Three Vampires and a baby chapter33

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Previously on Three Vampires and a Baby

Bella . Edward you have to end your dinner now and come to Carlisle and Esme's"


"Because Rosalie 's water broke she has gone in to labor.

Emmett's point of view

I could not believe it in a few short hours I was going to be a father I never thought it was possible and then Bella left Megan on our door step. Once I learned that Edward was the father. It gave me hope for the future . It gave me hope that one day Me and Rosalie could share something as wonderful,and now we can.

"God Damn it Emmett this fucking hurts"!

"I know baby and I am so sorry that you have to go through this for us."

"I swear to God Emmett you are never touching me again . I"m Telling you my mother was right."

"Right about what babe?"

"Sex is bad"!

"Oh baby you know you don't mean that "!

"Yes I do and I mean it if you even think about coming near me with that dick of yours I swear I will chop it off."

"Hey guys Carlisle chimes in how's the patient?'

"How am I about to split in fucking two , that's how I am , and I am telling you Carlisle you better keep your son away from me. "

"Baby I told you I'm sorry , what more do you want from me?' I said as I ran out the door. Carlisle following behind me.

"No no no Emmett no yelling at the patient."

"Yeah but dad she is being nasty and unreasonable."

"Son your wife is about to give birth to your child ,which I might add is a very painful process . Now she can be as nasty as she wants and you just have to take it."

"Ok so you are telling me that I am not allowed to say anything when she calls me a two bit cock fucking shit wad."

"Yes that is exactly what I am telling you, Now we are going to go back in that room ,and you are going to watch your son or daughter come into this world.

"OH Shit where the hell did you two go, You just leave me here ,OW by myself !"

"Rosalie I am really sorry about leaving you ,but I had to talk to that stubborn son of mine. "OK lets see how dilated you are.

Rosalie's point of view

"OK Rosalie I can see the baby's head now on the count of three I want you to push really hard OK"

I Ahh "

"OK keep going the baby's Head is out OK one more big push and you will meet Your baby.

"I push again hard with all my might. and I hear the sweet sound of a crying piercing the room.

"Congratulations you 2 its a boy "

"Oh can I see him "I ask.

Just as Carlisle is about to hand me my son I feel another strong urge to push again.

"Carlisle what's going on why do I need to push again?"

"Oh Rosalie its probably just the placenta . just go ahead and push . "wait Oh my God what is this?'

"Carlisle what's going on?'

"Well you are not going to believe this but I see another head."

"What !'

"OK Rosalie I need you to push again "

"I push again with everything I have . I am so tired and I don't know how I am going to find the strength to get this little one out of me.

"Ok Rosalie you are doing so well one more big push and you will see your second baby."

OW aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I scream as the sounds of my second child fill the room.

"Another boy".

I am about to relax or try to relax when once again I feel another strong urge to push .

"Carlisle what the hell is going on with me I have to push again."

"Yeah Dad whats going on with my wife ?"

"Rosalie I am sure this time it has to be the placenta ,there is no way it could possibly , be Oh my God another head .

"Ok Rosalie this was wants out very quick I need to give me one good push."

"Carlise please I can't I'm so tired .cant I give birth later, after I take a nap?"

"No I'm sorry you have to push."

"Oh God Rosie baby Iam so sorry you are going through all this for us ."

"Emmett you have no idea how badly I want to strangle you for doing this to me."

"Ok Rose One big push and this little one will be here.

"OWWWWWWWWW AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I scream as I feel my third child leave my body.

"Wow she is beautiful guys.

"Did you just say she?"

"Yes you guys have a daughter congratualtions."

"Thank you can I see OH my god Carlisle I have to push again what the hell is going on."

"Rosalie here come's another one ok on the count of three ."

"Yeah yeah I know push again ,so damn tired of giving birth already."

"I swear to God Emmett if this is not the last baby to come out of me I am going to KIlllllllllllllllllllllllyou I yell and scream as I feel my 4th and hopefully last baby leave my body.

"Another girl guys she is just as beautiful as her sister.

"Can I see my babies Carlise are they ok?''

"Yes they are fine ,but first let me just check and make sure no more are coming before I let you hold them.

I lay there and wait in anticipation ,but at the same time I am completely birth to 4 babies at once is Fucking exhausting.

"Carlisle please tell me you don't see another head."

"No Rosalie I don't."

"Okso why do I need to push again.?"

"Its the placenta just one easy push and it should come right out.

I push again and I feel this huge pressure leaving my body ,

"Wow you baby you were incredible I hear Emmett tell me as he wipes my fore head with a damp wash cloth and kisses my fore head.

"Carlise I don't understand why didn't you pick up the three other babies on the ultra sound?"

"Hmm Rosalie well I believe because these babies are part vampire it is possible that maybe the placenta around the other babies was so thick it prevented me to get an acurate ultrasound read.

"Oh ok can I hold them?"

"Of course they are yours."

Emmett and I lay on the bed me holding our two sons and him holding our two daughters I was not expecting these three extra little miracles,but I can't help but feel excited that they are here with us..

"Rosie baby I am so sorry you had to go through all that to bring our children into this world, You are so strong and so brave to do that. I love you so much and thank you for making me a daddy."

"Emmett I love you so much and I am so sorry I was being a nasty bitch to you ,but I was in a lot of pain.

"Its ok babe I am just so happy you right now. wow we sure make some beautiful babies. Can't wait to get started on the next one.'

"Emmett if I was not so completely exhausted from having your children I would so kick your ass right now".

Emmett's point of view

I could not believe it here I was expecting to have 1 son or daughter,but instead I was blessed with 4 beautiful children. two beautiful boys and two beautiful girls,who I was sure would have me wrapped around thier little fngers.

I could not wait to tell the others

I rush up the stairs as fast as I can and head for the living room where I see my family waiting for the news about the baby well they don't know that yet.

"So Esme askes what did Rosalie have what am I the grandmother of?"

"Um guys Rosalie had a boy "

"Emmett that is wonderful she says hugging me.

"Yeah Bro wow now Mathew will have a little play mate ."

"and shehad another boy."

"Um Emmett not sure if I heard you right ,did you just say another boy asked Alice

"Yes and oh we also had two girls."

"Wait are you telling me that you and Rosalie had quadruplets asked Bella rubbing her very large stomach.

"Yes little sis that is exactly what I amsaying.

"Wow I can't beleive it four babies."

"Yeah I know well I better get back to my children and my wife.

"Um Emmett when do we get to see them asked Alice.

"Actually guys can we wait on that Rosalie is very tired and I would like for her to rest before we have visitors. I hope you understand,"

"Of course we do son Esme exclaims as she hugs me .

I quickly run back to the room and I can't help but sigh at the sight before me my wife and my four brand new children sound asleep peacefully,and my cold dead heart is filled with unbelieevable amount of love.

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