one of the few books that the Dursleys wouldn't take from me when I was reading." I pause, "The only book they didn't take, I think."

"The Bible?" asked Vector.

"A religious text. A proper one weighs about three kilos." I said, "Probably read the whole thing a few times, in bits and pieces mind you, and almost never in order." I informed her.

"And do you conform to this religion?" she asked.

"No. If I do, I essentially damn myself to hell." I answer.

"Why is that?"

"The God of that religion doesn't like those who practice magic. I believe the words are 'suffer not a witch to live.'" I said as we walked in through the back door of the Cauldron.

"Oh." said Vector.

"Let's sit at the bar." I said, walking over to said location. In my peripheral vision I saw Vector shrug and follow. Sitting down, I waited for Tom to approach.

"Hello there, what can I do for you?" asked Tom from behind me. Turning some, making sure to keep my identity secret as much as possible, I address Tom.

"Yeah, how about just a quick sandwich and some water." I state.

"And you Ma'am?" asked Tom of Vector.

"The same."

As Tom walked off, I began my interrogation of her.

"So, what is Hogwarts like? And don't sugarcoat it." I ask.

"Well, the students are divided into four houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin." she began. "Each house is made up of those with certain traits. For Gryffindor, the traits are bravery, chivalry, and courage. For Ravenclaw they are intelligence and a thirst for knowledge for its own sake. Hufflepuff's are hard work and loyalty. Slytherin's are cunning and ambition." she summarized.

"Alright, now, what are the common views on each house?" I prompt.

"Gryffindors are thought to blindly rush into danger. They are also believed to be inherently Light. Ravenclaws are seen as being bookworms, only good at academics, nothing else. Hufflepuffs are seen as near squibs, those with no talent. Slytherin is seen as the house of Dark wizards in training. It is also the home of the purebloods." said Vector. "Hecate have mercy on any muggleborn to end up in there, they'll be dead in a month."

"So you believe them capable of murder?"

"Some of them. Others might just see it at killing an animal, or as a sport." she shuddered. "But, there are some who are neutral. Those are about the only Slytherins you should ever interact with."

"Alright, so, how about the teachers and head?"

"Alright, let's start with Dumbledore. He is seen as the modern day Merlin, leader of the Light, and several other titles. He sets himself up as an eccentric grandfather, and everybody seems to treat his word as law." she says, clearly placing herself outside of that group. "I don't know why, but he has always just seemed off to me, like I shouldn't trust what I see."


"Next is MacGonagall, the deputy head, head of Gryffindor, and Transfiguration teacher. She is a strict taskmaster who believes the headmaster to be infallible." said Vector, "She also has a massive temper. Next is Severus Snape, the head of Slytherin and potions teacher. He is massively biased towards his own house and against Gryffindor. I have heard some students say that they have learned more about potions on their own outside of class than they did in it. The head of Ravenclaw is Filius Flitwick. He is a diminutive man who is easily excited. Besides that I have only heard good about him as a teacher, a head of house, and as a person. The head of Hufflepuff is Pomona Sprout, the Herbology teacher. She is the embodiment of the house, loyal and hardworking to a fault. If you are ever in the need of a shoulder to cry on, go to her. On another note, if you notice any sort of regular abuse going on, she has a long lasting and vicious temper when one of her students are threatened. So, if you don't get placed into Hufflepuff, try to make yourself an honorary member. Work hard, be loyal, and be a good friend to others." she finished with the Heads. She was about half finished with her sandwich by this point, I had finished mine. "Now, among the other teachers, bring a pillow to history of magic, everyone sleeps through it and the teacher just quotes the book. For astronomy, Aurora Sinistra just seems to fade into the background, so, just be a good student. For Defense, I have no clue as we get a new teacher every year and most of us don't meet them until the week before term starts. Now, the last few are the teachers for the electives. Trelawney, the Divination teacher, is a hack and a fraud. Burbage, the muggle studies teacher is a clueless pureblood with no idea of what the muggle world is like. Kettleburn, the care of magical creatures teacher, is a good, but accident prone teacher. He is currently missing seven fingers and four toes. The runes teacher, Babbling, is thorough, she loves her subject and loves to teach it. Then there is me, the arithmancy teacher. If I see you sacking off in my class, I kick you out." she finished, both her description and her meal. Placing our money on the counter, we head back into the alley. As we walk over to the Shoemaker, I see that it is more of a leather goods store.

Walking in, I start browsing the shelves. I see shoes, boots, aprons, belts, gloves, bracers, cloaks, saddles, crops, whips, scabbards, and holsters. Walking up to the counter, I ask if they do custom orders.

"Yeah, kid. We do customs. Whatchu want?" asks the man behind the counter, a rather homely man.

"Could I get a pair of bracers, one with a wand holster, the other with a small knife sheath." I ask.

"Yeah, that's pretty basic, what else you want?" asks Homely.

"A pair of boots, all four items charmed to gradually get heavier."

"Why d'you want that?"


"Not sure I can do that kid."

"If you can't, don't bother. I can do without." I say.

"Right kid. Come back for em tomorrow." he says.

"In the mean time, could I get a holster?" I ask.

"Yeah, four galleons." says the man. Nodding, I hand over the money. He reaches behind the counter and retrieves a holster, handing it to me. After taking it from the man, I strap it to my left forearm and place my new wand into it. Thanking the man, we turn to leave.

"See you tomorrow kid." he says, waving me off.

"Now to get my trunk." I say to Vector as we head back down the alley to Steamers & Beyond. As we enter, I see COM standing proudly, but tired, over my trunk.

"Right on time Mr Potter. Here's your trunk. Just let me set you up with the lock." he says, "Just press your thumb to the lock and I'll finish it up. There is a manual in the first compartment." he says as he begins to mutter and made a few gestures with his wand. "Right, all done."

"And how much to I owe you?" I ask, already reaching for my wallet.

"No Mr Potter, it's on me." says COM. Now, I don't like charity or gifts of any kind. It makes me feel like I owe them something.

"I can't accept that. How about this. Since you want to just give it to me, how about I pay what it cost you to make it." I offer.

"If you really won't accept it for free, I guess that will work." he says, "The whole thing cost me about 150 galleons. That okay with you?" he asks.

"That's fine." I say as I get the amount from my enchanted wallet. Handing it to the man, I thank him for his work. Opening the first compartment, I pull out the manual and flip to the part about the shrink feature. Nodding, close the trunk, pull my wand from its holster, and tap the crest on the front. Pocketing the now shrunken trunk, we leave the store.

"So, books next? Or robes?" I ask Vector.

"Robes." she answers. I nod in assent before walking towards Malkin's.

Entering the store, I see that it is mostly empty of customers. Save a sandy blonde fourth year boy.

"Ah, deary, another for Hogwarts then?" asks an older woman, I assume that it as Malkin. Directing it more to vector than to me. I nod anyways.

"Yes." replies Vector simply. Nodding, Malkin hustles me up to stand on a stool beside the fourth year.

"Hi," begins the boy, "the name's Cedric Diggory." he says, offering his hand.

"Harry," I reply, shaking his hand.

"Got a last name?" teases Cedric.

"Why, I believe I do. It's around here somewhere." I say as I begin to pat down my clothing as if I am looking for some lost item. "Aha!" I shout, reaching my hand into a pocket and pulling out an imaginary slip of paper. "This says I am Harrison Oswald Greensboro IV. Wait, that's not right." I say, before flipping said imaginary item over. "Ah, here it is. This side says I am Harry James Potter."

By the time I had pulled the imaginary slip of paper from my pocket, Cedric was laughing. When I said the first name, he began clutching his sides he was laughing so hard. When I finally said my name, he practically choked.

"Really?" he asked, still trying to recover from his coughing fit.

"What do you think?" I ask as I reveal the scar on my forehead.

"Wow," he said, seemingly speechless.

"Let me ask you this, why am I such a big deal?" I asked him.

"Huh, what do you mean?" he asked, puzzled.

"Well, I don't think that my surviving the killing curse should give me this kind of long lasting fame." I said, "So, what were you told about me growing up that has such a huge impact on you?"

"Well, it started out as bed time stories my folks told about you. Later there were books that came out that told of all the neat stuff you did growing up." said Cedric.

"Um, neat stuff?" I asked him, I don't like where this is going. Please don't tell me someone has been writing books about me as some sort of child superhero.

"Yeah, my favorite one is where you protected a nest of dragon's eggs from poachers." he said, clearly expecting me to know what he was talking about.

"Well, I'm pretty sure those are all lies." I told him, "I've spent my time out of the public eye being treated like a slave." I continued, "You know, expected to do the work of five full grown men and fed a fifth of what I should eat, no medical treatment when injured, frequent beatings, that kind of stuff." I told him.

"What!" he shouted, "There's no way that's how you were treated. Who raised you?"

"Yes, that is how I was treated." I said, sighing mentally, "And I was raised by my mother's magic hating muggle sister and her magic hating husband. Get the picture?" I asked.

"What, no way." he said, defeated. "Why were you put there?" he asked, finally believing me.

"I don't know why, but I know who did it." I answered.


"You wouldn't believe me." I answered truthfully.

"Yeah I would."

"No, you seriously wouldn't. You've been raised your entire life to believe that he can do no wrong. That whatever he wants is for the best." I answered, hoping he would guess Dumbledore, that would show that he could believe he was capable of such actions.

"Huh?" Cedric asked, well, it was more a questioning grunt, but whatever.

"Can you think of anyone with the authority to seal a will, as in last will in testament, to appoint himself as my guardian, to place me wherever he wanted, even if the person he asked to place me there had serious doubts, and get away with it all?" I asked.

"Um, no, not really." Cedric answered.

"sigh, never mind." I say. Malkin finally shows up with an assistant. Malkin goes over to work with Cedric while the assistant comes to work with me. She looked to be eighteen, had shoulder length chestnut hair, was rather pretty, and a passing resemblance to Madam Malkin.

"Hello, I'm Marilyn Malkin, but you can just call me Marie." offered Marie, "Now, grandma said you're starting Hogwarts this year?"

"Yes, I am. And my names Harry." I said, giving her a short little bow.

"So do you only need the uniform?" Marie asked.

"No, I need everything." I answered, "As you can see, from what I am wearing, I've got little to nothing to wear." I told her, "So your help in selecting a proper wardrobe would be most appreciated." this seemed to startle her a little, as if she had just noticed how poor and ratty my clothes were. That doesn't make any sense, she is a clothier, half of her focus should be on clothes. Hell, it's probably one of the first things she looks at when meeting a person. So why didn't she notice?

"Now, why would you be wearing that?" she asked.

"My relatives don't like me." I answered.

"But why would they buy you such clothes?" she asked again.

"They have never once bought me anything," I paused, "Even my glasses, which they took from a lost and found bin."

"What horrible people." she said, obviously shaken.

"Well, how about we correct that." I said, holding my arms out, "Want to get started?"

"Yeah." she said firmly before taking out a measuring tape and a clipboard before setting to work. As soon as she had measured something with the tape, the proper measurement would appear on the clipboard. Soon, she had all of the measurements that she needed. Some of the measurements were a bit strange to me, like the circumference of my thigh, where she had to place her hands quite close to the family jewels. Now, don't get me wrong, in a few years I'd probably be flirting with her, but now it would just be creepy.

"Any ideas on what colors you want for your other clothes?" she asked.

"I'm fine with most colors, but please stay away from bright or light colors." I say, "I have no problem with color, I just like them to be in darker hues and to be more subtle."

"Alright, I'll keep that in mind." said Marie, "Any other restrictions?" she asked.

"Nope, Just cut loose." I know I will come to regret those words.

"Alright, just let me fit you for your Hogwarts robes and then I'll get to work." she said, and then set words to action. Grabbing a nearby Hogwarts robe of an appropriate size, she began to work. Pinning up arias to be taken in, marking where things were to be with chalk. All the while keeping up a constant stream of talk between us. Some of it on ideas for my wardrobe, other bits talk about Hogwarts and life there, and others still on what she would do to the Dursleys if she ever met them. A thought occurred to me.

"Hey, Marie, for my non-Hogwarts stuff, could we go with a more tunic-and-leggings look. I don't really like the look or feel of these robes." I say, making gestures to myself.

"Actually, that might be a good idea." commented Marie.

"Why is that?" I ask.

"Well, people with a more active lifestyle usually complain about the robes wrapping themselves around their legs and tripping them up, so with the tunic and leggings they won't have that problem." said Marie.

"How about this, just set me up with my Hogwarts robes today, and tomorrow I'll come back and we can go over this in more detail. That way, when some of those active types come in you can already have patterns set up for them to look at."

"Good idea Harry, let's do that." said Marie as she finished marking and pinning my robes. Looking at the marks and concentrating, she casts a spell at the robe I am wearing. Immediately the robe I am wearing melds together in the places she had marked to fit me perfectly. "Right, let's go through the motions, to see if it fits right." after a few minutes of bending, swinging, flexing, sitting, standing, etc. she finally gave a nod of approval before casting the same spell at the stack of robes beside me. It was subtle, but I noticed the robes tightening in the same way as the one I was wearing had.

"Neat." I comment.

"Yeah." said Marie, "So, see you tomorrow. Say, around one."

"Yeah, let's go." I say as I begin to pull the robe off. "Oh, hey," I say after I finally get it off, "Can you do that same thing to make these clothes fit better?" I ask.

"Yeah, good idea." said Marie as she put action to words. The tents I was previously wearing now fit comfortably, even if they were rather ratty.

"Thanks Marie." I said, "How much for the robes?"

"23 galleon 8 sickles." rattled off Marie quickly, she obviously had to do this often.

"Right," I said as I pulled the correct amount from my wallet. After handing her the money I pull my shrunken trunk and my wand out. Setting the trunk on the ground I tap it with my wand to enlarge it. Once the trunk was full size I opened it up and put my Hogwarts robes in the first compartment. At this time I heard a gasp. Turning to look at Marie, the one to make the noise, I see her with one hand held in front of her mouth and the other pointing to the crest on my trunk.

"Y-y-y-y-yo-your Harry Potter?" she stuttered out in a harsh whisper. I just smile before closing the trunk and shrinking it again.

"See you tomorrow Marie. Have fun." I say, waving over my shoulder as I leave.

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