a/n: The start of an odd...drabble collection concerning Cress (Corn)/Elesa (Kamitsure). I really like this ship.

I do ask for you to enjoy it.


Double Lariat

Cress wasn't easy to impress. This was a fact.

She stopped by the cafe on a weekly basis. He noticed her presence much faster than his brothers did, and immediately tended to her every whim and order. Thankfully, she didn't order much, so she zipped in and out - she was a coffee kind of girl, who usually stared at the ceiling for a good ten minutes before actually drinking her cup of joe.

Nether-less, Cress always had a seat for her. He was attuned to her, much like his brothers were to their favorite customers - Cilan was the perfect gentleman to a purple-haired girl (brat) from Opelucid, and Chili tended to be even more flattering (irritating) when the red-headed gym leader from Mistralton walked in.

All in all, Elesa of Nimbasa was his favorite customer. She would give him the slightest of smiles - her lips would barely turn up at the corners, but yet, that simple motion caused butterfrees to fret in the pit of his stomach - and she tipped greatly. In fact, she would leave tickets to the newest ride in Nimbasa's amusement park under her coffee cup, her own little way of saying 'thanks'.

He liked that about her. She was serious, emotionless at times, but she had this glimmer in her eye that set her apart from every other girl. She was a model, that he knew via Chili who pointed out Elesa in one of those pricy three inch thick fashion magazines.

Thing was, Cress wasn't easy to impress. This was a fact.

Elesa wasn't easy to impress, either - and Cress tried his best to catch the girl's eyes outside the triplet's cafe in Striaton, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get her to see past the waiter role Cress played, and see the man who wanted to desperately get to know her.

But one day, Cress decided that he would break the bonds that held him together, that held him to the cafe like a ball and chain, and visit the girl in her natural habitat. He would take the subway to Nimbasa, and invite her out to coffee, or something else that was just as charming.

One day, he so hoped, he would be able to know, what mind the girl hid behind DJ headphones and witty remarks.