She didn't give up on him. No matter what, she never gave up on him. She had her doubts, she encountered hard times, but she pushed through it all. He was worth it. (Perseverance was one of her strengths.)


They had known each other since they were little. They'd always been good friends. Both intelligent, focused children. Her twin and his twin didn't understand (they were athletic and funny), but they didn't care. They had each other.


When they encountered each other on the train, she knew that he was different. A summer abroad had turned his floppy dirty-blond hair almost completely blond. He'd gotten his vision fixed, so he was glassless (hers were there for another five years) and his blue eyes were visible. And they were only eleven, but he was bloody gorgeous!


They were best friends almost all throughout their time at school. But everything changed, justalittle, when they were fifteen. He, of the studious mind, decided to chase after her twin, of the flighty adventures. And it broke her heart. (Why did this hurt so much?)


They turned sixteen, and he started dating her twin. And suddenly it all made sense to her, the most intelligent girl in their grade. (She loved him, the blind fool.) And it felt like someone had stepped on her insides when she saw them together.


She stopped talking to them, and he missed her. It was odd, but he'd never noticed how much he depended on her. Without her presence, he felt just a tad bit empty. And that scared him, because he wasn't used to not understanding things. (He was the smartest boy in their grade.)


He and her twin broke up when they were all seventeen. (There was no chemistry, and everyone knew it.) She'd never been happier in her life. But she had a boyfriend, and she didn't want to hurt him. So she said nothing, and he said nothing, and they felt empty and alone. They didn't like it, but what could they do?


They graduated, and went their separate ways. She broke up with her boyfriend. They worked near each other, but they didn't speak anymore. He missed her and she missed him. (It was almost unbearable agony.) Why hadn't they realized this sooner? But they knew now, and they started dating. They were so happy.


They got engaged after a year. Then married a year after that. He was everything she needed and wanted. She was everything he wanted and needed. Their honeymoon was bliss. They came home as all newly-wed couples do: in love. And then she was pregnant, and reality set in once more. (It was terrifying, to be honest.)


They have a son and a daughter. The perfect family, and that's really what they are. The parents so blissfully in love, and the children happy and innocent. All was right in the world, as it should be. (And that's the end of the story.)