Emma had showered and slept for a few hours after having vomited up everything in her body. She was now marching her way down the walkway to the main battery. She remembered everything that had transpired, and wanted to apologize to Garrus.

Garrus heard the door hiss open. He turned his head to see Emma standing there. His brow furrowed in confusion as he wondered what time it was. It didn't seem that long ago that he had left her alone in his anger.

"Do you have a minute, Garrus?" she asked, politely reserved. She clasped her hands together behind her back as she waited for his response. She could now sense he was angry with her, and was prepared to be shut down.

He turned to face her and saw the stoic expression he was used to seeing on her face. She was obviously recovered from her bout with turian alcohol, he noted. "Sure. What's up?" he wrung his hands together before crossing his arms over his chest, leaning back against the battery console.

"I'm sorry about earlier. It was unfair of me to speak how I did with you in the state that I was in." She watched, noting his expression didn't change. She knew he thought he was masking it well, but she could tell he was pissed.

She relaxed and let her arms fall to the front of her, lacing her fingers together. She looked back up at him with resolve in her eyes, "I did not go about dealing with what happened on Horizon in the correct manner, but please understand I meant no harm done to you, Garrus."

"You don't need to apologize to me," he flatly replied.

He was bitter, and determined to remain that way for a time, if not forever. She brought her hands back behind her and nodded. "I just wanted you to know I was sorry. I, meant everything I said," she broke her Commander stance for a moment as her real feelings escaped her. She recovered quickly, giving him a nod before turning to leave him to his duties.

He leaned forward towards her as the doors hissed closed behind her. He saw in her eyes that she truly recalled and meant everything she had said to him. She wasn't using him, or drunkenly masking her sorrow to him. Being drunk finally gave her the opportunity to express herself, as horrible as that sounded.

"I am such an asshole," he muttered as he slammed a hand to his forehead.

He thought on her and how he must have sounded to her just now. She understood, as always, and left him to himself just as he wanted her to. Only now that she was gone, he realized he didn't want that at all. He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her. He wanted to make her happy. He was only allowed moments of wallowing before he was interrupted.

"Garrus?" Joker's voice rang out over the comm, "Commander wants you to suit up. We've located an abandoned Cerberus vessel and she wants you and Tali to go aboard with her."

Crap. Of course she wants me to go with her. He entered in his lock code for the battery console, then turned and walked to the comm speaker on the wall. He pushed in the button, "Got it, Joker."

He entered his door code and exited the main battery as the doors slid open. He grabbed his armor at the collar and adjusted it, his nerves building inside of him at having to face Shepard after being an emotional ass. He was thankful for her understanding, but ashamed nonetheless.

His mind quickly went to pleasant thoughts of her as the reality of her having feelings for him sprang to mind. It didn't hit him until then what she had said to him. I meant everything I said, she had told him. He recalled how adorable she was, curled up in her bed, wiggling her feet to make it difficult for him to remove her boots.

"Emma…" he sighed her name as he hit the down button on the elevator and waited. He shook out his nerves and sucked in a breath to prepare himself to face her.

Emma was bent over, clasping her leg armor on as the elevator doors opened to reveal Garrus. She stood and watched as he walked a direct path to her. She could see the determined look in his eyes. She held the armor for her upper right thigh in her hands as she waited for him to reach her.

"Shepard, I want to apologize for how I acted down in the main battery," he kept her gaze as he continued, "I know it hasn't been easy for you. It's been hell, I imagine, and I just…" his shoulder's sagged slightly as he tried to muster the courage to express himself, "I want to be part of the solution. I want to make you happy."

Emma let her arms fall, holding onto her leg armor in her right hand as she lifted her left to take his hand in hers. "You do make me happy."

He smiled down at her, holding her hand tightly in his.

"I know things are complicated," she began, looking down at their hands, "but if there is a way… I would like to find it." Her eyes lifted to meet his again.

Garrus moved in closer to her, letting her hand go and sliding his up her arm and over her shoulder to touch her hair. "When this is all over, maybe you could come back to Palaven with me for a visit. My father would be… interested to meet you."

"I'd like that," she smiled up at him.

The elevator doors opened to reveal Tali. Garrus reluctantly moved away from Emma, not wanting Tali to see the affection shared between him and their Commander. He didn't want to cause Emma any more stress with the crew, their mission stress enough on everyone as it was.

"Hi guys," Tali greeted them warmly.

"You ready to go?" Emma smiled to Tali before bending over to clip on her last piece of armor.

"Yup, just need to grab my weapons," she walked passed Garrus and over to the weapons rack behind them.

Emma stood back up again, shaking her hair out around her shoulders. She cricked her neck to the side, stretching out the muscles. She met Garrus' eyes and smiled as she bundled her hair up in her hands to pull it up into a bun, so it would fit under her helmet.

He looked back at her lovingly. He wanted so much to kiss her in that moment, but alas, it was time to raid and kill geth. Or mercenaries. Either way, the inconvenience irritated him as he joined Tali at the weapons rack.