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Ryoma walked on to the street courts and was greeted by the sight of a doubles game in progress. He soon recognized the people in the other team as Ryuzaki Sakuno and Tachibana Ann. Even though Ann was pretty good they were losing. It might have had something to do with the fact that they were playing against Momo and Kaidoh, but they wouldn't have been losing that badly if Sakuno wasn't Ann's partner. After all these years playing tennis, she still pretty much sucked at it.

Ryoma sat down on the concrete steps and kept watching the game. After a while Sakuno noticed him watching and waved, smiling. Ryoma waved back and looked up when a shadow covered him. The sun was right behind the figure, hiding the face, but Ryoma still knew who it was.

"She's always liked you, you know," Fuji's voice was gentle. Ryoma could see his soft smile in his mind; imagine it by simply listening to the voice. "I think she still does."

"I know," Ryoma told his sempai, returning his stare towards the two girls further away, not wanting to twist his neck in an awkward angle, just so he could see Fuji.

Fuji sat next to him and leaned on the upper stair with his elbows, legs extended before him, ankles crossed. Ryoma glanced at him from the corner of his eyes, not turning his head. Eyes closed, a gentle smile on his face, Fuji looked like he was lying on a beach thoroughly enjoying the warm sun, not sitting on a cold and uncomfortable cement stair, surrounded by Tokyo's young tennis players, all eager to test their strength against each other.

It was truly annoying, how Fuji could seem at ease anywhere, no matter the surroundings.

"If you know, why not tell her you do not like her? It is mean to keep her hopes up," Fuji said and turned to look at Ryoma, eyes opening once he caught the boy observing him.

Ryoma quickly diverted his eyes from the older boy and muttered, "Why do you think I don't like her?" he asked.

Fuji sat up, his surprise evident in his eyes. "You like her?" he asked.

Ryoma shrugged. "I like her." He didn't bother saying any more of it and Fuji might have asked, if the boy hadn't stood up. "See ya' Fuji-sempai," he said and walked over to the tennis courts.

Fuji's gaze wandered to Sakuno, who was smiling at Ryoma.

Fuji stayed where he was, watched as the girls finished their game and collected their things, Sakuno heading towards Ryoma who greeted her with a nod and a small smile.

He sat there, watched Sakuno and wondered why he cared so much that Ryoma liked her.