Luffy was thinking.

He sat still on his special spot — Sunny's figurehead, seemingly enjoying the view. As always, the sky was bright, blue and clear. The sea was bare, endless and serene. The wind never stopped running over him, knocking his hat off of his head, sending it to obediently fly behind his back.

But he just knew it. Something was missing.

The raven haired captain looked up and slightly pouted at the sky. Today, he just couldn't find any clouds that looked exactly like his all-time favorite food — meat, no matter how hard he tried to look for it and even thought he wasn't Chopper, he could always smell that scent — the scent that only the endless blue of the New World could provide him — the scent of adventure. But strangely enough, he couldn't feel it now.

Thus, Luffy decided that he wanted something to distract himself from this weird situation, fast. Of course, meat (with Sanji's kicks as an extra service of the shitty restaurant) would do.

Without delay, Luffy sprang up, losing his balance for seconds. He grabbed his hat, ready to put it back at the original spot on his head but then paused. The memory of his fateful breakfast flooded back and he submissively slumped down again.

It was simple. He was just stuffing his face with everything identified as food within his arm range as usual, albeit a little harder this time from the first seat of the row plus the one and only person sitting next to him happened to be Nami and Luffy didn't feel like getting beaten up in the early morning so, after noting to himself not to sit at such an unhealthy position, his arm stretched past Nami's food, aiming to consecutively snatch Zoro's, Chopper's and Usopp's in one flight.

At that exact moment, Nami abruptly shot on her feet for some reason, panicked, and then the Thousand Sunny was crushed by.. a giant wave? — which was caused by.. a cannon? a storm? a sea king? Luffy didn't know because he was trying to grab every piece of meat, as much as he could before the ship started to rock very violently and everything concurrently slipped from one side to another.

Nami roughly grabbed his shoulder, trying to balance herself in her standing position, only to send them both to fall backward (forward in Nami's case).

And everything went into slow-motion for Luffy.

As soon as he successfully swallowed his last meat, his face sharply met with her collarbone. At the same time, something hit the back of his head and Luffy landed right on the floor with Nami on top of him. Unfortunately, she wasn't the only thing falling in his path.

As if using his Gear Second, Luffy flipped over, switching their position in one swift movement just in time before the first chair followed their momentum and smacked his back, making him lower himself from the impact, the tip of his nose barely touching Nami's then the second chair followed, his lips firmly pressing against hers and Luffy couldn't help but notice that her eyes (which widened in sheer shock) were beautiful.

After that, everything was weird.

To Luffy, Robin's smile seemed brighter when she informed them that they were, yet again, among the Marine ships. Zoro's laugh was smug, almost annoying, when he dragged Luffy out of the dining room into the furious storm outside to finish their task. Sanji's mood seemed to be darkened and Luffy just noticed (and later, felt) that his kick was more powerful for no reason. Usopp's and Chopper's continual glances were discreet. Brook's song was more pleasant than usual. Not to mention that Franky's (joyful) tears were.. well, Luffy had no idea why he was crying anyways but the weirdest of all was Nami.

At first, he wasn't sure but now, after one day and a few hours had passed without seeing her face, Luffy finally concluded that Nami was avoiding him.

A crease crept its way to his brow. Here it came again — a mystery feeling,

Tingling his skin, nagging his mind, blinding his senses, making the sea and the clouds and everything remind him of the orange haired navigator and her mikans, again and again.

At that thought, Luffy subconsciously looked back at the grove. As if on cue, he saw Nami leaving the dining room instead. Not to let his opportunity slip away, he put his beloved straw hat back on his head and stood up.

His resolve kicked in.

Effortlessly, Luffy stretched his arm out weaving it around Nami's waist then lifted her up and pulled her down towards him on the grassy deck. She crashed into him with a scream.


Nami was struggling. Her hands automatically pushed his chest, trying to make some room between them but her attempt was in vain because rubber was rubber and she only sprang back into him once again. She let out a frustrated huff and glared at him, silently demanding an answer.

His black eyes fixed at her lips, her cheeks, her hair then her eyes. He could smell the scent — Nami's scent? Mikans' scent? New World's scent? Luffy couldn't identify it anymore.

After wondering if this was something Chopper always felt with his sharp sense of smell for a moment, without fanfare, he leaned forward, inhaling the scent of her hair. His face was dangerously close to the crook of her neck.

"It's your scent." he murmured and nodded to himself, satisfied.

"W-What?" Nami instinctively jolted back at his sudden intrusion, shuddering when his breath tickled her ear. Her hands fisted the front of his cardigan as a meager support when her knees started to buckle.

If Luffy noticed her question, their awkward positions or her face that started to resemble the color of his cardigan, he didn't show any signs of it. He leaned back and just stared at her contemplating about what he should really do next to fix this weird situation and stop the mystery feeling that made his heartbeat quicken.

"L-Luffy—" she stammered, fidgeting uncomfortably under his intense gaze then started hitting his chest, "Let me go!"


"LET-ME-GO!" she seethed at him, enunciating every word.

Luffy didn't even budge. His mission wasn't over yet and he needed to do something now otherwise, he just knew he would never enjoy eating his meat or just sitting at his favorite spot ever again and that was the worst — the worstest thing for him.


"Is it weird, Nami?" he asked all of a sudden. Nami's hands stopped and she blinked, confused, trying to comprehend whatever that was running through her captain's head. Luffy didn't disappoint her though.

"Did everything get weird after that?" he paused, flicking his eyes from hers to her lips then to her eyes once again. Nami easily understood what he was referring to and averted her gaze from him, knowing there was no way she could win a staring contest against Luffy especially in a situation like this.

Taking a deep breath, she said, "It's just an accident, Luffy. We didn't—"

"You're avoiding me." he cut her off. It was a statement, not a question.

"I'm not!" her head snapped up, making their noses almost touch each other's.

Deja Vu.

That weird feeling wasn't gone but Luffy felt better like this and he didn't fail to notice that her eyes were shining, mesmerizing. Her scent suddenly engulfed his sense and he couldn't remember anything except the fact that her lips was so soft that he desperately wanted to feel them again in that fleeting moment.

"Luffy.. " she absent-mindedly whispered.

Being close to her made him feel better thus Luffy decided, maybe if they kissed again, it would be gone.


Simply, he kissed her. It was just a hasty little peck on the lips, purely chaste, nothing special but Luffy could feel the surge of something run through his body.

"Why.. why did you kiss me?" Nami gasped, blushing madly, the waves of emotions floating in her deep brown eyes. Her fingers loosened around his cardigan, grazing his scar, making that certain something tighten in his chest.

His theory didn't work. Nothing was gone. He only wanted more of it and his instincts told him there was no need to find any reasons to do it now.

So, he completely ignored her question and kissed her again.. caressing her cheek, sliding his hand through her silky long hair, cupping her neck and tilting her head upward to meet him, inhaling her scent, licking her lips, finding his way to savor her intoxicating sweetness..

And again..

When Luffy pulled back, they both were breathing heavily. His arm around her waist snapped back to its original length.

Losing her support, Nami slumped on the grass. Her eyes widened when she realized what was just happening. She quickly glared up, ready to snap at him but paused when she saw his smiling face.

"Yosh! I've decided." he proudly announced, "I like this! Shishishishi!"

Luffy was pleased, definitely, grinning ear to ear for the first time in a day. Still, that feeling wasn't gone but he felt even better with it right now because of the kiss — because of Nami. Sure, he had always known she was special but it had never been so vivid, so true to him like this before.

Luffy's grin grew even wider at the thought but then, he caught the sight of Nami crumpling on the deck. Her face was red like a tomato.

"Oi, Nami!" he instantly sat down next to her, alarmed, "Are you okay? Are you sick? Did I do something wrong!?"

Nami waved his questions off, "Did you even know what're you doing, Luffy?" she sighed, pressing her fingers against her temple.

"Of course! I kissed you and it felt nice, really." he bluntly replied with confidence, carefully studying her just in case. He really loved her smile and she couldn't smile for him when she was sick that time so he just hated it, plain and simple.

Nami just stared blankly at him. The silence was growing around them for a moment.

"Can't you feel it, Nami?" Luffy clearly asked, "Can't you feel it?" he repeated quietly, waiting patiently for her to say something.

To his astonishment, a small smile broke out on her lips then she started chuckling and Luffy yelped in surprise when she threw her arm around him, squeezing him tightly within her embrace before secretly wiping the tears of happiness away from her eyes and releasing him shortly after that.

Luffy cocked his head, gazing at her, slightly confused at her reaction but she smiled and she didn't hit him so it probably was best like this.

"So, what now, captain?" Nami asked, smiling coyly.

"Stop avoiding me." he answered without thinking, frowning at the thought of their separation two years ago, "I want to see you every day."

At that, Nami blushed again but she quickly shook her head, trying to regain her composure, "Just.. that?" she tentatively asked and Luffy just nodded at her.

"Is that so?" she smirked, "Okay then, Luffy and you owe me 10,000 beli for each kiss, understand?" she said sweetly then stood up, straightening herself, ready to leave.

"But Nami, that's bad!" he opposed, looking up at her with his trademark childish pout.

Nami stopped and quizzically looked back at him, raising an eyebrow.

Luffy stayed silent for a moment then he laughed happily, getting the result which he knew both of them would like, "Shishishi, you must be the richest person in the world, Nami." he said then grasped her wrist, pulling her down towards him.

"Ehh!?" she exclaimed in surprise, landing right on his lap.

Luffy grinned widely at Nami and leaned down, "Because I plan to do this every day from now on!"

"W-What the—Mmph!"