"So...you're saying you don't like Usami-san's books?" Sumi senpai asked his younger friend, shocked by such a thing. Not that someone could not like the books. He himself was not fond of them, even though he read them all. But the person saying that they didn't like the books.

"I didn't say that! It's just that they aren't my favorite books." Young Misaki said as he blushed while sipping his tea. "I love him and his books are very good-I'd never say they weren't. But as an author I can't say he's my favorite! Is that so hard to believe?"

"Oh, I remember now. You prefer that one mangaki, Ijuuin-san, right?" Sumi asked quickly losing interest once remembering Misaki's favorite author, who made manga not novels. Sumi read some manga, but the mature kind, though he'd never admit that to Misaki. He didn't ask anymore about novels. "I guess Misaki just isn't into novels," he thought "Oh well."

"No, Ijuuin-sama is my favorite mangaki. There's a difference." Misaki clarified, re-perking the other man's interest slightly.

"Oh, then what author do you like the most, Misaki?" Sumi hoped to get a juicy answer.

"Well, yeah, can you keep it a secret from Usagi-san? I have a tiny harmless crush on him but I know he'd still get upset." Misaki asked the question cautiously, and slightly embarrassed but what was new about that?

"Yeah, yeah, I promise. Now dish!" Sumi exclaimed quietly giddy like a school girl for the gossip.

"My favorite author is Eiri Yuki."Misaki mumbled the words quietly, yet Sumi still heard him.

"What!" Sumi bursted laughing as he yelled, before being tugged down and shushed by Misaki. Now forced to whisper. "Usami-san would certainly have a fit if he knew that!"

"Why is that?" Misaki asked.

"Well first off, he's been voted one of the hottest guys in Japan. Second, he rivals Usami-san in sales all year, every year. And lastly at one award ceremony, they got in a fist fight. They almost had to call the cops." Sumi rattled off the trivia on the men.

"Oh..." Misaki was embarrassed. did he really not know so much about Usagi?

"So, when you meeting your cousin?" Sumi asked taking the hit to drop the question.

"He said noon, so that means about 2 o' clock."

"Never on time?" Sumi asked.

"Worse than a turtle." Misaki sighed. They talked for a few hours, passing the time. Soon it was noon, and Misaki departed for home.