Warning: Violent sex and rape fantasy
Pairing: Brawl/Vortex
Universe: G1
Summary: Brawl "gets to know" his newest team mate. Pre-series, 1 hour flashfic
A/N- There is a second flash fic following this one, but as it's rated MA/NC-17, it can be found on my LJ. Follow the homepage link in my profile.

Brawl growled when he got up from the rec room table to find the new squad member right behind him, crowding into his space. "What the frag d'you want?" he demanded.

The helicopter stayed quiet, cocking his head and staring in that strange creepy way he'd been staring since Onslaught had brought him in. Frankly, Brawl hoped that Onslaught was gonna do whatever he was gonna do with the helicopter already and get rid of the fragger. He snorted, shouldering the helicopter aside - what was his name? Something swirly. Helicopter-y.

A hand wrapped around his barrel, pulling him back. Brawl snarled and whirled, fists coming up. The helicopter was still staring at him, standing too close and watching. That was fraggin' enough! Brawl lashed out, feeling his fist impact the side of the helicopter's battlemask with a satisfying crunch.

The blow knocked the helicopter off balance and he fell back against a table, barely catching himself on the edge. He brought a hand up to gingerly touch the buckled metal of his battlemask and... giggled?

"You're strong," the helicopter said, straightening and stepping back into Brawl's personal space. Brawl tensed, fists clenched and ready to belt the helicopter again. "I'm Vortex."

Brawl grunted. He'd known it was something swirly. "What d'you want?" he demanded again.

Vortex reached up, fingering the smeared grey paint on Brawl's fist. "You're really strong," he repeated, then looked up into Brawl's optics and leaned forward until he was pressed against the tank's chest. "I want you," he said, voice low and rough. "I want you to pin me up against the wall and force me."

"Huh?" was Brawls less-than-coherent response. Vortex couldn't mean what he thought he meant-

"I want out to 'face me until I beg you to stop, then hurt me some more. I want you to hold me down while my plating buckles under your grip, grab my rotors and twist until I scream."

Brawl's engine revved. "Frag yes," he growled, and he grabbed Vortex and shoved, propelling the helicopter back against the table and sending him crashing to the floor. Vortex barely had time to push himself to his hands and knees before Brawl was on him again, seizing him by his rotor hub and forcing him back down.

Metal squealed in Brawl's rough grip, and Vortex writhed, crying out. "I'm gonna make you scream," Brawl snarled into his audio. A shudder ran through the helicopter at the words, and Vortex moaned. The moan turned into a sharp whimper of pain and ecstasy as Brawl took a rotor and twisted.

Alright, so maybe they could keep the helicopter...