The colony's little eyes stared up at the big ship that would soon be taking away one of the few people that mattered to him. He felt something pat his head and looked up, "Artie!"

The man sighed. "Alfred how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that; it is Arthur not 'Artie'."

"Sorry." America said not sounding sorry at all. "But I asked you to stop callin' me Alfred! It sounds like an old person's name."

"Well I think it sounds like a very refined and dignified name one of my Kings was named Alfred; and enunciate, its 'calling' not 'callin'." England huffed.

America pouted, and England rolled his eyes. "Look the ship is about to leave, are you going to stay mad at me the entire time I am gone?"

At once America rushed towards England and caught him in a tight grip. "Please don't go! I'm scared to live in that big house all on my own!"

England tried, and failed, to pry America off him. "Alfred, you will scarcely be alone; the servants and nursemaids will take care of you while I am away. I must get back to my house and manage the affairs there!"

America held on tighter, using all of his strength to hold on to England and force him to stay. "B-but what about the spookies in the woods? They'll come after me if you're not here!"

"I have made sure that there are no 'spookies' in the woods; Alfred if you let go I'll be able to leave, and the sooner I leave the sooner I can come back, understand?" England tried to coax the colony into letting him go. America looked up at him. "You promise you'll come back? You won't stay gone like she did?"

England frowned at the mention of the woman who had fought desperately for the two brothers, one of whom was with him, and the other with his long time enemy. "I promise I will come back."

America slowly let go of England and stared up at him, as though to make sure he wasn't lying. "Okay, but bring me back something!"

England's frown deepened. "Only if I hear you are being mindful of the nanny and tutors." Then he motioned for someone to come over. A woman wearing a modest blue dress stepped forward "Ms. Austen will you escort Alfred back to the house?"

"Yes, of course Master Kirkland." She grabbed America's hand. "Say goodbye to Master Kirkland, young master."

"I wanna stay just a bit longer!" America pleaded trying to get Ms. Austen to stop taking him toward his house.

"Master Kirkland has ordered for you to return home and you should do as he says," She looked severely at America who just looked up at her with a sad look. She sighed. "Master Kirkland would you mind too much if the young master and I were to see you off?"

"The ship is leaving now; I suppose you could come to see me off." England said and he led them to a large ship with the flag of the royal navy flying from its mast. A man looked down from the deck, and upon spotting England, he saluted.

"Sir! The ship is ready to sail!" He yelled.

"I shall be there in a moment!" England called back. He looked at America, smiled, and picked him up to give him a hug. "Please be good while I am away, I do not wish to receive news of your mischief."

America hugged back. "I'll try my best Arthur!"

After placing America down he quickly boarded the ship. As it left the harbor America watched it with his heart sinking. 'I need to be brave; Artie's gone now so I have to be brave.'

"Come along Alfred, the day grows old and soon it will be time for bed." And with hat She took his hand and led him toward the town.

America awoke, startled from a loud crash coming from the corner of his room. He sat up and looked into the darkness, and what he saw nearly made him scream. A gray creature perhaps a half foot taller than him was sitting in the corner. Its eyes were wide and red, and it looked as startled as America.

"Please be silent." America gasped, the voice sounded as though it were coming from inside his head; but it definitely had to be the creature's voice.

Slowly America got out of his bed and walked toward the creature, his wariness was not completely gone but he didn't want to be laying down if the creature decided to attack. "What are you?" He whispered.

"I am not something of your world; I come from very far away; and more recently from a very distant time." The creature spoke taking out a long silver disc with some glowing numbers on it. "It seems my device works and I have successfully traveled back in time 300 years…possibly more," He, America couldn't tell the gender other than from voice, turned towards America. "Tell me what year this is Alfred."

America blinked confused. This creature said it was from the future? It seemed so surreal, but certainly the creature had to be telling the truth, for no other creature he had seen ever looked as bizarre as this gray skinned red eyed being? "Um, 1710, how do you know my name?"

The creature ignored him. "Excellent, so the device works accurately." It wrote something down on the silver disc and pressed a blue button. "I had no intention of making you so scared; however I've got to be leaving." It began to glow. America stepped forward and grabbed him. "Wait how-"The flash of light engulfed them both and he saw things flashing before his eyes and strange sounds passing through his ears.

The colors blurred by faster blurring his vision and there was whirring sound obscuring his hearing.

"Meet your brother." Blonde hair violet eyes.

"They say it's a revolution." Red and blue.

"Southern states are seceding." A tall bearded man.

"War in Europe." A large metal machine.

"The Allies have won!" A celebration?

"Nuclear warfare is a possibility." A scarf and a tall man.

"I have a dream!" Applause.

"Vietcong forces are getting stronger" Loud booming sounds.

"New Millennium!" A large ball.

"This can't happen!" Screams and two burning buildings.

"Barack Obama's candidacy is looking hopeful." A talking box!

Suddenly things began slowing down again. A room came into focus, and America could hear loud voices in the next room. The gray creature looked at him with something akin to exasperation. "You really haven't changed have you Alfred?"

"Wha? How do you know my name?" America looked around. "Where are we?"

The creature sighed. "My name is Tony, I come from a very far off and distant planet. I've been here since my ship crashed in the 1950s. The year is," Tony checked the silver disc again "2011, perfect, present year for me, but 301 years off for you. Hmm…. DAMN!"

America, who had been busy looking at the strange devices in the room, gave a frightened look at the alien. "The device needs to recharge…I think."

The voices in the next room suddenly were drowned out by another, more powerful, voice. "I say we should end the meeting early and get some rest seeing as how none of us can agree on a plan of action! We will meet here on time tomorrow at 0800 hours." There was a general mumble of agreement, and a sound of many chairs scrapping across the floor and people making some small conversation.

"Wow, Germany is really scary isn't he Japan!"

"Hahahaha I'm gonna go get me a burger, come with me Iggy! Your treat!"

America looked up at the door frozen with confusion.

"SHIT!" Tony swore as he looked for a place to hide with the small colony.

It was too late however and little America soon stood before a very familiar stranger.

"Hey Tony what're you... doing." A tall man with glasses stared at America with something between recognition and shock.