He rolled the tiny piece of paper into a ball, stuck the straw in his mouth, and with one blow it flew across the room.

"Tony! If you do that to me again I will not hesitate to come over there and kill you where you sit!" Ziva exclaimed.

"Meow! Is our little tiger getting upset?"

"Do not compare me to a character from Winnie the Poop."

Tony's eyebrows furrowed, "First of all, it's Winnie the Pooh, not poop. And, second, I didn't compare you to anything from that show. Tigger is from Winnie… Do you not know what a tiger is, Ziva?"

She glared at him, "Of course I do, Tony. You are just confusing me with all the spitballs you keep shooting at me."

"Spit wads."


Abby walked into the bullpen, "Hey guys, what's up?"

"Tony is being a butthead!"

"No, I'm not!" Tony defended, he looked at Abby, "She lacks a sense of humor."

"You soon will be lacking many things if you do not stop acting so childish."

"Okay," Abby interrupted the cat fight. She looked at the two empty desks that she was standing in-between, "Where is Gibbs and Timmy?"

"Gibbs is with Vance," Tony answered, "And Tim hasn't gotten here yet."

"Timmy? Tim's never late. He's always early."

""I wouldn't worry too much, Abbs," Tony smiled, "Our little McNugget had a date last night."

"Really?" Abby replied curiously, "Who with?"

"Well… he wouldn't tell me."

"He did not even say that he was going on a date, did he, Tony?" Ziva questioned.

"Not in so many words."

Abby rolled her eyes.

"But," Tony continued, "He did tell me he had plans."

"How did you get a date out of that?" Abby asked, but she didn't wait for the answer, "Tim should be here. He wouldn't just over sleep or something like that."

"I will try calling him," Ziva said as she picked up her phone.

Tom Jennings, an agent who had a desk right by Ziva, on the other side of the bullpen, came walking up to Abby, "Hey, Abby."

"Hi, Tom. How are you?" She asked as a way to get her mind off of Tim until he answered his phone.

"Good, thanks," He handed her an envelope, "This was on my desk this morning, it's addressed to you. I was about to take it down to you when I saw you here."

"Oh, thanks."

"No problem. Have a good day."

"You too."

Tom walked off just as Ziva hung up the phone, "He does not answer his house or cell."

"Hinky," Abby said, not hearing what Ziva had just told her.


"There's no return address."

Tony got up and began walking over to her, "You probably shouldn't…" Abby opened the envelope, "Open that."

Abby ignored him, "Hm. It's just a web address."

"Who could it be from?" Ziva asked.

"I don't know… but, best guess, it's from Joey. He's having a party in a few weeks and he said his invitations were going to be some weird, random thing that no one has ever done before."

"Who is Joey?"

"He's a friend of mine that I met at a 'Ear Shattering' concert two years ago."

Tony glanced at Ziva, "That sounds… interesting."

"Oh, it was," Abby agreed with a nod. She walked over to Tim's desk and sat down.

"Put it on the plasma," Tony said.

Ziva looked at him strangely.

"What? I want to see the weird, random thing that no one has ever done before."

Ziva shook her head and sighed, but stood up and walked over to the plasma. She, too, was curious.

Abby typed in the address, "Now, what if this is something personal and only I-" She stopped as a blank screen came up. Then, in a bold, white color, a time clock appeared in the middle of the screen with '15:00' on it. "What is this?"

Ziva shrugged, "A weird, random thing?"

The time clock got smaller and moved to the bottom, right corner of the screen. Then, a frightening image appeared.

Abby gasped, "Oh my God!"

There was Tim, lying in some kind of box or coffin, unconscious.

The clock began to count down: 14:59 14:58 14:57 14:56 14:55

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