Three Vampires and a baby chapter 1

A/n This story is going to be OOC . Edward , Emmett and Jasper will be Vampires I am also going to be aging them

Edward is 22years old he was turned in 1920 he was born june20th 1898

Jasper is 26 he was turned in 1908 He was born may11th 1882

Emmett is 25 he was turned in 1925 He was born august 17th 1900.

Rosalie is a human she was born may11th 1988

Alice is also human she was born sept8th 1988

Isabella Swan human Sept 13th 1990

Edward is Sexually active and sleeps with lots of women. He is a business man who travels all over the country.

This story takes place in Chicago. oh in this story , my Vampires can eat and drink . this will make them blend in human society better. Think Vampire Diaries. I hope you all will enjoy this.

Emmet's point of view

It has been six months since , my brothers and I moved from Alaska to Chicago Illinois. Our Parents of course were sad to see us go, but after living with them for over 75 years. We all felt it was time to finally leave the nest and be on our own. My baby Brother Edward still owned his child hood home in Chicago , and that is where we have been living. We all do our best to blend in with the humans as best as we can. Our Father Carlisle is a doctor and a scientist. About ten years ago he came up with a serum that allows us to eat and drink human food. The only thing is is that we have to take the serum once every 6 months and as long as we take in enough blood our bodies work just like a normal human beings. Jasper and I have both been sexually active for many years, Where as our Brother Edward did not start being sexually active until Carlisle came up with the serum,and ever since then , Well what can I say he has been having sex with so many woman and having so many one night stands. I honestly do not know how he keeps them all straight.

"Hey Emmett make sure you and Jasper keep an eye out on everything, I am leaving for New york."

"Oh how long are you going to be gone this time?"

"About Two weeks I have a meeting with Volturi Inc, We are going to be buying them out and There is talks about making Cullen Corp global."

"Wow Bro that sounds incredible, Oh Vicki was looking for you".

"Damn clingy much , Listen tell her I left the country and I can't contact her."

"You know Bro you really should think about settling down" .

"Nah I am having a blast just having lots of Sex and fun with different kinds of women. Besides its not like I can knock any one up."

"Yeah I guess , alright Bro have a safe trip and good luck".

Three days later.

I was coming home from my weekly hunting trip. I enjoy hunting especially for bears in away its my way of getting revenge on the bear the ended my life. That is how I met Carlisle and Esme. Carlisle found me in the woods bleeding to death. I was so scared and I did not want to die. Carlisle explained to me what he was and how he could save me by making me like him. So as I said with every bear I drain its Just one more closer to the bear that killed me.

I sprinted up the stairs and I could have sworn I smelt something sweet on the porch, I noticed there was a Moses basket on the porch and inside was a baby.

"Jasper "!

"Yeah what is it, I am busy "

"Can you come out here for a minute there is something I need to show you".

Jasper flew out of his room and was soon standing in the living room , by our front door.

"Emmett look I really have to get back to my writing , my assignment has to be in by the end of the week."

"OK I need you to take a look out side and tell me what you see."

"OK well I see a squirrel running up and down on those electric poles oh and I see the Smith kids riding there bikes across the street, and a 90 Honda accord. "

"No look down now tell me what you see".

"Oh look Em its a baby".

"I know its a baby Dumb ass, what I want to know is what is it doing here."

"Its sleeping"!

" Well I can see that."

"OH Look Em a note.

"Dear Edward,

This is our baby, Megan I am so sorry, but

I don't know what to do and I don't know where to turn. I am sorry I am leaving her here with you like this.

I hope one day you will be able to forgive me


"Oh my God I knew this was going to happen".

"Who the hell is Isabella?"

"Who knows , you need a computer data base to keep up with Edward's women".

"Well we can't leave her outside".

"OK so pick her up".

"I can't pick her up what if I accidentally crushed her and the basket."

"Look one of us has got to pick her up and bring her in the house, For crying out loud its freezing outside Jasper."

"OK how about this we will each take a handle and pick her up together."

"Hey you know she is pretty cute for a baby."

"Yeah she is , hey I am going to run to the store."

"Hey you can't just leave me with her , I don't know what to do with a baby."

"Jasper dude she is sleeping, you will be fine, but I have to buy diapers and baby food."


"Because all we have in this house is hot pockets and scotch , we can't give that to a baby.".

"OK but dude let's not take all day."

I soon arrived at Wal mart and looked for the very first associate I could find.

"Hello excuse me could you tell me where I can find diapers and baby food?"

"Oh yes sir its on Aisles 9 and 10 you can't miss it."


I soon got to aisle nine and I was overwhelmed by the different brands of diapers there were. I had no idea what I should buy. some were for Newborn, some diapers were for 3-6 months and some were for toddlers, I was standing there staring at the different diapers looking all kinds of confused.

"Excuse me sir can I help you find something?"

"Um yeah can you tell me which brand of diapers are the best to use."

"Well sir that depends on how old your baby is. If your baby is new born you have to buy the New born and diapers and it is very important you only buy name brand diapers when they are first born"


"Because babies have very sensitive skin and some of the non brand diapers can cause rashes. Hey how old is your baby?"

"Well I you see.".

"Wait are you trying to tell me you don't know how old your baby is?"

"Of course I know how old my baby is she's um this old and I held out my arms to indicate how old I thought Megan was."

"OK I also need to pick up some baby food, what brand is the best?"

"Well sir it depends if she is allergic."

"OK so how do you know if she is allergic?"

"Well for starters she will throw it back up , of course some babies can' t hold anything down."

"OK look Lauren I am just going to take my chances with this brand of formula and these diapers , and thanks for all your help."

"You are welcome sir".

I soon arrived back at home, Megan was crying and it looked like Jasper was about to rip his hair out of his head.

"Gee z Em what took you so damn long, I have been listening to that kid cry for over an hour."

"Sorry man, but you won't believe how much these kids need."

"Gee z Em did you buy out the whole store.?"

"Pretty much , I had no idea what to buy , you should have seen the diaper aisle . There had to be over 100 different brands. Then I had to get baby food. and there is the issue of is she allergic is she not"

"OK so how do we know if she is allergic?"

"Well according to Lauren down in Wal mart she said she will spit it back up, but then she also said some babies can't hold anything down for more then a minute."

'Well that's great, hey man can you hold her now?"

"I would but I have to make her her bottle oh and I called dad before I got home and he said we could tell how old Megan is by feeling her gums."

"Wait what how is that going to tell us how old she is?"

"He said if we can feel teeth coming in that means she is roughly 4 months -6 months old."

"OK well I don't feel anything so what does that mean ?"

"Well it means she has no teeth , and she has to be younger then 4 months."

"Damn dude she is stinking"!

"OK lets get her inside I think she needs to be changed."

I placed Megan on the edge of the bed and began to take off her diaper.

"OH holy hell! What the hell man that stinks!".

"OH god what the hell did this kid eat"?

"I have no idea Jas, but what ever it is assure you its dead ! Hey hand me some of the cotton . Not that much cotton, wait I need the wipes ."

"Make up your mind either you want the cotton balls or the wipes. I am not Edward you know I can't read minds."

" I need the wipes and hand me a diaper."

"Dude these diapers are way to big."

"Yeah well the package said extra absorbent. The more absorbent the better if you ask me."

Jasper and I put the diaper on Megan and we were really proud of ourselves, well that was before I picked her up and that damn diaper fell off of her. Then Megan peed all over the edge of my bed.

"Oh fuck Em she just pissed all over the new silk sheets, I haven't even got a chance to break them in with Alice yet."

"OK well lets give her a bath in the sink and then we will use one of the smaller brand of diapers."

Megan cooed and made cute baby noises as I bathed her, I had to admit she was very beautiful for a baby. There was no mistaking that she was indeed Edward's daughter. she had his hair coloring and green eyes from when he was human. She even had some of his facial features like his nose and mouth.

I took her out of the bathroom sink and placed her on the towel wrapping her up . I soon had her back in her diaper .

"Jas where are the cloths she had on?"

"Over there , but dude those stink we can't put her in those again."

"OK well then I am going to go back to the store and buy her a few outfits."

"Em you are going to go to the store again and leave me alone with Megan ? I don't think so look I am going to call Alice she has experience with babies and she loves to shop ."

"OK man give her a call and I will stay with Megan."

Jasper's point of view

I dialed Alice's number and waited for her to pick up.


"Hello babe what can I do for my favorite Vampire this afternoon?"

"Well could you maybe go shopping with me I need help picking out some baby clothes."

"Jasper sweetie am I hearing things or did you just ask me to help you buy baby outfits,and why do you need baby clothes?"

"Alice its a long story and I will explain it to you, but could you please help me?"

"Of course I will be right over and then you and I can go baby shopping."

30 minutes passed and Megan was now fast asleep in her Moses basket. The door bell rang and I could tell by the scent coming from the door that it was Alice. I answered the door letting her in and gave her a kiss hello.

Just as our lips were about to loose contact Emmett walks in holding Megan in his arms.

"Where did you guys get a baby from ? She asked curiously.

"Like I said Alice long story."

"You know Em Rosalie is going to kill you when she finds out you had a baby and didn't tell her."

"Oh she is not my baby she is Edward's baby".

"Edward has a baby?"

"Yes as hard as it is to believe Edward has a baby."

"OK so then where is he?"

"Oh Edward is in New york , which is where I would be if my baby was in Chicago. Alice could you please help us Jasper and I don't know anything about babies."

"OK and you assume that I do."

"Yeah well Jasper told me you baby sat when you were a teenager."

"Yeah I did ,but the youngest kid I ever watched was almost two years old and eating on her own. Wait are you sure this is Edward's baby I thought you guys couldn't have kids."

"Alice are you kidding me this baby looks exactly like him!"

"I don't know guys maybe you should call Carlisle and have him run some tests on her.

"Yeah I will have Emmett do that while we are at the store"

". Are you ready to go baby shopping?"

"As ready as I will ever be."

Alice must have picked up 30 different outfits for Megan . She also told me to call Emmett and have him clean out the fourth bedroom . The next place we went to was Baby's Are Us . Alice picked out a white crib set . It came with a changing table and a rocking chair . The changing table had shelves to place diapers, wipes,lotions and baby powder on. Alice said that according to her Mom, Megan needed her own bed to sleep in and Sleeping in a Moses basket all the time would be uncomfortable for her.

We soon arrived back home with our purchases. The store said they would deliver the baby furniture and set it up for us sometime between 10and 12. Alice came in and hung up all of Megan's new clothes. she picked out an out fit for her and she got her dressed for us.

"Alice thanks for all your help today". exclaimed Emmett.

"You are welcome glad I could help , besides you know me I love to shop. Bye Megan."

The next day The baby furniture arrived and the men set it all up for us. I walked in and found Emmett sitting in the rocking chair feeding Megan and reading her some boxing magazine.

"Emmett what are you reading to her?"

"It does not matter what I read it's the tone you use she doesn't understand the words anyway."

Megan soon fell asleep and we placed her in her new crib for the night.

The next few days was like a whirl wind in here. It was a good thing Em and I didn't need to sleep,because thanks to Megan we would not be getting any. after the first week of having Megan here We pretty much have learned how to at least make a bottle and diaper Megan properly. Thanks to my vampire ability to control emotions I am able to calm Megan down when ever she is upset. I have to admit she is growing on us. but she is also honing in on our personal lives. Emmett has had to cancel a few dates with Rosalie and Alice and I can't have sex all the time like we want ,because I am afraid Megan will wake up and hear us. She is very cute baby, but one thing is for sure . As soon as Edward comes home I am going to kill him

A/n please review I have lots planned for this story and yes it is briefly based on Three men and a baby, but it won't be exactly like it.