I am republishing the first three chapters of this story to allow a small change in story plot. The change is about the time line of events and will include small revisions mostly for chapters 2 and I was making revisions, I noticed a few typos in this chapter as well so I am using the opportunity to correct them.

A/N: New Ron/Hermione story. It's all about Hermione's Hogwarts uniform. The prologue is short but explains the root of a certain fantasy of Ron. I expect it will be only a few more chapters after that. Rated M for fluff and language (Especially the prologue, from teenage Ron's point of view).

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September 1991

Ron was looking at the girl exiting the compartment. Mental! She was a bossy know-it-all. "You've got dirt on your nose," he replayed in his head. Yeah? At least he hadn't put his bloody uniform on the minute they had left King's Cross Station. Although he reckoned the uniform suited her, that Granger girl. She seemed to be bossy enough to be the bloody daughter of that McGonagall woman the twins mentioned all the time.

September 1992

He had barfed slugs all over Hermione's school uniform. Her uniform was always so proper and crisp because unlike his, it was new every year and not a hand-me-down that was two inches too short. And he had put slug slime on it while Harry and she were helping him to Hagrid's. Granted, the slugs were the unfortunate results of trying to defend her honour but truth was she probably could have done that better on her own. He just couldn't explain. When that fucking little git had called her a Mudblood, something had snapped in him. A desire to protect her and to tear bloody Malfoy into pieces, ripping his limbs one by one. No-one would insult his best friend!

September 1993

It was warm in the Divination classroom, too warm and the smell was sickening. Ron took a look at Hermione. All he could think about was how sad it was that her Hogwarts robes were covering the best addition to Hermione over the summer: tits. He had noticed when he had seen her at the Leaky Cauldron. While he had acquired more freckles and a sun burn in Egypt, she had acquired a nice tan and tits over the summer. Such a shame her uniform was not doing them justice... Oi Weasley, you sick perv. Why are you thinking of your best friend's tits? Focus on the tea leaves!

December 1994

Hermione looked different, he thought. What was different about her, he pondered. She was back to being his friend. She had just brilliantly shown Malfoy off (Twitchy little ferret: that was a good name for that little fuck.) She was carrying books and wearing her Hogwarts robes. Sadly, the uniform still hid all the girl parts he would like to see. Oh yeah! He had noticed she was a girl. He had noticed the previous year when she had suddenly grown tits. And he had hated the Hogwarts uniform ever since. The teeth! It was her teeth! Her smile was so… pretty? Nah, pretty could not be a word for Hermione. Intelligent? Brilliant? Yes. Pretty? No bloody way. You couldn't find your best friend pretty, could you? Then why did he care so much who she was going to the Yule Ball with?

November 1995

There was something exciting about Hermione Granger breaking school rules. It made her look fierce, determined... beautiful? She had put the same ardour in the secret DA meetings as she would have in any other lesson. Hermione never did anything half-arsed. She had removed her robes and jumper from her Hogwarts uniform and was just wearing the skirt and button-down cotton shirt. Ron had a hard time concentrating on whatever Harry was saying. He could imagine himself moving his hands up her legs and underneath her skirt, feeling her arse, unbuttoning the shirt, touching her tits -he could clearly see their outline now. How he would like to... "Stupefy!" She had just stunned him. It took him a little longer to go to sleep that night. That fantasy about Hermione and her uniform led to an intense wanking session. Yeah, blokes fantasised all the time about their best friend while wanking, right?

February 1997

He was such a pathetic git. Lavender had just snogged him senseless and all he had thought of while she had been thoroughly inspecting his mouth and teeth with her tongue was that maybe Lavender wanted to be his dentist. Hermione had told him about dentists tending to people's teeth and mouth in general. That was what her Muggle parents did. Well, thinking of dentists had made him think of Hermione and thinking of Hermione had made him wish it were Hermione rather than Lavender. He had closed his eyes, and probably his brain too, and enjoyed the snogging while fantasising it were Hermione. Fucking pathetic! He saw her when he entered the common room. She was sitting comfortably in a chair and had Crookshanks on her lap. She was still wearing her Hogwarts robes and they probably would be full of ginger hair after that. How much he wished it could be his ginger hair instead. If she liked ginger hair that much, he wouldn't mind putting his head on her lap and let her stroke his hair rather than her bloody cat. She could stroke other parts too...

July 1997

She had arrived the previous night and had told him of the length she had gone to to protect her parents. She had been devastated and he had taken her in his arms to let her cry. He was still too pathetic to even have tried to kiss her, let alone tell her how he felt about her. Nice job Weasley! Complete pathetic fuck. Yes, it was not the right time but hey, Bill and Fleur were getting married. It wasn't the right time for that either but would there ever be a right time? She was in his room, sorting through her stuff. She told him they would need to do more sorting when Harry arrived the next day. She had said no more. They both knew moving Harry from his Muggle relatives' home would be dangerous. He saw her go through her Hogwarts stuff, taking piles of books and... was that her Hogwarts uniform? He would not see her in it for a while. Would he ever see her in it, besides in his wicked wanking fantasies? That's when the truth sank in: they were not going back to Hogwarts...