CP9… Upon hearing the word, my blood ran ice cold. They are back.

Despite it being a busy street, all I could hear was the three letters looping over and over again in my mind. It was like the surroundings were frozen and the only person walking (away) is the embodiment of Evil. It seems that Evil has finally caught up to me, after all.

I stood there rooted to the ground as Doctor-san's words floated to me. Doctor-san, who is only a few paces away from me, seems to be a million miles away. Then again he had always been this way. He, like the rest of the Strawhat pirates, is in a different world. Mentally shaking my head as the truth dawn upon me, I understood with sudden clarity, the reason that Evil was able to locate me. After all, their world never had a place for me to begin with, all I did was to force my way into their world. It came, to claim me back.

My starving lungs took a breath of the much-needed air and I realized that I had been holding my breath. With that, reality snapped back and my mind raced as I considered all options. I turned and paused as realization struck me. Instead of having thoughts of fleeing, my brain is thinking of ways to protect their world. I blinked and stopped to consider the track that my mind was taking. Feeling that it was not a bad risk to take, I made my decision. I would be damned then let the same Evil taint their still-naïve world. With a small amused smile on my face, I took a step forward and follow its path…

After roaming half of the city, I cannot help but wonder if my guide was lost. I had tried to discern the motive behind this random walking but it was to no avail. While pondering, my guide led me to one of the many alleyways. As a habit that came from years of hiding, I peered through my fringe without moving my head. A small inaudible gasp escaped as I saw the only other figure in this otherwise deserted area.

Cook-san! My emotions swung again as I tried to figure out the guide's thoughts. My horror grew as I thought of the worst-case scenario. Painfully aware that Cook-san could turn around anytime, my features were schooled to a blank. I muttered a quick prayer to whatever higher powers were there that Cook-san does not notice I am here.

My teeth gnashed together as I heard the familiar 'Robin-chwan!' Tensing myself when we approached a dead-end, I raised my hands slightly. I was prepared to take action as soon as the guide turns around but was thrown off-guard as he muttered," Okay, this will do." and went on to stand against the sidewall. My surprise grew as he swung in to show the interior of the warehouse. Eager to avoid a confrontation, I acquiesced to his unspoken order.

Taking a seat in the well-furbished warehouse, I laid back, projecting a relaxed air. Raising an eyebrow at the guy in front, I inclined my head at his 'request' to hear him out. Silently, my rage grew as they lay out their so-called conditions. They had no right to drag the Strawhat pirates into this! The only mistake that the Strawhats committed was to unknowingly harbor a dangerous woman. However, that has always been their way. Anyone associated with evil is evil, a hard and fast rule that they practically worship.

Leaning back, I pulled my hat lower to cover my eyes as the uncharacteristic urge to be hasty, to sprout hands to kill the person sitting in front of me, was growing with each minute. The only fact that penetrated through my killing haze was that they had a solid case set against me. Upon learning it, I slumped into my seat, all pretenses gone as I resigned.

This is ridiculous, I should have known that there was no way that fate would let me lead a peaceful life. I should have perceived it was the calm before the storm. That it was just a cruel joke that karma has played on me. Letting me taste a life, which I would have led if I were not the demon child, before ripping it away from me. Lastly, I should have foreseen that I would fall in love with this crew…

Lifting my head to meet the eyes of the representative, I stated calmly and clearly, "I will do it."

Knowing the Strawhats, they would be displeased and probably wreak havoc when and during the time taken to find me. That is, if I had disappeared without a trace. I had to argue and reason for a long time with them that by disappearing mysteriously with some stranger, does not placate the Strawhats at all. It will probably just fuel their search. Therefore, I had to personally tell them goodbye. Or at least that is the excuse I give to them and myself. Secretly I am confused, if this is a necessity or desire. Then again, I berated myself silently, "It doesn't really matter, after this, I would not interact with them again."

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