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After Arthur had run out of the room, little America had begun to cry. Alfred had stared on in horror as his younger self was fussed over by Hungary and Ukraine, the two motherly countries trying everything to get him to calm down. Eventually he did, the tears stopped flowing, and the sobs died down to whimpers and sniffles; but the damage was done and little America just stared at the floor his blue eyes red from the tears and his arms hugged tightly around his knees making his seven year old self appear just that much younger.

The other countries who were not trying to console the little colony looked on in amusement at Alfred's horror, or sympathy at the crying colony.

"Mon petit Amérique! Do not be so sad! Let big brother France comfort you!" France advanced upon the young colony who looked up at him a look of recognition and distrust on his face.

"You're the one that has my brother!"

"Moi? Yes I raised your dear frère until that no good pirate stole him!"

The little colony lowered his eyebrows in confusion. "Pirate? Stole?" He gasped "You let my brother get stolen!" He glared at France and with a terrific imitation of a Native American war cry he tackled France, when Canada suddenly stopped him.

"It's alright Alfie, the pirate is England."

"England? But Artie's not a pirate…he's a gentleman that goes to reclaim what's rightfully the British Empire's!" America proudly proclaimed. "He told me so."

The other nations all grew quiet at this outburst. France looked shocked bordering on amused, Spain's eyes visibly darkened, Alfred's face was red in embarrassment at his younger self's belief (after all he knew the truth about Arthur now).

America then paused and looked at Matthew confusedly. "Only Mattie ever called me that, how could you know it?" America looked up at the face that had seemed so similar to his brother's. How could he be so similar? Was it possible?

Matthew sighed and looked at his, now little, twin brother. He then glanced at the present day Alfred and sighed again his hand moving to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Were you listening to a word of the conversation we had with your little grey friend?"

America looked down sheepishly and a bit sadly. "No. I was too busy looking at all the funny looking stuff on the walls, and then there were so many people. I got scared. Then I saw Artie and… he got mad for some reason. I didn't mean to make him mad! Honest I didn't!" America's eyes began to well up with tears again before he roughly wiped his eyes.

"What's the last thing that happened before you came here?" Alfred finally spoke up, looking at his younger self with pity, he remembered how lonely he got in his big house when he was still being raised by England.

"I had to say goodbye to Artie. He had to go back to England, someone was giving him trouble, and he told me to be good for the nanny. Then I was put down for bed and the grey guy came and nearly scared me to death!" America looked at Tony with a frown.

"Ugh, so you didn't pay attention at all?" Matthew let out a frustrated sigh.

"Nope." America's face was adorably blank.

"I already told you kid! We're 300 years after your time! I swear Alfred you haven't changed a bit still dense and inattentive as ever!" Tony growled.

"Wait you were serious? I thought you were joking, or something!"


America looked around frantically at all the people who suddenly seemed that much more familiar. "Wait then," He turned to Matthew. "So you're really Mattie?"

Matthew smiled. America launched himself at his twin brother. "I missed you!"

Matthew let out a small grunt as the hyperactive colony made contact with his stomach and his face began to turn a nice shade of red, bordering on matching with the Canadian flag.

"Ah, reunited. If only I had been there to see it as it had really happened." France smiled fondly.

"Fusososo, America was such a cute child! What happened? Did Inglaterra ruin him that much?" Spain crept closer a wide grin appearing on his face, even as Romano's glare seemed to be capable of setting fire to Spain's person.

Matthew blushed. "He gave me a hug and wouldn't let go of me for about a week. He saw how upset I was and was determined to make me feel better." He glanced over to his now blushing adult brother.

"Shut up Mattie, so not cool." He said, even as America turned his head to look at him. Recognition bloomed on his face.

"You're me?"

"Uh…yeah I guess so."

America just stared at his older self, face a mixture of awe, confusion, and was that jealousy?

"This is weird, I don't remember being so small, and certainly not as obnoxious as you." Alfred looked over to Tony. "I think whatever time travel trick you did made him defective."

"Hey I'm not small your just big!" America stuck his tongue out at his older self.

Alfred looked as though he were going to continue to argue but Matthew beat him to it and gently poked his brother and grinned. "No you are always this obnoxious."

This earned a good bout of laughter from everyone as the smaller of the two blondes wore an identical pout.

"I think it's time we got around to the end of the meeting now. That's what we originally left the room for after all." The other nations quickly agreed and soon only the two nations, colony, and alien remained.

Eventually everyone began to leave the room, some wishing luck to Alfred during his predicament.

Matthew looked at his brother eyebrows crinkled together with worry. "What should we do?"

Tony let out a groan. "It will take almost two months for the battery to fully recharge, a month if I wanna push it and risk being unable to return for a good month."

"A month!" America and Alfred shouted.

"Hey don't get lippy with me! I'm not the one who decided to follow a random stranger that suddenly appeared in my room." Tony grumpily pulled out a shiny black device with a big green button on it. He pressed the button and suddenly he disappeared into a ball of light.

"Ugh Tony." Alfred groaned and facepalmed. He moved over to a couch that was conveniently located outside the meeting room. "A month….a whole month."

"He can't stay a month; just think of the time flow! History will change if we aren't careful, and we know how it gets around here…none of these guys are careful!"

Images of a small Alfred playing in a crocodile infested swamp, swinging from tree branches at least 20 feet in the air, and throwing rocks at rabid squirrels entered Matthews mind. "And you yourself weren't exactly a careful child."

"Pfft, I was fine! I never got more than a serious concussion!" Alfred smiled as though remembering a fond memory.

"Uh huh." Matthew sighed. What was he gonna do with TWO of them.

A sudden slam of a door broke both out of their reverie and made them glance at the newcomer. A sudden anger, unusual for Matthew, erupted in his heart and he glared at the poor nation.

"Arthur?" A small timid voice spoke from somewhere near Matthews left.